4th of July Crafts – Easy Kids Button Flag

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Here at our home, the 4th of July is a special time of year that we love celebrating. Our family has a rich military history going back hundreds of years so celebrating the independence that our ancestors fought for is something that is close to our hearts. One of our favorite ways to do that is with a few simple and awesome 4th of July crafts! This easy kids button flag is one of my favorites for littles to do! It allows them to get involved in the celebrating with a super easy and adorable kids 4th of July craft! We like to make these with our kids patriotic paper wands and the kids in the family have a blast!

Easy 4th of July Crafts - Need a super simple kids 4th of July craft? This easy patriotic button craft is great for the 4th of July, for Veterans Day or just because!

The great thing about a lot of kids 4th of July crafts is that they’re super easy to do! For this patriotic button craft, all you need are a few buttons, a wood plaque and glue! Your kids button flag can be put together in just a few minutes and the kids will love that they created something awesome! When you make your own kids button flag, you can use any size wooden plaque that you want. We use a 5″ x 7″ wooden plaque so that they’re big enough for little hands to work with, but it won’t matter as long as you can get the stripes created. You could also do a mix of small and large sizes depending on the ages of your kids.

4th of July Crafts – Easy Kids Button Flag

Another thing that works out really well with this kids button flag is to allow the kids to add little embellishments to their flag. Things like glitter, streamers and so on make each flag unique while keeping with the general theme of having an awesome 4th of July. This kids button flag is also a great Memorial Day craft or Veterans Day craft idea too so don’t get stuck solely on the 4th of July! The supplies for this can be kind of expensive if you’re having multiple children complete it. To keep the cost down, I use the gift cards that I earn from these 39 ways to earn free gift cards to help cover part or all of the supplies. I don’t spend any money out of pocket and I still get amazing craft supplies!

If you’re a homeschooler and you want to run a summer 4th of July unit with your kids, I have a free 4th of July printables pack that is perfect for a quick study. It was put together for preschool or Kindergarten ages and goes with this kids button flag craft incredibly well!


You Will Need: The supply list below makes 1 kids button flag so be sure to adjust the amount of supplies you will need if you’re making more than one.


Start by painting your wooden plaque white. Set it aside and allow it to fully dry. You don’t need a second coat, but if you would like to add one, you can. Once it’s fully dry, use a hot glue gun or kids craft glue to add the 4 blue buttons to the upper left corner in 2 x 2 rows. These will create the area of the flag that shows the stars and the button holes will function as the stars. Allow the glue to fully dry.



Next, fill in the rest of your plaque with red buttons. It doesn’t matter whether they’re the same size or not. Add a dollop of glue and allow it to fully dry.



Once the glue is fully dried, you can brush the entire thing with a coat of Modge Podge Clear Coat if you’d like. It isn’t necessary but if you want it to last for years, it is a good idea. Add a picture hanger onto the back and voila! Your kids button flag is done!



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