41 Fishing Gifts for People Who Love to Fish

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Have you ever had to buy a gift for someone who was extremely hard to buy for? Most of us have at one time or another, which means your gift either was very well received or it went over like a lead balloon. It seems that when you’re buying for someone like that, there is no in-between on whether they like your gift or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying as a birthday gift, a Christmas gift or just a special thank you, taking the time to figure out that perfect gift will ensure that you always give the best gifts. Fishermen (and women) are usually in that group of people who can be hard to buy for. We know what gear we like best, we know what works best for us and as a result, buying the wrong thing can sometimes come across as unappreciated even if we truly do. These 41 fishing gifts for people who love to fish are pretty universal. In fact, I’m sure that the fishing gifts from this list are sure to be appreciated and well liked!

Buying a gift for people who love to fish can be hard! These 41 fishing gifts for people who love to fish make it easy though! They're great for Birthday's, Christmas or anytime gifts!

As you’re scrolling down through our gift guide of fishing gifts, keep in mind that some will be better suited as gifts while others might just be considered small additions to a larger gift or as stocking stuffers if you’re Christmas shopping. If you’re not sure if the fishing gifts you’re buying will work for the person you’re buying them for, every one of these fishing gifts; except one very obvious one are perfect for both male and female fishermen!

41 Fishing Gifts for People Who Love to Fish

We fish for food to save money on food and there are several fishing gifts on this list that we use ourselves! As you check each gift out, be sure to read read because if we use the item ourselves, I’ll let you know and tell you how we like it. Chances are really good that if we like it and use it, it will go over very well with the people who love to fish that you’re buying for.

Steve keeps telling me that as soon as he can, I’m getting this REP Giant Bass Mailbox  as one of my fishing gifts he plans to buy me. I have a secret that I haven’t told him yet though. I secretly love it! When we go fishing, I primarily catch large mouth and white (sand) bass so it’s perfectly fitting for a girl who bass fishes to have!

In fact, this is my most recent “large” large mouth bass catch. He’s holding it because I was working on untangling the mess he made of my line when I brought him in. Looks a lot like the mailbox, doesn’t it?

I’ll admit that I not-so secretly love these too! What girl who fishes wouldn’t love THESE Watercolor Bass Fish Fashion Print Sports Shoes Breathable Mesh Shoes? They’re adorable!


Remember how I said only one of these fishing gifts wouldn’t work for both men and women? It should be obvious that this is the one.  THIS Girls Fish Too Fishouflauge Camo Decal is perfect for the girl who likes to fish! She can put it on her car, on her tackle box or even in her living room window! It’s entirely up to her where she puts it!

No one likes to travel uncomfortably and the person who loves to fish on your list is no different. That’s what makes THIS U-shaped Watercolor Bass Fish Memory Foam Neck Pillow such a great fishing gift!


Needing to break your line from a snag is a pain in the you know where, but THESE Booms Fishing Pliers and Mini Stronger Line Cutters Combo are sure to help! Trust me…I snag a lot if the water level is low where we normally fish. I snag so much that I named my snags; I tell Steve that I’ve caught a “Snaggy McSnagSnag” if I need his help getting it undone. It’s rare but does happen.



Having a few different pieces of tackle and lures in your tackle box never hurt anyone. That’s why THIS 16pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit with Portable Carry Bag makes such a great fishing gift! It’s perfect for an actual gift or as a stocking stuffer too!



I don’t know of any fishermen out there who don’t want to know how big their big fish are and THIS Digital Hanging Scale with Backlit LCD Display, Measuring Tape and 2 AAA Batteries makes knowing just that super easy. It’s small enough to fit into your tackle box and can withstand 110 lbs of weight! We use this one and it has never failed us!



I actually laughed out loud when I saw this shirt because it’s so true! Anyone who loves to fish lives for that moment when there’s one hooked and you can start the dance that is bringing them into shore or your boat. That’s why THIS  Gotta Love a Good Pole Dance Unisex T-Shirt makes such a great fishing gift!


I have a slight confession to make. I can not stand to touch a live fish that is larger than my hand. I don’t mind if they’re dead and I absolutely bait my own hook with cut bait and minnows, but anything bigger than that and I get the heeby jeebies. It comes from when I was a little girl and I was “stung” by a catfish at age 4. I’m working on it. With that said, I do take my own fish off the hook since I wear a pair of THESE Berkley Neoprene Fishing Gloves . They make it so I don’t have to worry about anything and allow me to fish just like I want to.

