Frankenstein Mason Jar Kids Craft { Easy Kids Halloween Crafts }

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Every year when Halloween rolls around, we gather our friends kids and look for a few easy kids Halloween crafts to help them make. Sometimes, we get lucky and stumble across a couple of super cute and spooky mason jar kids crafts that they can make mostly on their own and that last longer than the average craft. This Frankenstein mason jar kids craft is one of those! It’s super easy to make and since it’s made from a mason jar, it tends to be useful for longer than most easy kids Halloween crafts.

Frankenstein Mason Jar Kids Craft - If your kids like mason jar crafts, you'll love this Frankenstein mason jar kids craft! It's super easy to make and adorably spooky! Add a straw and your kids have a new favorite mug with this super Easy Kids Halloween Craft!

This Frankenstein mason jar kids craft is perfect if you’re hosting a Halloween party and since it’s a jar, simply add a Halloween colored straw and you’ve got take home party favors that are reusable year after year. The other great thing about them is that since they are so easy to make, you can easily fix any issues that they may have year after year. As far as easy kids Halloween crafts go, this one is by far one of the better ones we’ve made.

Frankenstein Mason Jar Kids Craft { Easy Kids Halloween Crafts }

When you make this easy mason jar kids craft, you will be using balloons to give your mason jar the Frankenstein look you’re going for. After that, it’s a simple matter of a couple of googly eyes and some glue. Once you’ve looked at the tutorial, you’ll see why I said this easy kids Halloween craft is one of the easiest I’ve ever seen!

You Will Need:

The supply list above makes one Frankenstein kids mason jar craft. If you’re making more than one, be sure to account for that in the number of supplies you’ll need.




To start, wash your mason jars and dry well. Then, prepare the green balloon by cutting off the ends as shown in the photo above. Yes, I realize that is a red balloon. We used a red one for the photo so you were able to see the lines we drew better.



Repeat the same cut with the black balloon. Make sure that you get the balloons cut all the way across since you’ll need both ends to be completely open to finish your mason jar kids craft.



Once you’ve made the cuts, stretch the balloon over the bottom half of the mason jar. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it into place, but you may have to do it yourself if you’re working with smaller kids since it may be hard for tiny hands.




Grab your black balloon and cut one end at angles in a zig-zag pattern to create Frankenstein’s “hair” like shown in the pic. Obviously you don’t have to do this step, but I really think it completes his look.



Stretch the black balloon over the top half of the mason jar making sure that you do it with the “hair” you cut out on the bottom instead of the top. You’ll also want to make certain that you get the balloon far enough down over the bottom ring at the top so your balloon doesn’t bulge out at all.



Now, lift one end of the green balloon from the bottom and make a very small slit in the green balloon for the mouth. You don’t need to cut a very big one since once you let it go, it will snap back into place, stretch and form an ‘O’ shape on it’s own.



Using your hot glue gun, glue Frankenstein’s googly eyes onto the jar right above the mouth and let it dry completely. It’s perfectly fine if they’re not completely even, but if that really and truly matters to you, lay Frank on his “back” to help them stay in place while they dry.



Once everything is dry, take a fine tipped black sharpie and give your Frankenstein his stitches to finish! They don’t have to be perfect. If you wanted, you could even draw a small bolt on the sides down where his neck would be to really finish off the entire package.


You’re done! See? I told you this mason jar kids craft was a super easy kids Halloween craft! They’re done in less than 10 minutes! Wash Frank gently by hand making sure that you’re mindful of his eyes since they could fall off easily. Dry well and serve your favorite Halloween drink in him! The kids will have a blast drinking from their own personal Frankenstein mug and you’ll have a blast watching them!

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