30 “New” Ways to Use WD40

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As a child, I remember my Dad always had a can of WD-40 in the trunk of the car and in the house under the sink. It stayed right beside his rolls of duct tape. When I was little, I used to think that it could only be used to loosen a tight bolt or fix my bicycle chain when it needed greased. These days, I love it because there are so many uses for it that to count them would take quite a while! I love finding new uses for regular items. I love to find new uses for old towels, new uses for kitty litter (clean of course), ways to upcycle milk jugs and even ways to upcycle sheets. We even have a list of items that we stopped buying and make homemade because we love finding new ways to use things. That means that when I came across a new can of WD40 in my garage, I had to find new ways to use it. After all, finding new ways to use WD40 is just one most step toward saving money and becoming a six figure family!

The Squeaky Wheel gets the grease? Think WD-40 is ONLY for tight bolts and squeaky wheels? Think again! These 30 "New" Ways to Use WD40 will have you amazed that you didn't know them before!

WD-40 truly is one of those items that has more uses than what you would normally think and it is those very uses that make it such a valuable product around your home. Finding new ways to use WD-40 isn’t hard to do, but it does require that you put some thought into it since the majority of them aren’t exactly the most obvious ways.

 30 Ways to Use WD40

So why should you want to find out what the new ways to use WD40 are? Because it could potentially help you cut your household expenses quite a bit. How, you ask? It’s pretty simple. If you can use WD40 (or any item for that matter) to avoid buying a different product, that is more money that you will be keeping at home or in your savings account a little bit longer. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love keeping more of my hard earned money in my bank account. I’m fairly certain you do as well. With that in mind, these 30 “new” ways to use WD40 are right up either of our alleys! They keep things cheap!

Squirrel-Proof Your Bird Feeder –

Seriously. This is one of my favorite ways to use WD40. If you’ve got a birdfeeder in your yard, you may find yourself dismayed that the squirrels come and eat your seed. You can either choose to laugh at it (as my hubby’s Grandma does when the squirrel gets himself stuck) or you can fix things so that they can’t get to your feeder. How? Spray a bit of WD40 on top of your birdfeeder. Doing so will make it too slick for the squirrels to stand on and will keep them away from your birdseed. The birds will get fed and the squirrels will eventually learn.

Remove a tight ring – 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your wedding ring or simply a piece of costume jewelry, chances are good that at some point in your life, it will get stuck. Sure, you could try using water and dish soap, but what happens if you drop it down the drain? If it’s an expensive ring, you’re going to be suffering a not-so mild heart attack. Instead, spritz a bit of WD40 on your fingers and work your ring back and forth. After a few seconds, you should be able to slide it right off. Just be able to use an all-natural homemade hand soap to wash your hands afterwards.

Use WD-40 as an insect killer – 

I am deathly afraid of spiders and other creepy crawlies, but of the greatest ways to use WD40 takes care of that. Just give them a small squirt and they’ll be no more. Let the “oil” dry and sweep up with a broom. Why do I say to sweep them up after they dry? Because if you get WD40 on the bottom of your broom, it could make for a very slippery floor. If you do end up with a bit of WD40, using a tiny amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap should clean it right up.

To remove gum from hair – 

When was the last time one of your kids fell asleep with gum in their hair? If it hasn’t been too terribly long, I’m sure you’re aware of how much of a pain it can be (literally) to remove. Did you know that you can use WD-40 to remove it? Just squirt a bit on and massage into the gum and hair surrounding it. It should slide right out! Once the gum is removed, wash your child’s hair with a good, non-toxic shampoo (I love my homemade coconut shampoo for this!) and dry like normal!

Clean Your Toilet –

Hard water and lime deposits aren’t dangerous to your health or anything, but they can make your toilet bowl ugly over time. To clean it easily, spray some WD40 into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it with your toilet brush. Flush the toilet and you’re done! It’s clean enough to ea… Wait, no. Don’t do that. After you flush, if you still feel it needs a bit more cleaning, my homemade soft scrub recipe is amazing at getting what the WD40 doesn’t.

Doggy Doo..Don’t – 

You’re out enjoying the nice weather with a walk and then it happens. You probably don’t notice at first, but the smell starts to creep up. If you’ve stepped in a dog’s little present, spray it with WD40 to easily scrub it off. Rinse your shoe with water, then toss into the washer (I like to use my homemade laundry detergent recipe to wash since I know it cleans every bit of the WD40 residue) and you’re ready to go!

