10 Money Saving Books Everyone Should Read

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I love to read. Seriously. If you saw my Kindle, you’d think that I never gett anything done. I am never reading just one book either. Usually I’ve got 2 or 3 different books (on different topics) that I’m wading through at one time. I read one for a bit, lay it down, read the next and so on. I do love a good fiction book, but I also love anything that can help me be more organized, save money, succeed in business or just live simpler. For this post though? I want to show you some of my favorite frugal living and money saving books.

Do you love to read? I do! These 10 money saving books everyone should read are my favorites! They're sure to help you save money, make money and everything in between!

For me, a book becomes my favorite on the subject when the author clearly demonstrates that they are an expert in the subject because honestly? If someone is writing a book on a topic? They need to be an expert. The 10 money saving books below are by people who have done exactly that. Clearly demonstrated that they know what they are talking about when it comes to saving money, making money, investing or just living a simple and frugal life.

10 Money Saving Books Everyone Should Read

Just as a side note: Most of these are also available on Audible.com as audiobooks. If you’re more of an audio listener than a reader, you can get 2 FREE audio book from Audible HERE. Just make sure that you keep in mind that it is a free trial (the book is yours to keep though) so if you do not want to keep the membership, you’ll need to cancel. I like the membership though and am considering keeping it.

six dollar family

Six Dollar Family: From Six Dollars to Six Figures

Obviously my favorite money saving book is my own. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the Six Dollar Family book yet, now is a great time. In it, I cover everything from the most common types of budgets, to cutting your expenses and more. It’s available in both Kindle and paperback too so you can grab the copy that works best for you.



America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money

My next favorite money saving book was written by two people who have come to be known as “America’s Cheapest Family.” I have seriously read this book cover to cover at least 8 times but each time that I do, I find something new that I can do to cut costs. This book has saved me thousands over time since I bought it and I could not recommend it higher.




Smart Women Finish Rich

This book is excellent at teaching you not only how to figure out your personal values and thoughts about money, but also how to invest your money and make it stretch even when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. I love that he teaches based on what his Grandmother taught him as well as how he views women being financially independent.



All You Need is Less

This book is easily one of my favorites and once you read it, you’ll understand why! The author is humorous and takes living simply and saving money to a new level with some of the tips and tricks she offers! Even someone like me, who has been living frugally for years, can learn from her. The book isn’t specifically about saving money, but if you follow Madeleine’s tips, you’ll be saving quite a bit and have the added benefit of living healthier and greener!

The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey is by far one of the best leading financial advisers around if you ask most frugal people. He will teach you to save your money, grow it and eventually how to be debt free with the baby steps idea. Dave’s programs are strict and require dedication and he can come across pretty harsh sometimes, but you will be much better off if you follow his steps.



The Homesteading Handbook

While this book isn’t specifically about saving money, the tips that you’ll learn in it will save you big bucks which means? It’s one of my favorite money saving books! I love how the author takes the time to really explain things and doesn’t rush through each section making this my #1 go to book for recipes and things when I’m looking to add more products to the list of things we stopped buying and make at home, when I’m working on my garden to save money, or really on any topic that isn’t mainstream and “easy.” Homesteading is usually a pretty cheap lifestyle to live so by putting the practices in this book into play? You’ll save.



Smart Couples Finish Rich

Another book by David Bach, this one is targeted to couples instead of just women. It’s filled with great tips that couples can do together to not just save money but to build wealth as well. The really great part about his books is that they are written in a way that doesn’t matter when you get started. Even if you’re late starting, you can still learn and grow with his tips.

The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

 If you’ve ever read her blog, you’ll know that Crystal Paine knows what she’s talking about and gives out great budget advice. Here, The Money Saving Mom, gives you tips, tricks and advice on how to cut your budget, get out of debt and save yourself thousands every year. Make sure that you add it to the list of money saving books that you will be reading this year.



Smart Money Smart Kids


Another Dave Ramsey book and co-written with his daughter, Rachel Cruze, Smart Money Smart Kids is geared toward parents who want to teach their children how to be financially smart from the beginning. It has become one of my favorite money saving books period since it’s easy to use methods have helped me to teach my Emma very quickly. As a result? She understands the value of working to get what you want and that money (and budgets) have to be nurtured to ensure financial security.



All in Good Time

All in Good Time, written partially by Tara from Deal Seeking Mom is another of these great money saving books to have on your tablet or bookshelf! The authors walk you through the best time to do everything from flipping your mattress to visiting the dentist, all while teaching you how to cut your grocery bills and save money.


  1. I love Dave Ramsey’s books, anyone who hasn’t read The Total Money Makeover must read it now. Even better, listen to his podcast, it is so inspirational, he will kick you in the butt!

  2. Stacy, thanks so much for referring your readers to our book, America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money.

    We have 2 other books your readers may like, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and The MoneySmart Family System; Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age. More info can Be found at MoneySmartFamily.com.

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