DIY Green Tea and Peppermint Bath Soak

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I’ve admitted many times that one of my favorite things to do is to relax in a warm bath with a good soak and good book. One of my favorite bath soaks to use is this Green Tea & Peppermint bath soak. It’s so quick to mix up that I really can’t see a need to buy anything close to it at the store and in truth? I really can’t buy anything that compares to it at the store.  Bath salts purchased the local bath and body store contain ingredients that really just aren’t necessary whereas with this homemade soak, I know exactly what is going into the jar and what I’m allowing to be put into my bath.


Searching for a soothing balth soak? This DIY Green Tea and Peppermint Bath Soak is soothing, energizing and just what you need! Mix it up in just a few minutes and you'll be soaking before you know it!



Aside from the chemicals though is the cost. To get a really good quality soak at the store that will actually do what you want it to, you’re going to pay three or four times what you will pay for several batches of this one! No more crazy expensive beauty products at my house because homemade ones like this bad boy have taken over and I’m SO glad they haveThe best thing about this DIY though? It allows you to change up the essential oil to get whatever effect you desire! Peppermint or Orange are energizing, Chamomile and Lavender for calming, Rose and Sandalwood are relaxing and sensual. You could make up several different batches to create a very nice gift basket that will suit the mood of whoever you’re gifting to!

Homemade Green Tea & Peppermint Bath Soak

Now let’s talk about the health benefits of this particular recipe. Green Tea has antiseptic and antioxidant properties which makes it great for soothing irritated skin. Epsom salt has long been known to relax tired, aching muscles as well as reducing swelling and the ability to draw toxins from your body.  There are over 80 minerals in sea salt that are good for nourishing the body, increasing blood circulation, and promoting your body’s natural detox process. Peppermint for aromatherapy is an invigorating scent and can help alleviate headaches. Those benefits alone make this particular soak one that everyone should have in their bathroom!

The recipe below is specifically for the green tea & peppermint bath soak, but it makes a fantastic base for any soak. Just use the oils I mentioned above and the recipe exactly as is. Replace the peppermint with the oil you’re using and you’re golden!

You Will Need:




Combine the 3 cups of Epsom salt and the 1 cup of sea salt in a medium mixing bowl and stir well to make sure they’re fully mixed.

If you’re using green tea bags, cut them open to remove the tea. Add the tea to the salt mixture and stir again to make sure they’re mixed very well. You want to be sure that you have a pretty even distribution of the tea.

Add the peppermint oil and either the coconut or almond oil and stir it well to combine. If you’re skin is dry, use the coconut oil. If your skin is oily, go with the almond oil. You can use a bit more than called for if it doesn’t go far enough, but you shouldn’t have to when you’re adding the essential oil to it as well.

Stir very well to make sure the oils get distributed.

When mixed well, cover with a paper or kitchen towel and let sit for an hour or so to absorb the scent and oil.

Store in an airtight container in a dry place.


That’s it! See how easy that was?! To use,  scoop ½ cup to 1 cup into a warm bath, grab a good book and enjoy your soak!

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  1. just made it and it smells so good!!!

  2. would this work just as well in a little satchel so the leaves don’t float around?

    • I don’t see why it wouldn’t! Maybe even a coffee filter that was tied with a rubber band at the top. That way the goodies would still “steep” but wouldn’t be floating loose. Let me know what you end up trying! 🙂

  3. I am definitely going to try this recipe, it sounds and looks divine! I make bath salts with botanicals in them, what I do to keep them from going down the drain or sticking to my tub or worse…. ME! I put the bath salts in a organza bag, you still get all the benefits the same without the mess 🙂

  4. April Jennings says:

    Would grapeseed oil work as well? I have that on hand.

  5. I make these all the time with many ingredients, lavender buds, calendula leaves, peppermint and or oregano leaves from my garden. I suggest using cheese cloth or you will be picking your ingredients out of everywhere. 🙂

  6. Nicola Kilcoyne-Seru says:

    Will try this as soon as I can get hold of some Epsom salts. I have been using to this point green tea and peppermint tea bags as I didn’t want them to go to waste after finding them too strong to drink. Thank you for the recipe.

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