Protect Your Patio Furniture – 

If your patio furniture is starting to get rusty, WD40 can help. Spray each item with a thin coat of WD40 and then wipe the item down. Make sure that you get a good coverage area and allow it to dry completely before using. Your furniture won’t be rusty and will stay looking new for longer!

Keep Your Mirrors Spotless –

Hate spots on your mirrors? WD-40 to the rescue! Clean it with your favorite homemade window cleaner recipe then spritz a tiny amount of WD40 onto the spots. Rub it into the mirror with a microfiber cloth and it will stay spot free!

Remove melted crayon easily – 

Crayons are easy to lose when you’re little and pockets can be big. If you have a melted crayon emergency in your dryer, use WD40 to get it cleaned. Just unplug your dryer and then spray the WD40 onto it. Allow the WD40 to sit on the crayon for a few minutes and it should wipe clean! This also works really well if you have compressed wood furniture and carpet with crayon on it too! Just be sure to test an inconspicuous spot first.

Clean Lawn Mower Blades – 

Mowing your grass is a must have for if you’re learning how to landscape your yard, but the blades on your mower can easily become weighed down by cut grass, dirt and other gunk..especially if you mowed while the grass was damp or wet. That’s okay though! Just spray a coating of WD40 on the blades and they will clean right off!

Remove Ink from Jeans – 

If you or your kids are anything like me, you have a somewhat bad habit of sticking things in your pocket. These pocket items can and do often include ink pens which can explode when they’re forgotten about and make it through the dryer. If you’ve had that issue too, a small amount of WD40 should take care of those ink blots and stains very easily! Rub some of the WD40 into the stain then launder as usual.

Clean old muffin tins – 

We love banana nut muffins in our house and fix them quite a bit but they can get messy sometimes and when that happens, it’s easy to end up with a muffin tin that is covered in gunk and just generally yucky looking. To bring back the shine and cut right through the gunk, spray the muffin tin with WD40 and clean with a gentle scrubbing pad. Rinse very well and admire the shine!

Removes kool-aid stains – 

Kids are kids and even the best sippy cups can leak sometimes. No worries since a small amount of WD40 will often remove those stains! Just be sure to test your couch or whatever you’re cleaning in an unnoticeable area before you go at it full go.

Protect your shower head from rusting – 

Your showerhead is constantly in a wet and damp state and that can be a big issue. Rust can easily grow inside of the showerhead itself and cause your water to flow slower or not at all. To keep things flowing the way they should, spray some WD40 on and inside of your showerhead. Use what you need to for scrubbing and the rust should come right off.

Remove paint from flooring – 

Have you ever painted and forgot to lay down a dropcloth? You’re not the only one. The quick fix? Spritz some WD40 onto the spill, leave sit for a few then wipe clean.

Shine your shower doors – 

Skip the expensive cleaner and head to the garage the next time you need to shine your shower doors. Spray them with a small amount of WD40 and then wipe clean with a soft cloth. They’ll shine like new with minimal work!

Cleans mildew – 

If you’re dealing with mildew along the bathtub seal or anywhere else, WD40 will clean it. Just spray the mildew stain and wipe clean. Rinse it well then sanitize with a homemade all purpose cleaner. Dry fully and you should be good to go!

Remove stickers or gunky price tags – 

We do a lot of reselling from our thrift store shopping trips and let me tell you…price tags can be the absolute worst thing to have to remove. Luckily, I keep a can of WD40 around. Spray a bit onto the sticker then let soak in for a few minutes. Then using a q-tip or a Scotty Peeler, pull the sticker off of the item. It should come right off! Wipe your item clean with a paper towel and you’re good to go!

Clean lipstick streaks –

Accidentally drop your lipstick on the floor, table or counter? It can be hard to clean because of the wax that is used to make it. Instead of fighting it, spray a bit of WD40 on it before you wipe. It will come right off.

Clean your doorknobs –

Ever stop to think about how dirty your doorknobs get? Our hands touch them day after day and sometimes our hands are filthy when we do…especially if you have kids. If your knobs are gunky, spraying WD40 on them and wiping them clean is an quick and easy way to get them sparkling again!

