How to Get FREE Lyft Rides (Without Referring Friends!)

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When my husband and I split up a few months ago, the car went with him. Luckily, I live in a larger city so I had Lyft and Uber available to me. Now ya’ll know me; I am going to look for the absolute cheapest method of getting myself and the Monkey Child around and after taking a few trips with both; it was clear that Lyft was the cheapest option for us. Here’s the thing though; I really don’t like paying for anything if I can avoid it, so I set out to find a way to get free Lyft rides without having to rely on referring my friends. Most of them have their own cars and don’t use a rideshare company, so if I wanted to ride Lyft for free, I had to find a different way. Did I find one? Oh yes, I did and it doesn’t involve referring a single person!

How to Get Free Lyft Rides - Tired of paying so much for Lyft or Uber? Let me show you how I get FREE rides without referring a single person! This is a GREAT way to save money!

I’m not certain when I’ll be buying a new car and to be honest; I may not buy one. I rather like not having the added expense of car maintenance, insurance and so on. While I was paying for Lyft, I had absolutely transferred part of the cost of owning a car to my Lyft budget, but now that I know how to get free Lyft rides, that budget just dropped to zero. That means that not only do I save money by living in a hotel, but I’m also adding a couple hundred extra to my savings by not having any transportation costs. I like being able to add money to my savings account and with this method, I’ll be able to do that on a much larger scale each and every month!

How to Get Free Lyft Rides

I know, you’re here to find out how to get free Lyft rides and not to hear me blather on. The process is actually pretty simple. You can buy Lyft gift cards on Amazon. You can also buy Uber gift cards on Amazon so this process will actually work for either company. You can pay for those gift cards with an Amazon gift card. This means that if you’re taking the time to earn free Amazon gift cards online, you’re able to get Lyft or Uber rides for free! As I said earlier, I prefer Lyft since my rides are cheapest, but go with whichever one you personally prefer.


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Did that confuse you a bit? No worries; here’s how it works down step by step so you can see it in action. My 2 favorite sites to earn free Amazon gift cards with are InstaGC and Swagbucks so I’ll use them as an example. Keep in mind there are tons of other ways to earn free Amazon gift cards that you can use as well so don’t feel like you’re limited to these two. I have been a member of both for years now and have earned thousands in free gift cards (not just Amazon) or cash over the years.

How to Get Free Uber Rides

When you sign up for an InstaGC account, you’ll be able to complete offers, tasks, watch videos and more for points. Trade your points in for free gift cards, Paypal cash, Bitcoin, direct deposited cash or check. Gift cards and Paypal are both paid instantly (Paypal is only instant after your first withdraw. Your first withdraw can take up to 2 days since it is manually processed to verify that everything is correct and okay). I’m not sure how long Bitcoin takes to cash out as I have never used that option. Direct Deposit and check both take longer. Once you have created an InstaGC account, you can login and begin earning points immediately! You can cash out your points with as little as $1.00!


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My second favorite site to earn free gift cards with is Swagbucks. Create a Swagbucks account and you will be able to earn points by simply searching the web like you normally do! You can also take surveys, print coupons, play games, watch videos and complete tasks to earn points, but those are not necessary unless you want to boost the amount of points you have. Cash out your gift card when you get enough points and Swagbucks will email it to you 7-10 days later!

Both are pretty simple ways to earn free Amazon gift cards and those Amazon gift cards are what will help you get FREE Lyft rides!

It works like this:


It really is that simple! The idea came to me simply because the Monkey Child had choir practice the day before I got paid, but my checking account was dry. Since I didn’t want to withdraw anything from savings to pay for Lyft, I came up with a way around it! Now, I’ll use this method every single time I need to fund my Lyft balance!

When you’re looking for ways to save money, you don’t always end up with the most conventional methods. Sometimes, thinking out of the box is what helps you save the most money you possibly can. If you’re using Lyft or Uber every few months, this method probably isn’t the best for you since you aren’t really spending that much anyhow. If, however, like us, you use them as your main mode of transportation? Give it a try and I’m positive you’ll see it is totally worth it!

Also, if you’re new to Lyft or Uber, you can also get up to $15.00 in free Lyft rides HERE or up to $15.00 in free Uber rides HERE.

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