Slow Cooker Sausage, Green Beans & Potato Dinner

Warm, Filling and Super Easy, this slow cooker sausage, green beans & potato dinner recipe is perfect for those nights when you just need easy!
Author Stacy Barr


  • 1- pound package of smoked sausage or Kielbasa sausage
  • 1 ½ pounds of fresh green beans or 4 cans
  • 5-6 potatoes you can use any type of potato – new potatoes are especially good!
  • 1 tablespoon of seasoned salt
  • 1 – 1 ½ cups of chicken broth
  • Pepper to taste


  • To start, wash the potatoes and green beans then chop them and the sausage into bite size pieces. I really like easy so I don’t bother to peel my potatoes, but it’s personal choice. Peel yours if you’d like.
  • Toss it all into your slow cooker then pour the chicken broth over it all.
  • Season with the Seasoned Salt and pepper and cook on low for 8-10 hours.
  • Serve with crusty bread and enjoy!