DIY Pokemon Storage Bag

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Do you have a Pokemon fan at home? I do and honestly? I get so sick of seeing Pokemon cards and other toys just lying around all of the time. Pokemon toys are about as painful as Legos are when left all over the floor and your foot finds one before your eye does. Trust me on that one and honestly? I am tired of my feet finding them versus my eyes. My solution? A fantastic sewing project for beginners and this DIY Pokemon Storage Bag!

Tired of your kids Pokemon toys and cards lying around? Make them this super easy DIY Pokemon Storage bag! It's great for small toys, cards and more! Plus? It makes an amazing homemade gift idea!

These are really loved by every kid that I’ve ever seen carry one. Once they have the finished product in their hands they can use it everyday and show it off to everyone! Your kids will be so proud of their sewing project they may even tote it around everywhere they go. It will give them something to brag about and be excited over. The DIY Pokemon storage bag can also be an array of other characters. If you have a Batman, Spiderman, Frozen, or Star Wars fan use the fabric of your choice to customize your bag.

Sewing for Beginners – DIY Pokemon Storage Bag

It makes a great gift too! Just make the bag with the fabric of your choice then fill with little toys, coloring books, crayons and more to gift it to your favorite kids! You may wind up getting lucky and end up finding many of the materials needed to create this sewing project at thrift stores, online yard sale pages on facebook or local yard sales in your area. This really is a beginners sewing project and is every bit as easy to make as our DIY Kitchen Towel.

You will need:


To start, fold your Pokémon fabric in half then cut and measure a 9″ x 11″ rectangle for each bag that you’re making. Yes, I used a regular measuring tape. I couldn’t find my fabric measuring tape.


Turn the fabric “inside out” and fold the two ends together, making sure that the print side of your fabric is on the inside. Pin them together then sew the sides and bottom 1/2″ from the end. Leave the top of your bag open.


Press the seam sides open then roll down the top of your bag 1″. Do this twice. Yes, you could do a 2″ roll but the shoelace that we will be adding in a bit will hold better with two 1″ rolls. Using the sewing pins, pin the top of the roll down.


Now, sew a seam twice around the top of your DIY Pokemon storage bag making sure to leave a 1/2″ opening at the top for the shoelace.


Attach a safety pin to the end of the shoelace then thread it through the top of the 1/2″ opening that you left on the top of your bag. Pull it through and straighten things up so that it is equal on both sides of the bag.

Attach the black toggle to the shoelace, tie the ends together then turn your DIY Pokemon bag right side out. Fill with your favorite Pokemon toys, Pokemon cards and more!


See? Beginner sewing projects really don’t get much easier than that!


Looking for a quick sewing project for beginners? This DIY Pokemon Storage bag is perfect! Sewing for beginners has never been this easy!

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