Homemade Raspberry Sugar Scrub

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In my quest to really cut down on our expenses this year, one of the things that I had to re-think were the beauty products that I kept in the house. Needless to say, I came right back to this homemade raspberry sugar scrub recipe. I originally posted this in late 2013, but since I ended up coming back to it myself, I wanted to update the post too. This sugar scrub recipe is not only a budget friendly homemade beauty product, but it also makes a fantastic homemade gift idea!

Sweet summer berry smells all year long! This homemade raspberry sugar scrub recipe is great for your skin, your budget AND for gift giving!

If you’re giving these as a gift, a homemade gift tag or label goes very well with this. You could even use a scrap piece of burlap as a gift tag or print out your own design on cardstock. You could make 5 gifts for under $30.00 with this recipe! I have several people on my “shopping” list this year that are getting a gift basket of my homemade products for Christmas and of course, this beauty is included in that basket!

Homemade Raspberry Sugar Scrub

The recipe itself does use red food coloring to give it the pink color, but it works very well without the coloring too. In fact, I don’t actually use the coloring most of the time since all I’m really going for is the raspberry scent. If you want an option for coloring that isn’t food coloring, a few drops of beet juice will turn it a nice berry pink without too much change in scent or texture. For gifting, I like it to have the pink color but for my own use, I’m good without it. This scrub will keep in a cool environment for a few weeks, but keep in mind since it does have coconut oil in it that it will melt around 75 degrees.If you want to extend the shelf life, just keep it in the fridge. If it does melt on you though, just pop it in the freezer for a few to make the coconut oil solid again and whip it back up. This recipe will make 4 to 5 jelly jars if you’re using the 4oz size jelly jars. It does double well though if you want to make a larger batch. If you want to add a deeper depth to it, add some finely diced raspberry pieces after you’ve got it all mixed in and stir well.


You will need:




In a medium size bowl, combine the coconut oil, sugar and raspberry extract and 1 drop of red food coloring if you’re using it. Be very careful with the coloring since it will stain not only your hands, but just about anything it touches.



Stir to mix the ingredients well until it’s light pink in color. If you’re not happy with the color, add another drop of red food coloring. If you’re using diced fruit pieces for depth, add them now and stir well.

Sweet summer berry smells all year long! This homemade raspberry sugar scrub recipe is great for your skin, your budget AND for gift giving!


Fill each jelly jar with scrub and tighten with a lid and ring. If you used actual fruit in your scrub, you’ll want to keep it in the fridge for sure to help it stay fresh.

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