Easy DIY Aftershave for Men

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Growing up, my Dad used Old Spice or Brut. Ya’ll remember Brut? It’s still around, but I haven’t smelled it in years. I’m sure if I did that I would instantly be transported back to five years old and memories of my Dad. Brut never smelled all that awesome, but then again, my Dad never had this recipe. This DIY Aftershave for Men smells so amazing! Even better is that it’s all natural, super cheap to make and yes, incredibly easy to make!
Make Dad (or Hubby!) a special gift with this easy DIY Aftershave! Perfect for gift giving, all natural and super cheap to make!


With Christmas coming, you might be looking for DIY gift ideas. This one is a great one and can easily be put into a nice glass bottle with a printable label to complete the gift. It would also work very, very well in a gift basket for the men or boys on your gift list.

DIY Aftershave for Men

When I made this, I used flax seed oil because that is what I had on hand. You can use any carrier oil you want to though. It won’t make any difference which oil you use to how the aftershave turns out or how it works. You could also play with the essential oils a bit too if you wanted, but the Peppermint and Juniper combo are perfect together for an aftershave.




You will need:


To make, fill the bottle you are using with the aloe, carrier oil and essential oils. Top the bottle off with the witch hazel and shake well. Make sure you give it a good shake before using and use just like you would with any commercial aftershave.


See? I told you it was easy to make! The men that you’re making this for will enjoy it just as much as the store bought stuff, your budget will love that its so much cheaper to buy and of course, you’ll be one step closer to removing nasty chemicals from your home! What more could you ask for?


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