Creepy Halloween Decorations – Serial Killer Bathroom Decor on a Budget

I know. "Stacy, it's August!" I realize that this is a few weeks early, but if you're anything like me, you like to start planning for the holidays early. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (second only to Christmas) which means that I love going all out with creepy … [Read more...]

Homemade Halloween Blood {Homemade Theater Blood}

I seriously love Halloween. There's just something about fall and kids dressing up as their favorite things that makes me happy. Combine all of that with being scared witless (in a fun way) and I am in my element! What I don't love though is how expensive Halloween costumes have … [Read more...]

Spooky Spider Cookies

While Halloween is about spooky, that doesn't necessarily mean that every trick or treat you do has to be gory and creepy. In fact? They can be rather cute if you get creative enough! Take these "Spooky" Spider cookies for instance! They're just creepy enough to be cute, but … [Read more...]

Creepy Candy Eyeballs

Halloween is great and while it's one of my favorite holidays, I honestly don't see a need for a whole ton of gore. A little bit of creepy gore though is perfectly fine with me. Take these creepy eyeball cookies for example. They're creepy without being too creepy for little ones … [Read more...]

Easy Mason Jar Halloween Scene

I love crafts, but to be honest? I hate overly complicated ones that my Emma can't do with me. She loves to do crafts so when I'm looking for crafts for us to do together, I tend to look for easier ones that she can do as well. This Easy Mason Jar Halloween Scene was one of those … [Read more...]

15 Creepy Halloween Treats

If you're throwing an awesome Halloween party, you'll want to be sure that you serve a few creepy, but awesome snacks! Kids love creepy and adults do too! The one thing that can make or break your Halloween party is the food that you serve. Let's face it. No one goes to one to be … [Read more...]

Perfect Pumpkin Crepes Recipe

I love to cook and bake, but some of my favorite things to make are in my file of fall recipes. There's just something about them that makes them my favorites in the kitchen. I actually like them so much that I keep pumpkin on hand all year round just in case I get a hankering … [Read more...]

Frankenstein Mason Jar Mug

Every year when Halloween rolls around, we look for cute crafts and activities for our kids to help them have an awesome Halloween. Well, at least I do. My Emma loves crafting and this Frankenstein Mason Jar Mug was no exception! We made a few yesterday and she had a blast! … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Ghost Twinkies

Ya'll, let me tell you. When Twinkies disappeared for a few months? My world came crashing down. I absolutely love them even though I know they're not exactly good for me. There's just something about them that I adore. This recipe though? Combine my beloved Twinkies with white … [Read more...]

10 Clever DIY Costumes

  I love Halloween. There's just something about the "air" of the season and besides, is there anything more fun that being able to dress up as someone or something that you're not? Buying costumes can be so expensive though. Really, the last thing I want to do is spend … [Read more...]