Creepy Halloween Decorations – Serial Killer Bathroom Decor on a Budget

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I know. “Stacy, it’s August!” I realize that this is a few weeks early, but if you’re anything like me, you like to start planning for the holidays early. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (second only to Christmas) which means that I love going all out with creepy Halloween decorations and with trying to scare my family. A few years back, I landed a home run at freaking them out and since I recently found the photos, I wanted to share how to do serial killer bathroom decor on a budget so you can scare your family too (if you want)! Now I understand that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s perfectly fine and if it scares you or freaks you out, just move on.

Creepy Halloween Decorations - Want to scare the pants off someone this Halloween? Give this DIY Serial Killer Bathroom Decor a shot! Super easy and easy on your budget!

If you’re looking for budget Halloween decorations, you can put this bathroom decor together for around $50 if you’re careful. I personally didn’t spend anything out of pocket since I used gift cards that I had earned from my favorite 20 tried and true places to earn free gift cards. The decorations themselves aren’t expensive and you have plenty of time so you could either earn free gift cards of your own or buy the items one at a time as your personal budget allows. In any case, as long as you have the items ready to go before Halloween, you’ll be golden.

Creepy Halloween Decorations – Serial Killer Bathroom Decor on a Budget

To start, there is one item that is missing from the photos in this post. Why? Because “Bob” as we so lovingly call our severed head Halloween decor, was hiding behind the shower curtain. He is camera shy so he missed out on being in the photos. Bob was probably the freakiest thing about the entire thing so I would highly recommend that if you’re going for truly creepy Halloween decorations that truly give a shock and scare at first, you don’t skip him.

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Before you start putting your decor together, be sure that you clean any surfaces that you’re going to apply a cling to. Use a homemade all-purpose cleaner and get rid of any surface dirt. Allow them to dry fully before moving on because the clings won’t stick if your surface is dirty or wet. While you’re waiting for the areas you’ve cleaned to dry, go ahead and hang up the shower curtain and put out the bath mat. If you look to the right of the toilet in the photo above, you’ll see the bath mat peeking out. Setting up the shower curtain and the bath mat first will give you a better idea of where you want to place your clings at for the perfect look.

Once you’ve got that taken care of, hang the IV bag of Halloween body wash from the shower (it is peeking out to the left of the curtain in the photo) and place the severed Halloween head wherever you want it. In our case, he is lying behind the curtain in the shower. I tossed him in the bathtub then used a bit of homemade Halloween blood to scare it up a bit more. Since the homemade theater blood went into the tub only, it made clean up a snap!


By now, the areas that you cleaned earlier should be dry and ready to go! Apply the Halloween window clings in any area that you would like. I used the splatter clings for the tub, toilet and part of the mirror and specifically saved the bloody hand print window clings for the mirror. As you can see by the photo, I did add a few of the splatters around the bloody hand prints to help accent them.

Once you’ve got everything taken applied where you want it, take a step back to make sure that nothing is falling off and that everything is place. If there is, smooth it out and fix it. After everything is fixed and looking great, shut the light off, shut the door and wait for the next person who has to use the bathroom!

If you’re wondering how well the items held up, they held up surprisingly well! We used the shower curtain and mat all season long with no issues! We did put a clear shower liner behind the curtain to help protect it, but it worked amazingly!

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