1 Sneaky Trick to Save $10 or more per month on Groceries

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We all want to save money and for a lot of us our grocery bill is the one area that we have trouble cutting expenses on. As moms, sometimes we have to get really creative with the ways we’re saving and this tip is right up there with the sneakiest of the sneaky. I’ve used it in my own home for many, many years and know what? To this day? My Emma STILL doesn’t know! I told you! It’s sneaky!

Need to cut your grocery budget a bit more? This 1 sneaky trick will save you money no matter who you are or what  your grocery budget is and your family will be none the wiser!


What did you pay for your last gallon of milk? Me personally, it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.98 and if your family is anything like mine? You go through a lot of milk. We go through around 2 gallons per week. At $2.98 each, that’s around $24.00 per month of my grocery budget just spent on milk. When you’ve got a small grocery budget, that $24.00 could easily be half of your grocery budget each week and that $24 per month? Adds up to almost $300.00 per year.

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That’s where this trick comes into play. Ready?

Powdered milk.

No don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you serve ONLY powdered milk to your family. In fact? Please don’t. That stuff tastes horrid by itself. Instead, the next time you empty a gallon of milk, rinse it well and save the container. Then, when you buy a new gallon, pour half of it off into the container that you saved. Mix up some powdered milk and use it to fill up the rest of the (2) gallons.

Shake well and voila!

You now have two gallons of milk for just a bit over the cost of one and trust me…your family will NEVER know the difference!

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  1. We use whole milk for drinking but we only go through 1/2 gallon a week (empty nesters). I save money by using powdered milk for baking and cooking since the spices or vanilla flavoring added to the recipe will camouflage the taste.

  2. Michelle says:

    I have not purchased whole milk in years. We only use powdered milk. I buy it at Sam’s about twice a year. We use about a Quart and a half a week for a family of six. My kids are older and don’t drink a lot of milk anymore, we use it for cooking and for cereal mainly. I mix and store it in mason jars. Once refrigeratorated (in glass) just tastes like 1%. Doesn’t make very good pudding though.

  3. We went through a rough patch financially several years ago and we have a large family (at the time there were 5 kids, now there are 7) so I started buying whole milk and using an empty gallon jug to mix it half and half with water. My kids have had it that way for so long now that they think 1% is too thick haha! Now it’s just the way we have milk. The only people in our house that drink whole milk that’s not split are the kids age 2 and under because they need the extra fat during that age. Pudding does need non-split milk though, I agree.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I shop at Aldi’s and spend $1.59 on a gallon of milk and buy 2%. I have heard of people buying whole milk or even 2% and fill up another container with half a gallon then take both half gallon jugs and fill them the rest of the way with water. They say it tastes just as good.

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