Fwiw, Steve actually has a pair too for a different reason. When we get to fishing a lot or catching well, his hands – specifically his thumbs – can get pretty torn up from holding fish by their lip. We got him a pair of these too so he can protect his hand from getting infected if the fish have given him a lot of cuts.


The Frabill Insulated Bait Bucket HERE is the exact bait bucket that we use. I can 100% vouch that it is one of the best fishing gifts on this list. It is well built and takes a beating like it’s made of steel. Trust me, ours gets thrown in the water, dashed against rocks s we’re grabbing bait and more. Aside from being a bit dirty, it still looks brand new! Plus, live bait stays alive quite a long time in it since it is insulated a bit against heat.

We don’t use split shot personally most of the time, but it never hurts to have it on hand if you need it.THIS Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot Pro Pack makes a fantastic small fishing gift or stocking stuffer!

If the person yo’re buying fishing gifts for fishes for food like we do, they’ll appreciate THIS 5pc Fishing Cutlery Set Fishing Knife With Sharpening Steel and Small Cutting Board to help them filet their catches. Just keep in mind that it may not be everyone’s ideal filet kit.



Looking for more fishing gifts to give? Check these out!


Oak-Pine 128 Pc. Set Fishing Accessories Set HERE

YETI Loadout Impact Resistant FishingUtility Bucket with Hefty Hauler Handle HERE

ReelSonar iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Android devices HERE

The Total Fishing Manual Paperback Edition: 317 Essential Fishing Skills Field & Stream HERE


Fheaven Night Fishing Glove with LED Light HERE 

Cobra Storage, Garage Door Fishing Pole Rack HERE 

Allnice Thickening Canvas Fishing Rod and Reel Organizer Travel Carry Case Bag

ROSE KULI 3.8″ 6 Jointed Life-like Swimbait Hard Fishing Lure Bass Bait

Bait Towel Hands Free Microfiber 3 Pack Caribbean Blue

Wakeman Fishing Net with Magnetic Clip HERE

Fishing Pliers + Fish Hook Remover HERE


Fiblink Portable Fish Lip Grabber HERE 


Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter HERE

Fishermans Ultimate Knot Guide HERE

Zology Folding Camping Chair Stool Backpack with Cooler HERE

Piscifun Sports Shoulder Bag Fishing Tackle Bag HERE 

Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo HERE 

UglyStik Shakespeare  1-Piece Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo, 7 Feet HERE

Kids Fishing Pole,Light and Portable Telescopic Fishing rod for Youth Fishing HERE 


Lixada Telescopic Fishing Pole Spinning Reel Set with Fishing Lures,Hooks,Barrel Swivel,Carrier Case HERE

Ugly Stik Spinning Rod, 6.5-Feet Medium HERE

Zebco 202 Sling Shot Spincast Fishing Rod and Reel Combo HERE  

Shakespeare  Ugly Stik Jr. Fishing Rod and Spincast Reel Combo,  4.5 Feet HERE

Zebco 33 Micro UL Triggerspin Combo 2 Piece HERE

Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern HERE


Gees Feets G-40 Minnow Trap HERE

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing lure Baby Bass, Size- 2 HERE

Rapala Husky Jerk 08 Fishing lure, 3.125-Inch, Yellow Perch HERE

Rapala EZ Glide Fillet 7 Inch HERE


  1. Linda Wilson says

    Stacy, Love, LOVE, L O V E this article! As another fan of fishing! I can’t thank you enough for such great ideas! When I was a kid my dad always took me fishing. At the time, I thought it was for fun, little did I know if we didn’t catch a fish, we didn’t have dinner that night. Now, my love of fishing has taken me into a new realm and I have learned to smoke, dry, and can the fish that I catch. Still, my favorite pastime and it’s an amazing way to relax after a day of writing online and stressing over the bills. 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks and I think your blog/website is awesome! Keep up the great work. You’re a fantastic mom who has overcome so many obstacles and I’m really impressed by you! 🙂

    • Stacy Ott says

      Linda, thank you for your kind words. It is reader comments like yours that keep me at this. I’m glad you like the site and hope it has been a help to you. 🙂 (Also, learning to dry and smoke fish is next on my list of things to do. I already can, but am unable to do anything other than water bath right now due to a flat top stove. Saving up for a propane burner so I can get back to it.)

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