How I Add $225 (or More!) Extra Income EVERY Month!

Know what? Budgets are hard! I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that though. We all know how hard it can be to simply make ends meet these days! That’s why its so important to do anything and everything we can to bring in income. Whether you use it to pay a bill, to buy groceries, pay off debt or just to build your savings, it’s a super important part of our lives. I used to spend so much time on making extra cash. It was insane the hours I was “working” just to make a few bucks! Not any longer though!

Cause I’ve got a system….and by the end of this post? You will have one too.

Need to add some extra money to your bank account each month? I add $225 (or more) EVERY. Single. Month! How? Just 6 EASY steps each day and I'm going to show you how you can do it too!

To start, please understand that while this does technically take you hours to do? You’ll spend VERY little time actually doing anything. Honestly? My mind is super overwhelmed most days so I don’t like anything that requires more than a passing thought and do my best to avoid things that make my brain meats hurt. So when I went searching for a daily routine that worked for me, I wanted as easy as possible. The way I do this involves 6 different sites or apps, but the majority of them are really quick.

Here’s how I work my extra income each day:

First, I start off on my phone with Swagbucks TV. I turn it on and let it play until I’ve hit either my daily goal or my max point limit from videos. Then, while that is playing, I head over the and do the Daily Crave, Daily Poll and NOSO points offer. If I’m a few points short of my goal, I either do a quick offer or survey, or I make sure to search a few times throughout the day to hit that goal. This gives me a total of around 40 Swagbucks per day at the bare minimum, but when you add in the bonuses I receive for reaching my daily goal day after day, some days I earn over 300 total points.

After I do the Daily poll and things from Swagbucks and, I log into Superpoints and do two things; first I do the daily click. It’s only 1 point, but that’s 1 point closer that I am. Next, I open up the Super Easy Button. I click 10 times and leave it to go to step 3.

For step 3, I head back to the phone.I open up my Perk app and let it run the popular videos section. This literally requires no work once you turn it on other than to occasionally click the screen to let the app know you’re still watching. I let mine play whenever my phone is not in use. (Fwiw? You can have multiple devices running Perk if you want to. I also use an old phone we have and my Kindle Fire HD 7)

Go back and click 10 more times on the Super Easy Button and don’t get discouraged when you’re earning only 1 point each. It IS possible to hit that 1,000 points win!


Finally I move to InstaGC. Here, I will do surveys, offers and clicks until I reach $5.00 in earnings for the day. I do this everyday. This alone will earn you $150.00 per month! I don’t cash out gift cards here (although they’re instant if you do), instead I use the direct deposit option and get paid in cash. As I’m working on this and other things through out the day, I go back and click the Super Lucky button 10 times each. This lets me get all 200 of my clicks in w/out wasting too much time.


Now I know, that’s only 4 sites/apps. The other 2 are only ones that I use randomly.

Shopkick is used when we go to the store. I get points for just walking in (sometimes) and points for scanning product barcodes while I’m in the store. I then cash my points out for instant Walmart or Target gift cards.


Receipt Hog  (be sure to use code sapt6425 for FREE spins when you join!) is the other one that I use. For this one, you’ll scan your receipts and just about any receipt you have from a store or gas station works. In return for “feeding the pig,” you’ll score spins. Spins mean points and points means an Amazon Gift card or a Paypal payment.


So how do the earnings breakdown for me?InstaGC – $150/mo (minimum)

  • InstaGC – $150/mo (minimum)
  • Swagbucks – $25.00 (minimum)
  • SuperPoints – $10.00/mo (minimum)
  • ShopKick – $25.00/mo (minimum)
  • Receipt Hog – $5/mo (minimum)

Total? $225.00 in EXTRA income each month!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up and put my system into play! You don’t have anything to lose!


Swagbucks HERE

Perk App HERE

Superpoints HERE

ShopKick HERE

Receipt Hog HERE (and use code sapt6425 for FREE spins when you join!)


Want to add even more to your extra income arsenal AND boost your savings?? I consign all of Emma’s outgrown clothes, toys, books, videos and clothes I no longer need over at All you have to do is send it to them and they finish the rest! They photograph, list and even store the items while you sit back and sell the items at prices that you set!

You can check it out HERE if you need.

My new favorite way to boost my savings account is Digit!! I LOVE it! We don’t even notice that we’re saving! Be sure to check it out HERE.

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  1. thank you for sharing this. I have followed your links to join the sites you mentioned. I have a question about InstaGC. I’m finding their website to be a bit confusing. I was on their website for nearly 2 hours and didn’t get anywhere near reaching $5.00 for the day. You said you do surveys, offers and clicks until you reach $5.00. How long does this normally take you? I am wondering if I haven’t discovered a part of their site that you have, should it really takes hours a day to reach the five dollar mark?

    • It takes me less than 30 minutes usually because I’ve been doing that type of site for years. They have a guide on how to complete them, just ask in the chat box for the link and someone will make sure you get it. I don’t have it handy right now or I’d pass it to you.

      It does get easier over there. Promise. :)

  2. I’m having the same problem as Kathleen. I’m not sure what the best strategy is for InstaGC. I wasn’t able to find the guide. Any advice? I love your site BTW!

  3. Is the SuperEasy button now the SuperLucky button on Superpoints? That’s all I see on thee. Thanks for this great post!

  4. Hello. Thanks for the great information. I have a couple questions for you. How much do you earn from the perk app and how long do you have it run to earn your daily goal?
    How do you get paid cash for these? I didn’t see any options to have direct deposit from any of them.
    Also, do you get a lot of junk e-mail or phone calls from doing the surveys?
    Thanks again,

    • Marne, I run the perk app a few hours a day, but it’s literally no work other than turning it on and clicking that I”m still watching every so often. As far as cash, most of them have options to be paid in Paypal. IGC DOES have Direct deposit and check options. I use the direct deposit option if I don’t use it for a gift card to pay a bill (which keeps cash in my pocket instead of it being spent out for that particular bill).

  5. PiperGrissom says:

    I’m wanting to do all the things you do throughout the day, in addition to the freelance work I do. I’m looking at instaGC and I’m not seeing that lucky button or whatever it was called. Help?

  6. Is this income taxed?

  7. What is the Perk TV app attached to? Is it InstaGC?

  8. Love these tips! On Swagbucks, I do like the videos but can they be watched continuously? It’s nice to have on in the background while I’m cooking but not easy to go back and forth hitting the button for each.

    • Videos can be watched, but once you do so many you have to do a captcha. Just keep an eye on it. It will also cap you at a certain point for the day.

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