How I Add $225 (or More!) Extra Income EVERY Month!

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Know what? Budgets are hard! I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that though. We go through the same process of creating a personal budget that works for our family and then we update our personal budgets time and time again each month hoping that it will work. We all know how hard it can be to simply make ends meet these days! That’s why it’s so important to do anything and everything we can to bring in income. Whether you use it to pay a bill, to buy groceries, pay off debt or just to build your emergency savings, it’s a super important part of our lives. I used to spend so much time on making extra cash. It was insane the hours I was “working” just to make a few bucks! Not any longer though!

Cause I’ve got a system….and by the end of this post? You will have one too.

As a quick side note before we get to my actual process. One way that you can make extra money from home is by learning how to starting your a blog and becoming a blogger. How profitable can it be? In my 2016 blog income report, I show you how I made $111,000 blogging in 2016. . If you are passionate about anything, you could eventually earn a full time income from home. Starting a blog isn’t as hard as most people think and you can learn how to start a blog in about 10 minutes and do it for under $5.00/mo.

Need to add some extra money to your bank account each month? I add $225 (or more) EVERY. Single. Month! How? Just 6 EASY steps each day and I'm going to show you how you can do it too!

Onto the system that I use to earn free gift cards! This system is in addition to any work that I do with my favorite 39 ways to earn free gift cards online or these 20 Tried & True Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards. Those methods are all separate from this because this is just a way of showing you the method. It is how I do things and not really which sites I use to do it. In any case though, these ways to earn free gift cards online will help you add money to your personal budget each month. If you’re not looking for cash, you can also use them to go on a budget vacation like I did (NYC for less than $500!), to get free groceries every month, to watch free tv online and so on. It is your money. Use it the way you personally need to.

Earn Free Gift Cards Online

To start, please understand that while this does technically take you hours to do, you will  spend very little time actually doing anything. My mind is super overwhelmed most days so I don’t like anything that requires more than a passing thought and do my best to avoid things that make my brain meats hurt. When my income dropped in 2014 and my family needed a way to bring in extra to our budget, we stopped buying and started making as much as we could and I created a system that could be done as easily as possible with as little thinking as possible. To do things the way that I do, you’ll use 6 apps or websites to start with a handful of others included occasionally.

Before we get going, I do want to mention that you should sign up for an NCP account as well. With NCP, you scan your groceries in order to earn or win rewards! IT’s a program that I’ve been a member of for years and LOVE it!

Here’s how it works:

First, and this one isn’t part of my daily system, but head over and sign up for a ShopTracker account. Once you do, download the app and within 48 hours, they will send you a FREE $3.00 gift card. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about earning free gift cards.

First, I start off on my phone with Swagbucks TV. I turn it on and let it play until I’ve hit either my daily goal or my max point limit from videos. Then, while that is playing, I head over the and do the Daily Crave, Daily Poll and NOSO points offer. The Daily Crave is the video section. You can max out your points here simply by watching videos. NOSO stands for no obligation special offers. To complete this, simply skip through the offers that are shown and enter the caption at the end. If you see an offer you would like, sign up for it of course, but like the name says, there’s no obligation.

If I’m a few points short of my goal, I either do a quick offer or survey, or I make sure to search a few times throughout the day to hit that goal. This gives me a total of around 40 Swagbucks per day at the bare minimum, but when you add in the bonuses I receive for reaching my daily goal day after day, some days I earn over 300 total points.

After I do the Daily poll and the simple tasks from Swagbucks and, I log into Reward Shopping and complete the Super Easy Button. How easy it is? Super easy. Push the button, allow it to refresh and win points. Each win could net you anywhere between 1 point and 1,000 points!

For step 3, I head back to the phone and open up the Perk app and let it run the popular videos section. This literally requires no work once you turn it on other than to occasionally click the screen to let the app know you’re still watching. I let mine play whenever my phone is not in use. You can also earn with Perk on the computer the same way. This is super easy to do if you allow the videos to play while you’re already on the pc.

Once you’ve got all of those tasks done, go back to Reward Shopping and click 10 more times on the Super Easy Button. If you’re only earning 1 point per click, try not to get discouraged.  It is possible to hit that 1,000 points win!


