20 Things You Are Forgetting to Stockpile

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When I first started doing a bit of emergency preparation, I made my first list of things that I wanted to keep in my stockpile. As I’ve expanded our preparing and homesteading supplies, I have come to understand that my first list was a bit off. Okay, it was actually a lot off. There were a lot of things that I had forgotten and I’m sure there are things that you’ve forgotten too. Take a look at your supplies and see if you too forgot these items too. These 20 things you are forgetting to stockpile are easy to forget, but are needed in just about any true emergency situation.

Do you stockpile emergency supplies? If so, you might want to take a look at these 20 things you are forgetting to stockpile for emergencies.

If you have forgotten some of these items, no worries. You wouldn’t be the only one to forget them. It happens and the best way to fix the issue is simply that. Fix the issue. Work these items into your stockpile and supplies so that you have them on hand if you need them. Most of them are fairly cheap so they shouldn’t cause too much of an issue financially.

20 things you are forgetting to stockpile

The biggest things about this list is that they’re all items that would be extremely useful in most emergency situations, almost to the point that certain emergency situations would be hard to manage without them. Of course they won’t all be absolutely necessary, but they’ll all be a huge help even if it’s just to use as an item for bartering. In any case, for a lot of families that practice emergency preparedness, these overlooked preps will need to be included.

Nails and screws – In the event that you need to repair or build something, not having nails, screws, bolts and nuts on hand could make that extremely difficult. Make sure that you have a decent supply with various sizes on hand just in case.

Cotton balls – Cotton balls can be used for a lot more than cosmetics and in an emergency situation, they’re particularly useful. They have first aid uses and household. For instance, a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball can help repel insects and bugs.

Aspirin – Aside from the headache relief, aspirin has a ton of uses. Make sure you have at least a few bottles on hand for those other uses.

Baking Soda – Baking soda is necessary for cooking, but it also has many other uses too. You’ll need it for your garden, to clean and more. You can even use it with some foil to clean silver for barter.

Vinegar – Vinegar, both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar, have their uses in both your home, cooking and medical. ACV has numerous health benefits and white vinegar is great for cleaning and disinfecting.

Borax – If you’re stocking supplies to help you clean, do not forget Borax. It has many, many uses in the home that make it a must have prep item.

Trash bags – Trash bags are an everyday item in our home and that is the exact reason that they’re so easy to forget to stock up on. Make sure that you have plenty of them in your stockpile to use not only for trash, but for other uses such as covering windows to keep air out (or in) in an emergency.

WD-40 spray – Did you know that WD-40 has over 1,000 uses? That alone makes it well worth including in your preps.

Maps and a current road atlas – In a world filled with GPS on our phones and in almost every car, a paper map or road atlas can easily be forgotten. Make sure you keep an update copy of your state, states that surround yours and a road atlas as well.

Steel wool – Steel wool has more uses than just scrubbing pots and pans. Keep it on hand with a 9V battery and you’ve always got an easy way to start a fire.

Instant heat packs – Instant heat packs are great for more than just warming your hands. They can be used to help seal food containers by removing oxygen, can be used to keep you warm in other places and more! Make sure that you keep a few on hand.

Zip ties – In the absence of rope, zip ties can be used to make repairs or to help organize. They’re also useful for helping to build things if you don’t have nails and things.

Water Bob – You might have water storage already, but it never hurts to have more. Pick up a Water Bob and when an emergency happens, you’ll have 100 extra gallons stored almost immediately.

Entertainment items – Any emergency situation could be a boring one. Keeping things like pen and paper, decks of cards and board games on hand can help stem the boredom.

Kitty Litter – Kitty litter isn’t just for kitties. Use it to soak up spills, help get traction under stuck wheels and more.

Blankets – You might think you have enough blankets in your home, but when it is bitter cold and your power is out? You learn differently. Make sure you have plenty of extras on hand.

Rubber Bands – Rubber band fights! No seriously. Rubber bands are so useful when you need to pack a bag tightly or to hold something to gether.

Vaseline – Vaseline is useful as all get out! Use it to protect your hands, lubricate loose screws and more!

Homemade Candle Making supplies – If the lights go out, you might have enough candles and flashlights to last a bit, but eventually they will run out.

Fly Strips – Flies are not only annoying, but they can carry a plethora of disease. Those fly strips with the yucky glue on them can help keep them at bay. At least than $1.00 for 4, you have no reason not to include them in your prep stockpiles.


So now that you’ve seen my list, are there any on here that you forget to stockpile

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  1. fly strips!!!! i never thought of that and you are the first person i’ve seen to mention it. what a great idea. thanks.

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