Easy DIY Kitchen Towel

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It’s pretty common knowledge around here that I have a huge addiction to upcycling things. It’s a fantastic way to save money and as I’ve said before? I work hard for my money, I work hard to make it grow and I like to keep as much of it as possible. We upcycle old sheets, we upcycle old towels, we upcycle old milk jugs. Heck, I even find new uses for tea bags and cereal bagsToday? We’re upcycling pot holders! This easy diy kitchen towel is so much fun and may be my favorite thing that we’ve made in a while. It turned out super cute!

Grab your needle and thread and an old potholder! Make this Easy DIY Kitchen Towel in minutes! It's my new favorite upcycled project! These make a great gift too! You could even sell them to earn extra money!

This easy DIY kitchen towel project uses a potholder, kitchen towel and only takes a few minutes to make. They are great for keeping around your own home, great for selling at flea markets or on sites like Etsy and they make amazing gifts too! I would totally add these to a gift basket for college students or a gift basket for newlyweds. I think this might actually be my new favorite way to upcycle fabric aside from my DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf. I really and truly love that one.

Easy Upcycled Kitchen Towel

When you make these, you can use either new products and I would recommend that if you’re giving it as a gift or selling the finished product or if you’re going to use them only in your own home, you can upcycle. Either way, these turn out super cute. This tutorial will let you make 2 of these super easy DIY kitchen towels. This sewing project is incredibly easy so if you’re looking for an awesome beginner sewing project, this is it! My Emma saw them the other day and can’t wait to get started on hers!


Supplies needed to make an upcycled kitchen towel


To start, unfold your towel then fold again width wise. Use the sewing scissors to cut it in half width wise. Set one piece aside for making your second kitchen towel.


Once your towel is cut, fold the sides into the center like shown and pin in place across the top. Then, using your sewing machine, sew it in place where the three parts meet.


Next, turn your towel right side out and turning your pot holder so that it makes a diamond shape on the towel,  pin the center of your potholder to the top of the towel. You’re looking to pin it about mid-way down the towel. Sew the potholder to the towel.

Fold your pot holder in half and by hand, sew the button onto the side that does not have the loop on it. Hang it on your stove and secure the button to hold. Repeat for the second DIY kitchen towel.

See? Incredibly easy and even a beginner can do it!

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