Finally, I move to InstaGC. Here I will do surveys, offers and clicks until I reach $5.00 in earnings for the day. It can take some a few days to figure things out, but once you do, $5.00 a day is super easy to make. Doing this alone will earn you $150.00 in free gift cards or cash each month. InstaGC will pay you with several different options. First, there’s the option to cash our for cash with Paypal or direct deposit. I personally use the direct deposit option if I want the cash. The other option is to cash out for free gift cards. They have a literal boatload and half to choose from and unless you’re choosing an option of $100 or more, you receive them instantly. I use this option if I’m using the money to get free groceries or for homeschool supplies/items. Finally, as an added bonus, InstaGC will give you 10 points free when you sign up for an InstaGC account.

If you’re having trouble completing offers or surveys on InstaGC, log into your account then click the little question mark in the upper right corner beside your name. From there, you will be able to find the site guides that will help you earn more money!

As I’m working on this and other things throughout the day, I go back and click the Superlucky button on Reward Shopping 10 times each. This allows me get all 200 of my daily clicks in without wasting too much time.

The other two sites that I use are a lot alike each other.

The first is Grab Points. This site is like all of the others combined and can be done on your phone or on the pc. There are a ton of ways to earn with Grab Points. Read articles, watch videos, complete offers, download apps and more. 1 points is equal to 1 penny so it is quite easy to see how much you’ve earned. You can choose from a very large selection of gift cards or Paypal cash. Plus, when you sign up for Grab Points and use code WONIWF you’ll be given 500 points free!

The next one that I use is Prizerebel. I love this site for earning actual prizes, but use it often as a way to earn free gift cards too. Like the others you can cash out for free gift cards, Paypal or direct deposit. The thing that sets Prizerebel apart is that you can also cash out for actual prizes and online games. This makes it very easy to use as a way to save money on Christmas or birthdays! When you sign up for Prizerebel, you’ll be able to learn about their different membership levels. Basically, the more points you earn, the better the benefits are to you! These levels really make the site worth it!

One final site that I use -not daily though – is Ebates. I’ve talked before about how I often use the gift cards that I receive to score FREE groceries and Ebates plays into that. When I shop online at Amazon, Target or more, I will shop through Ebates. This allows me to earn cash back on the food and other items that I’m buying since I buy a lot of our groceries and household stuff online! I’m not sure how ya’ll feel, but I certainly feel much better about spending money when I’m getting money put back into my pocket. In addition to the cash back, when you sign up for an Ebates account HERE as a new member, they will give you a free $10.00 gift card of your choice with your first qualifying order. This $10.00 is free money!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up and put my system into play! You don’t have anything to lose!


Swagbucks HERE

Perk App HERE

Reward Shopping HERE

Grab Points HERE (Be sure to use code WONIWF when you join to get 500 points free!)

Prizerebel HERE

Ebates HERE 


Looking for even more ways to earn free gift cards online? Be sure to check out 39 ways to earn free gift cards online! It is packed with other ways to earn! I don’t use them as often but I do when I need to. They’re all fantastic sites!


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  1. thank you for sharing this. I have followed your links to join the sites you mentioned. I have a question about InstaGC. I’m finding their website to be a bit confusing. I was on their website for nearly 2 hours and didn’t get anywhere near reaching $5.00 for the day. You said you do surveys, offers and clicks until you reach $5.00. How long does this normally take you? I am wondering if I haven’t discovered a part of their site that you have, should it really takes hours a day to reach the five dollar mark?

    • It takes me less than 30 minutes usually because I’ve been doing that type of site for years. They have a guide on how to complete them, just ask in the chat box for the link and someone will make sure you get it. I don’t have it handy right now or I’d pass it to you.

      It does get easier over there. Promise. 🙂

  2. I’m having the same problem as Kathleen. I’m not sure what the best strategy is for InstaGC. I wasn’t able to find the guide. Any advice? I love your site BTW!

  3. Is the SuperEasy button now the SuperLucky button on Superpoints? That’s all I see on thee. Thanks for this great post!

  4. Hello. Thanks for the great information. I have a couple questions for you. How much do you earn from the perk app and how long do you have it run to earn your daily goal?
    How do you get paid cash for these? I didn’t see any options to have direct deposit from any of them.
    Also, do you get a lot of junk e-mail or phone calls from doing the surveys?
    Thanks again,

    • Marne, I run the perk app a few hours a day, but it’s literally no work other than turning it on and clicking that I”m still watching every so often. As far as cash, most of them have options to be paid in Paypal. IGC DOES have Direct deposit and check options. I use the direct deposit option if I don’t use it for a gift card to pay a bill (which keeps cash in my pocket instead of it being spent out for that particular bill).

