How to Save money on Your Electric Bill with Extreme Frugality

If you ask most people what their most expensive bill is, they will tell you it is their electric bill. With electric rates that fluctuate from month to month, it can be hard to really figure out how to save money on your electric bill with any certainty. If your electric bill is … [Read more...]

Why You Must Be Self Sufficient to Truly Live Frugal

Living a self sufficient life is a dream of ours. We homestead as we can currently, but we are urban homesteaders. We live in a very tiny town; right on the edge of town, so we do what we can. We are bound by a few town laws that really put a crimp in our self sufficient ways for … [Read more...]

“I Don’t Make Enough Money to Survive” – What to Do When You’re Struggling to Make Ends Meet Financially

In the past week, I've had at least three separate conversations with folks I consider to be close friends about their personal budget. In fact, two of the three I have known since I was a child. They are strong women who over the years have become more like family than friends. … [Read more...]

Why You Should Hang a Clothesline to Line Dry Your Clothes

Did you know that your clothes dryer is the single most expensive appliance that you own? It's true. The cost of running your dryer is far more than most people ever consider. Even worse is that few people consider there is an alternative to running the dryer. Hanging a clothes … [Read more...]

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent – DIY Dishwasher Detergent

Dishes are the bane of my existence. For real; I hate them and if I could afford it, I would probably just toss all of them every time I used one. Okay, not really since that would be really wasteful, but a girl can dream, right? Because I hate dishes so much, I love the fact … [Read more...]

50 Best Things to Buy at Aldi

Aldi is one of my favorite places to buy groceries. Not only are the prices great but the quality of food is just as good if not better than most high dollar brand names. If you've never shopped at Aldi and you're looking for how to save money on groceries, you may want to make … [Read more...]

33 Extreme Frugal Living Tips For When You Really Need to Save

Once upon a time, I was called an extreme cheapskate. I took offense when it was said to me because frankly, I'm cheap sometimes but I've never been quite that cheap unless it was out of necessity. Those whole conversation got me thinking about which frugal living tips I would … [Read more...]

32 Frugal Living Books Everyone Should Read

I have always been an avid reader. As a child, I spent most evenings curled up on my bed with a book after I had done my homework. To this day, I still read on long car rides or whenever I have a bit of time where I don't have to be doing anything specific. Although these days I … [Read more...]

50 Ways to Reduce Food Waste to Save Money on Food

Of all the ways that I find money can be wasted in my home, food waste would have to be one of the biggest culprits. Not only is it just a general waste of money, but food waste can actually double your grocery bill if you aren't careful. If you've realized that your family is … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Camping Gear

My family loves to camp and be outdoors. So much so that my husband and I honeymooned at the lake we frequently have date nights at and we are planning our first family vacation/camping trip for later this year.  It will be our first family camping trip and we are super excited! … [Read more...]