DIY Orange Sugar Scrub

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I’ve spent so much money on beauty items in the past and I’m sure most of you have too. In fact, beauty products can be one of the most expensive items out there. When we started removing chemicals from our house, the products used in our bathroom were some of the first ones that we replaced and my scrubs were among the first to go. This DIY Orange Sugar Scrub was what replaced them all! Citrus fruits are fantastic for giving you energy which makes them great to use in the morning to help you wake up!

Do you LOVE bath products? If so, you will LOVE this DIY Orange Sugar Scrub! All Natural, Energizing and so much cheaper than what you can buy! It's sure to become a favorite!

I will confess now that I have a serious addiction to bath products. If you could see my bathroom, you’d agree. My shelves and shower are filled with different kinds of scrubs, peels and washes. Honestly I think it’s the scents. I love a good scented smelly good and bath products are usually just that. Luckily though, I’ve learned how to create them at home so that I’m not spending a ton of money on them, but am still able to have the items I want.

DIY Orange Sugar Scrub

This particular base will actually work with any citrus fruit. If you’re wanting to make different versions, just swap out the orange for lemon, tangerine, lime or even grapefruit. It will all work the same since they’re all citrus based fruits. I haven’t tried it with others though. This actually makes a really great gift idea too. All you need is a basket and a pretty jar. Make up a few different scents and use a pretty ribbon and gift tag to tie it all together.


You Will Need:



Using a cheese grater, zest the orange. Set aside 3 tablespoons of zest and do what you will with the rest. Once you have the zest, cut the orange in half and juice it. Reserve 3-4 tablespoons and drink the rest! (Yum!)



Next, combine the coconut oil, sugar, orange juice and orange zest in a medium mixing bowl and give it a good mix. I tend to do this by hand but I suppose you could use your mixer if you really wanted to. I aim for not pulverizing the ingredients though. 🙂



Add the scrub to your 4 oz. Jelly jars, tighten the lid down and store in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use!

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  1. How do you use this? Scrub on skin and then wash off?

  2. Kelly Fejeran says

    Awesome recipe thanks! You suggest refrigeration for the Raspberry scrub, do I need to do the same with this?

  3. This is awesome. I love using fresh ingredients in my beauty recipes. I see all these fruit scrub recipes and get all excited but when I click on them, it is actually made of only essential oils or essence or the likes. I am so exxited to try this. Thank you 🙂

  4. Love the recipe! How long does this last? I see it should be refrigerated but how long before the fresh oranges start to turn?

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