  5. PiperGrissom says

    I’m wanting to do all the things you do throughout the day, in addition to the freelance work I do. I’m looking at instaGC and I’m not seeing that lucky button or whatever it was called. Help?

  6. Is this income taxed?

  7. What is the Perk TV app attached to? Is it InstaGC?

  8. Love these tips! On Swagbucks, I do like the videos but can they be watched continuously? It’s nice to have on in the background while I’m cooking but not easy to go back and forth hitting the button for each.

    • Videos can be watched, but once you do so many you have to do a captcha. Just keep an eye on it. It will also cap you at a certain point for the day.

  9. How long do you usually watch the swagbuck videos? I watched for a while but only got a couple swagbucks. Am I doing it right?

  10. I cannot find the Super Lucky button anywhere on InstaGC. I chatted and was told there wasn’t one. Am I missing something? Help!!

  11. On average how much time will it take daily to complete all of these different sites & steps you’ve listed?

    • Leslie,

      A lot of it is broken into portions or is just done while I’m working on other stuff (like letting videos play, etc). If I had to wager a guess at how long everything would take if I sat down and did it all at once, I’d say 2-3 hours, maybe a bit more on slower days.

  12. Angie Bender says

    Hi, I am having trouble signing up on instaGC. I tried 3 times and it keeps telling me there is a problem with my registration and to contact support for assistance but there is no link for support. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Thanks for all the great pointers. I’m having trouble with Superpoints, says I need an invite by a member. Do you have a code you could send me or am I doing it completely wrong? TIA!

    • Becky, the link in my post has an invite code in it for that reason so you should be able to just click through.

  14. Hi Stacy! Thanks for the tips! I’ve added a couple of apps that I didn’t know about, yet!

    I was curious to how much you made with the Perks app per month since your earnings breakdown listed InstaGC twice and not Perks.

    • Hi Susan,

      Perk is hit or miss for me since I tend to forget about it a lot lol. Usually its close to $20/mo if I let it run everyday like I describe in the post.

  15. How many points do I have to earn a day to get to the $5 mark with InstaGC?

  16. Do you get taxed on these earnings?

    • It is up to you to claim taxes on anything you earn that is more than $600 per year. That is the rule with any way that you are earning money.

  17. On swag bucks it says to find a swag code on face book. Do you know where I would have to go to find it? Thanks Barb

  18. Wow. I really should take after your routine.

  19. I am so thankful you posted this and it showed up on my Pinterest feed! I am encouraged about learning a simpler system than I was using. I felt overwhelmed because there were so many options and in some cases I didn’t realize I was not fully taking advantage of a reward. Thank you!

  20. I am wondering if you’ve recently experience trouble with Swagbucks tv? I used to run it (and all of their apps) all day long without any problems. Now it seems like it is always timing out and saying there is no server connection. I clear my cache regularly and it helps for a bit. It makes it so much more difficult to meet the daily quota. I am just curious if I’m the only person this happens to? Thanks for the other info. I’ll have to check these other sites out.

  21. Jonathan Bennett says

    Are most of these only rewarding gift cards? I would prefer cash of course. Are the numbers you suggested still the same? I noticed Swagbucks is offering a Visa card instead of cash and you have to do around 66 SB per day to receive $20 on that Visa card. Am I pretty accurate on those numbers and features? I’m trying to completely strategy a daily plan to get the max amount on each website per day and month. Just wondering which sites actually pay cash because I’m not interested in the gift cards. I also saw Superpoints pay like $1 paypal for every 2,124 points. That seems almost undoable unless you dedicated just to that one website everyday which would ruin the plan.

    • InstaGC does Paypal and Direct Deposit and Swagbucks also does Paypal as well. I wouldn’t bother with Super Points cash unless you have no choice. Receipt Hog will also do Paypal.

  22. Hi, just wondering what avenues you go through on instagc to get the most points. I’m finding I frequently get disqualified on the surveys and am just having a very hard time coming up with 500 points/day. thanks!

    • Angie, I focus on the actual offers using a different email than my main one. It’s quite easy to make $5.00/day if you do offers instead of only the surveys. (I do those as well, but the offers, clicks, videos and app downloads (on a spare phone that I have) help when I’m getting disqualified constantly.

