Homemade Gift Idea – DIY Snowman Candle

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I absolutely adore snowmen. So much so that during the holiday season, my home usually becomes covered in snowmen. I have candles, wall decor, wreaths and more. They are adorable to me and I can’t seem to get enough of them. When my daughter and I downsized to live in a hotel, I couldn’t have as many snowman decorations as I would have like, but I was still able have a few. This DIY snowman candle was one of them since it is so simple to make and doesn’t take up much space! It uses a regular jar candle as the base and is a favorite homemade gift idea for me since it is both adorable and simple to make!

Looking for a homemade gift idea? These DIY Snowman candle is my new favorite! Each one takes less than 10 minutes but look like you spend hours! They're the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves snowmen!


In my opinion, the best thing about this Christmas craft is that it’s so easy that older kids can help too. My Emma has been making them on her own since she was about ten! I showed her how and off she went! If your kids are smaller, you’ll want to help them since this DIY snowman candle uses a hot glue gun. If you’re making this one as a homemade gift idea, make sure that you allow enough time for the glue and any paint you use to dry. Otherwise, you run the risk of giving a gift that won’t stay as pretty as you made it! To really pull off the correct look on your DIY Snowman candle, you’ll need to find a candle that has a black lid. It stands in place of your snowman’s top hat. I found mine at Walmart so they are pretty easy to find. However, I’ve added an extra step to this post for those who may not be able to find one.

Homemade Gift Ideas – DIY Snowman Candle

To really kick this homemade gift idea over the top, set your DIY Snowman candle inside a basket and fill in the empty space around it with other homemade bath goodies. I like to add a jar of homemade coconut milk shampoo, homemade lavender deodoranthomemade shave cream and a luxurious bath poof. If you’re giving the gift to a man, you could swap out the lavender deodorant for a homemade aftershave to keep it more on the “manly” side of things. I have given that exact gift basket many times and it is always well received!


You Will Need:

If you were not able to find a candle with a black lid, lay down newspaper in your work space and use black matte spray paint to paint your candle lid black. Leave it overnight or until it is fully dry before moving it.



Next, cut a long strip of fabric about 1 ½ inches wide to make your snowman’s scarf. You can use any fabric print that you want and your cuts don’t have to be perfectly even. It’s your candle so dress it up in your style! You will be tying the scarf in the next step so as long as the measurements for width match, you’ll be fine even if your cut isn’t perfect.


Wrap the fabric strip around the jar and tie a knot to hold it in place. Trim the ends to whatever length you prefer. After you have trimmed the ends, take the hot glue gun and add a dab of hot glue to the center of the knot to help hold the scarf in place and to keep the knot from coming undone. You can also add a dab to the scarf ends if you want. I like to leave mine free though since it helps it to look a bit more like they are free to blow in the wind that your snowman might find himself standing in.


Looking for a homemade gift idea? These DIY Snowman candle is my new favorite! Each one takes less than 10 minutes but look like you spend hours! They're the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves snowmen!

Next, take the black buttons and use another dab of hot glue to hold each button onto the front of your candle beneath our scarf. You may have to hold each one on for a few seconds until the glue sets a bit.  Allow your DIY snowman candle to dry fully before moving it. If you move it wet, you could lose a button and no snowman is complete without his buttons!

See? I told you that this homemade gift idea was super simple to make! You can make up several in just a few minutes for just a few dollars! Each time I have given one as a gift, they have received a very warm thank you and I’m sure they will do the same for you!

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