10 Sites for BIG Christmas Savings!

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Christmas is my favorite time of year but at the same time? I almost hate it. I love to give my friends and family awesome gifts, but I really, REALLY hate all of the planning that requires in order to stay in my budget and afford those awesome gifts that they love so much. Seriously. I work on Christmas all year long because I love to give awesome gifts so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that over the years?  I have gotten very, VERY good at getting things cheap or even free! I’ve mentioned a few ways that I do that here on the blog before, but I figured since this will be our 5th Christmas together that its time to lay it all out for you and give you a sneak peek into the site I use to score really big savings on gifts that I give. Keep reading for my 10 sites for BIG Christmas savings.


Christmas budget nonexistent? That's okay! These 10 sites for BIG Christmas savings will help you find awesome gifts while staying well within your budget!



10 Sites for BIG Christmas Savings

Really. I start looking for deals for Christmas around the first week of January. I take off the last week of December because come on, no one wants to go right from one thing into another version of that same thing. First of the year though and I’m back to keeping my eyes open for deals and potential gifts. I generally keep the same dollar amount on my Christmas budget every year so that I know where I’m aiming for dollar wise. This means that I can focus only on the savings and not have to worry too much about busting my budget. Doing things this way has helped me through the last 6 Christmases including the ones I spent as a single mom.



If you’re not signed up for Ebates, stop what you’re doing right now and head over to sign up. Ebates is the cash back sites of cash back sites. Everytime you shop through Ebates, you’ll earn between 1 and 10% cash back on your purchase! Now I’m not sure of a greater way to save than to basically be paid to shop! If you’re already a member and you’re not using it, consider starting! If you’re a new member and you use THIS link to sign up and you’ll score a FREE $10.00 gift card with your first $25.00 purchase (on top of the cash back you earn!)


TCB is another awesome cash back site. They pay by Paypal or Amazon Gift Card. Yes, I use both. The reason for that is because sometimes one will have a higher cash back rate than the other. So when I’m ready to shop, I will take a look at both of them and see who is going to pay ME more of my money back. Whichever one it is, I’ll shop through. You can sign up HERE to check this one out.

Shop Your Way Rewards

A lot of the deals we see this time of year are from Sears and Kmart. Why not get rewarded for buying? They have an awesome program called Shop Your Way Rewards that gives you points back whenever you purchase online OR in store (be sure to set your pin for shopping in store). The points that you earn work like RR’s do at Walgreens. They’re good for $$ off of your next order! Even better is that when you sign up using THIS link, you’ll automatically make ME your personal shopper meaning that I can send you coupons, free points and more! I love to use this program because it lets me continue to save on gift after gift, even if it isn’t bought for Christmas.


Swagbucks If you’re not a member of Swagbucks, you’re missing out on so much. It’s such an easy site to work each day and I do most of it from my phone! This site actually helps me to earn me hundreds each month because I’ve got a pattern down on how I work it! It is probably my #1 favorite site for earning free gift cards! I use it to get Amazon and Walmart gift cards as well as the occasional Paypal payment.

ThredUp When I want to buy my daughter clothes for Christmas or grab a nice handbag for my Mother in Law, I head right to ThredUp. I am able to grab Emma new with tags clothing, shoes and accessories or grab a NWT designer handbag for my mother in law for WAY less than what I would pay retail. The items are super nice and I love that I paid so much less. If you’re already a member, you know what I’m talking about. It is a great way to save big on gifts for any occasion really. Plus if you sign up with THIS LINK they will give you a FREE $20.00 credit to make your first purchase with.

ShopKick – Shopkick is another app for my phone that earns me free gift cards, usually Walmart or Target, but I have gotten Best Buy and Toys R Us before as well. You will earn “kicks” for walking into certain stores and can earn even more just for scanning bar codes while you’re there!


Okay so I am a serious Groupon addict. I LOVE some of the deals I’ve been able to score! Its a great site to score things like horseback riding lessons (actually what we got Emma for her last birthday) and more for cheap! Not to mention that the Goods section rocks out!


Superpoints is one of my daily sites. You will earn points to score free Amazon or Target cards as well as actual prizes. I recently got an iPod for my Emma totally free because of this site.

InstaGC This is probably one of my top 3 favorite sites. You’ll earn points in exchange for completing tasks, surveys, offers and more. Those points then become gift cards and they have a HUGE selection to choose from! Once you cash a gift card out, you will instantly receive it!  I use this to get Amazon, Walmart or other gift cards that I can use for gifts and sometimes I just cash out for a direct deposit or Paypal payment. I really just depends on my mood.

Zulily –

Most of us already know, but Zulily is an awesome way to score savings of 50% or more on Christmas gifts for kids, women or home. It is a daily deal site so most of the sales end within a day or two but you can save big by paying attention. I have gotten Emma gifts from companies like American Girl and Disney much cheaper than anywhere else just by surfing the deals.


So there’s my list. Do you have any sites that you use that I don’t? I’d love to hear what they are! I’m always looking to save even more!

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