      • when you do the offers do you have to buy anything?

        • KB, I have never once spent a dime to make money. There ARE offers that cost but you absolutely do not have to do them. Also, “NOSO” stands for no obligation special offers. Just click skip the entire way through and enter the captcha unless there is one that you want to sign up for. You don’t have to sign up to get the points though.

  23. Stephanie Gibree says

    LOVE THIS POST! Definitely going to keep this blog on my radar. Thank you soooo much 🙂

  24. Miranda McNeece says

    Thanks so much for the great info 🙂

  25. Edith Stephens says

    I’m completely new to this blog and new to these ideas. I am a school teacher and so can’t keep doing those things on my phone during the day – Is it possible to do some of these on my computer? I could really use a little extra money each month! Thanks so much for your help!

  26. I really appreciate your post! I look around for things like this all the time. Most of all I LOVE how you shared the process. Great work!!

  27. Such fantastic advice! I gotta give it a try! Thanks, Stacy.

  28. Hi Stacy!
    I know this post is from awhile back, but I just found it and started your system! So far tis going great, I was just wondering how you kept track of earnings and paid taxes on them? Do you include gift cards in the claimed earnings, or just what you get in cash? Thanks!

    • Hey Skye,

      I’m glad it’s going great for you! Anything earnings over $600 per year will trigger a 1099. This means that the company will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year. Gift cards are included in that. 🙂

  29. This is the best post I’ve read about earning money on the side!

  30. I am just starting to follow the first 3 websites/apps to earn, but I can’t figure out one of the terms you use for SwagBucks. What does “NOSO points offer” refer to, please? Thanks in advance!

    • “NOSO” = No Obligation Special Offer – In other words it’s 5 or 6 quick pages that you can just skip through unless you’re interested in something.

  31. First time on your site and I’m hooked. I’m not as committed as you are, lol , but I’m thinking about all the items we gathered while organizing our basement this very morning, in the spirit of decluttering I made huge piles, pitch, donate …there just might be a little cash there. A yard sale!? My last attempt was in the 90’s and it bombed! I started begging people to take things for free, especially toys anything to avoid bringing it back in my house or drive to donate. I think that horrible memory is far enough in the past now, maybe it’s time to give it another try?. One last thing, friends have taken surveys, etc online to make a few dollars. I went on a couple and the only thing I got, was 150 emails trying to sell me something?

    • Nani, I’m glad you’re hooked 🙂 Better to be hooked on something that won’t cost you a ton of money than something that will. As for the surveys, there are a ton of companies out there that only attempt to scam people. That’s actually why I wrote the $225 post. I know 100% those companies are legit and pay so hopefully it will keep others from getting involved with “bad” ones.

      Go have your yard sale! I made $1100 at my last one in 2015! Use the tips I have HERE and HERE. Hopefully you’ll do better than your last one. 🙂

  32. Thank you for all the great info. on your site. Is there a search feature? I am unable to find it. I was trying to locate the article about recycling old towels.

  33. HI there. I just found you on Pinterest. ?
    Are taxes needed to be paid on these money making APPS and etc? I’m on Social Security Disability and can only make so much extra per month.
    Thank you for teaching this old dog of 52 some new tricks. ?

  34. marilou abruscato says

    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned ReceiptPal – I love it just as much as ReceiptHog – 12 receipts a week earn 300 points and you can cash out for some nice gift cards after you earn enough points

  35. Samantha says

    On average how much do you earn with Perk TV? Do you have any updates since posting this?

  36. Patricia Flynn says

    I’ve been looking for something part time to bring in some extra money. Looks like I may have found it. I’m excited to get started. Thanks for all of the information.

  37. Anna Patterson says

    hi Stacy. I stumbled on your website on Pinterest and having just gone through a divorce I can wait to get started to help me move on and make a little extra to help with the household bills. Do you know if the sites that you have suggested in your system are conducive to the UK?

    • Stacy Barr says

      Anna, I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. I believe that most of them do accept members from the UK although you might find they have different/fewer survey/offer options than the US does.

  38. On InstaGC, how do I know when I have reached $5?

  39. Is Swagbucks TV still around?

    • Stacy Barr says

      Yes, you can watch the videos via the Swagbucks app. They may call it something else but it’s still there.

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