Clean mascara streaks – 

Mascara, like lipstick, can be impossible to get off when you accidentally swipe somewhere. Just like lipstick though, WD40 will get it clean! Follow the same process as how to clean lipstick and you’re golden!

Remove labels from bottles and jars –

Bottles and jars are one of the items thrifty people never buy new because there’s really no reason to buy new when you can reuse one. The catch is the label on the jar. To get it clean, spray your jar or bottle with a good coating of WD40 and allow it to sit for a few minutes. After it soaks in, you should be able to peel the label and any glue residue right off.

Clean your windowsill – 

If your windowsill is covered in bugs and dirt, you’re not alone. Most people have that issue. A little WD40 can take care of it though. Just spray and wipe!

Keeps animals out of your trash cans –

Racoons are famous for their dumpster diving, but cats, squirrels and other critters can get into your cans as well. If you have an issue with this, you can use WD40 to safely keep them out without hurting them. Just spray the bottoms of your cans with a heavy coating of WD40 and make sure it’s covered. We do about halfway up our cans. This will make your cans too slick for them to climb up.

Polish your silver –

While you can polish your silver using baking soda, you can also use WD40 to do it as well if you don’t have any baking soda and foil. Spray your silver and wipe off with a microfiber cloth until it is polished to your liking. The great thing about WD40 is that it won’t cause your silver to tarnish and will actually protect it from doing that!

Keep artificial flowers dust free –

Real flowers are amazing to have in your home, but artificial ones have their place too. The catch with artificial ones is that they often get dirty and dusty which can make them look bad. To keep that from happening, spray them down with WD40 every so often. Wipe the excess off of each one and your artificial flowers will stay pretty for longer!

Clean fingerprints from windows and glass doors –

So my all time favorite of all of the different ways to use WD40? Fingerprints! My back door is almost entirely made of glass so needless to say? I can clean it and 10 minutes later it is covered with fingerprints again. Luckily, WD40 is great for protecting it. To use it to keep fingerprints off of your windows and doors, clean like normal then wipe it down with a soft rag that you have sprayed WD40 onto.

Removes nail polish from hardwood floors –

Spill a bit of nail polish onto your hardwood? Spritz it down with WD40! Just be sure that you don’t soak it so that you don’t accidentally ruin your floors. Who would have thought that hardwood floors would be one of the awesome ways to use WD40?

Clean caked on food from baking sheets –

Just like WD40 will shine your muffin tins, it will also clean caked on food from your baking dishes and sheets. Just scrape off what you can get and wash. Then, spray WD40 onto it, let it sit and your caked on goodness will come right off. Wash it again, very well using your favorite homemade dish soap recipe and rinse well. Voila!

Unfreeze a frozen lock –

For those of you that live in areas where it gets super cold in the winter, I’m sure you’re familiar with a frozen lock. They can be impossible to unfreeze! That’s why you should always keep a can of WD40 in your winter auto emergency kit! It can unfreeze those locks! Give the lock a good spray and let it sit. After a few minutes, you should be able to slide your key into the lock and have it work!

Protect the bottom of your car from road salt in the winter –

Here’s another one for those of you that get snow and ice and if you value your car? It is sure to become your favorite ways to use WD40! We all know that road salt can damage your car very easily if you get too much of it stuck on your fenders and things. It can cause rust and other bad damage. To protect your vehicle, spray your fenders, bumpers, grills and any other areas that commonly get hit with rock salt slush with WD40 and wipe off the excess. The WD40 will keep the salt residue from sticking to your car and keep it protected!

Untangles gold chains –

This is one of my favorite ways to use WD40 ever. Have you ever taken off a gold chain only to find it tangled the next time you want to wear it? Use a little WD40 to lubricate the chain pieces and untangle it easily! No frustration and your necklace stays as beautiful as it always was!

Keep your curling iron from sticking to crafts –

Crafters take notice because you will love the last of these ways to use WD40! Do you do crafts that involve a heat source like a curling iron? If so, you might be familiar with how the iron can stick to plastic or any soft surface that will melt or burn. To keep that from happening, spray your curling iron with WD40 before you heat it up. It will keep your plastic from melting!

So there you have it! 30 “new” ways to use WD40! Did you know there were so many? I’d be willing to be there are a lot more that I haven’t included here! I’d love to hear how you find new ways to use WD40 if I haven’t mentioned it here!

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