51 Mom-Approved DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What are you planning on getting your Mom to celebrate her? I figure we all have two choices. 1. Run out and grab some stupidly expensive gift that yes, she’ll love but stupidly expensive, remember? Or 2. make her a DIY Mother’s Day gift that isn’t expensive but she will love just as much as the other option? Hmmm…which to choose? Personally? I’m going with a homemade Mother’s Day gift (again) this year!

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Skip the expensive store bought gift and give Mom something she'll always remember! These 51 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas are easy enough for anyone to make, awesome enough that Mom will always remember and cheap enough that you won't blow your budget! When I realized that I would be doing another DIY Mother’s Day gift this year, I wanted to do an actual post to show you that your gifts don’t have to be super expensive, incredibly opulent gift. Your mom will actually enjoy and remember a gift that was made with your own hands a bit more than you might think because in the long run, a homemade gift is always more memorable than a store bought one. In fact, my Mom still has all of the homemade Mother’s Day gifts that I’ve made her through the years but I can’t think of a single store bought one that I gave her that she still does.

51 Mom-Approved DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

So that’s how we got here. 51 Mom-Approved DIY Month’s Day Gifts! These 51 Mother’s Day gift ideas are some of my absolute favorites that I’ve gathered from around the net. They would all be perfect for almost all Moms and they’re all super easy to do too! If none of these strike your fancy, be sure to check out these DIY Mason Jar crafts and these homemade beauty recipes instead. You’re sure to find something that you Mom will love!

Make Mom breakfast in bed with these yummy Oatmeal Almond pancakes! They’re delicious!

If your mom loves to garden or plant, make this DIY Teal Ombre Flower Pot for a great Mother’s Day gift!

Skip the flowers and make Mom a yummy Homemade Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Bouquet instead! It’s much cheaper than Edible Bouquets and just as pretty and tasty!

If you’re the craft sort, you’ll love this Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf as a Mother’s Day gift idea! It’s super cute and no sewing skills are required!

I’ve yet to meet another Mom who doesn’t love candles which means that this Easy Photo Candle Gift for Mom is sure to be a hit!

Help Mom take a break with this easy to make DIY Stress Relief Bath Soak for her. If you want to go one step further make her an entire gift basket of homemade goodies!

Grab some wine corks and make mom an awesome DIY Wine Cork Keychain for Mother’s Day! She’ll think of you any time she’s got her keys on her!

Put your crafting skills to use with these DIY Birds Nest Necklaces! They would make a great gift to combine with the rustic jewelry hanger below!

Another great one to give in a gift basket or by itself, this DIY Lavender Lip Scrub is perfect for the mom who has problems with chapped lips!

If your Mom wears a lot of jewelry, she will love this DIY Rustic Jewelry Hanger from The Frugal Navy Wife! It’s super easy to make and cute too!

Help mom have baby smooth skin by giving her this Homemade Raspberry Sugar Scrub as a homemade Mother’s day gift!

This Homemade Body Lotion is fantastic for anyone who has dry skin! It handles even the worst itching and makes your skin silky smooth! Make Mom a jar of her own this Mother’s Day!

Another scrub recipe, this DIY Orange Sugar Scrub is awesome to give with the raspberry one above!

While you’re at it, these DIY Oatmeal and Lavender Bath Bombs are fantastic too! Calming, relaxing and soothing, Mom will love them!

Skip the box of chocolates and the dozen roses and combine them instead! These Homemade Chocolate Roses are easy to make, look amazing and taste just as good!


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