DIY Teal Ombre Flower Pot {DIY Ombre Home Decor Ideas}

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We all love having a home that reflects not only our personality, but how hard we have worked to have nice things, our family and more, but honestly? Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars for the products needed to do that? Home decor items are so expensive sometimes! DIY home decor on the other hand doesn’t have to be. In fact, some of the best DIY home decor ideas are the cheapest! This ombre flower pot is one of my favorite ideas for cheap home decor. It looks amazing in any home with a succulent planted in it!

Ombre DIY Home Decor -Looking for cheap DIY home decor? This Ombre flower pot is perfect for anyone looking for DIY home decor ideas! Easy and cheap to make and looks amazing in any room!

I love teal and in fact, my home office and kitchen have a teal and white decor motif. It’s such a bright color and looks amazing with so many different DIY home decor ideas! Add an ombre paint job to it and you’ve got a cheap diy home decor idea that is one of my favorites! It looks amazing with a succulent planted inside of it sitting on a bookshelf or in a window sill. It would be great if you have a kitchen herb garden too. My Emma even has pink and purple versions of this ombre pot in her room! The painting is so easy that she did it herself!

Cheap DIY Home Decor – Teal Ombre Flower Pot

You can do this DIY home decor project with any size terra cotta pot, however for the sake of this post, we used a 6.3″ pot. I absolutely adore using terra cotta pots for cheap DIY home decor ideas because they are actually incredibly versitile! That is what we used in our Patriotic flower pot and they both look amazing at the end! Succulents are one of the best cheap DIY home decor ideas out there so if you want to plant one, you’ll just need to pick up a succulent plant and some succulent/cactus potting soil. Once the paint on your ombre pot has dried, plant soil then dig a hole into it to re-plant your plant. Top off with a bit more soil and some light watering and you’re good to go! They need very little watering so they’re perfect for those of us who want to just “set it and forget it!”


Supplies needed for a DIY Ombre Flower Pot


To start, you’ll need to create the colors for the ombre color scheme. On the paper plate, make 6 pools of paint using the guide below.

Pool #1 – White only
Pool #2 – Teal only
Pool #3 – 1 part teal, 2 parts white
Pool #4 – 1 part teal, 3 parts white
Pool #5 – 1 part teal, 4 parts white
Pool #6 – 1 part teal, 5 parts white


Mix the teal and white for each pool together to create the separate colors you’ll need for your ombre colors. Be careful not to mix them together with the other piles since that can throw your colors off. Starting at the top of your terra cotta pot, paint the first 1/6th of the pot white.


Now paint the next 1/6th space with the lightest teal color that you have. This would be the one with 1 part teal and 5 parts white.


Continue down your pot in 1/6th increments using a darker color each time. You should finish the final 1/6th area with the “pure” teal color. Let your pot dry then repeat with a second coat to get a good color coat. It doesn’t matter if your colors overlap a bit. That’s what gives it the awesome ombre look that it has.


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