Easy Mason Jar Halloween Scene

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I love crafts, but to be honest? I hate overly complicated ones that my Emma can’t do with me. She loves to do crafts so when I’m looking for crafts for us to do together, I tend to look for easier ones that she can do as well. This Easy Mason Jar Halloween Scene was one of those crafts. It’s super simple to make and looks great when its finished! Even better is that you can make multiple ones using any scene that you wanted.

Easy to make and using dollar store supplies, these Easy Mason Jar Halloween Scenes are the perfect Halloween craft!

Easy Mason Jar Halloween Scene

What I really like about this craft is that it truly can be used in so many different ways. Want a different scene? Use a different figurine! Want a Christmas scene? Use fake snow and Santa! They’re so simple to do that you really could make a whole village scene or an entire “family” of figurines in a really short amount of time. They’re awesomely cheap too. Aside from the cost of the mason jar, which I’m sure a lot of us already have hanging around the house, the rest of the supplies can be found at Dollar Tree for just $1.00 each. Fun, cheap and easy? I’m so there!


You will need:



Using the canning jar lid and ring, add some hot glue to the underside of the lid and fill with the greenery. Make sure you add enough that it will show when the jar is added and flipped upside down. While the glue is still wet, add a drop or two to the bottom of your Halloween figurine and set it down inside of your lid. Let the glue dry completely.



Cut the ring portion off of the plastic bat rings and using a dab of hot glue, attach them to your figuring or the canning jar itself. Keeping the jar upside down, carefully screw the lid onto the jar until the lid is tight. Finish by typing a piece of ribbon or yarn around the base of your scene and voila! You’re done!


See? Super easy and just creepy enough to fill your home with awesome Halloween decorations on a tight budget! Love it!

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