45 Places to Buy Homeschool Curriculum and School Supplies Without Going Broke

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As a homeschool mom, you want your children to be using the absolute best homeschool curriculum that you can find for them. For me, this meant hours and weeks of searching and I’m sure that you’re no different. Not only that, but we tried and tested a lot of different things. Some partially worked, but others flat out didn’t work. Simply put, finding a homeschool curriculum that works for you and your family can be hard! If you’re having the same issue, you might be wondering where all of the different places to buy homeschool curriculum are since there seems to only be a few that are mentioned in homeschooling groups.

Where to Buy Homeschool Curriculum & Supplies - Tired of trying to find the best homeschool curriculum for your kids? These 45 places to buy homeschool curriculum can help! We even included places to buy school supplies without going broke too!

Some of the places to buy homeschool curriculum below are great for online homeschool curriculum while others will be better for printed curriculum. Some are secular homeschool curriculum while others are faith based. Finally, some of them are for saving money on school supplies and homeschool supplements. Homeschooling can be expensive so learning how to homeschool on a budget and where you can save money on homeschool supplies is so incredibly important for a homeschool family. Once you’re finished with this list of places to buy homeschool curriculum, be sure to check out my huge list of places to find free homeschool curriculum and homeschool freebies. There is curriculum and other options on it too; and they’re all free!

Places to Buy Homeschool Curriculum

If you are having trouble paying for your homeschool curriculum, one of the things that I like to do is earn free gift cards online. Doing this allows me to cash out for a gift card or cash that I can then use to pay for my Emma’s homeschool stuff. It may seem silly, but for a family who needs the extra help, it can go a very, very long way. The list below isn’t in any particular order. I added them as I found them so make sure that you scroll all the way through. You’ll find places that can help with preschool curriculum all the way up to high school.

Finally, if you’re doing shopping for supplements and materials, consider taking the time to sign up for an Ebates account. Ebates is a cash back shopping site which means that when you shop at eligible stores, they’ll pay you a portion of your purchase back in cash. Once a quarter they send you your check for all of the cash back you’ve earned! Plus, when you sign up for an Ebates account, they’ll give you a FREE $10.00 gift card to Walmart with your first qualifying purchase!

ABC Mouse – 

ABCMouse is an online, secular homeschool curriculum for preschool to grade 2. It’s filled with games that make learning fun and other activities that your kids will adore! Plus when you sign up for an ABC Mouse account, you’ll get your first 30 days free!

Thriftbooks – 

I have a serious addiction to reading material for my daughter and when I shop through Thriftbooks, I can feed that addiction for cheap! With deals and coupons that make books less than $4.00 each, it is one of my favorite places to shop! The best thing about Thriftbooks is that I have been able to find books for my daughter that were on my list and unavailable anywhere else. This makes them invaluable to me as a homeschool mom.

Homeschool Buyers Co-Op – 

One of the best ways to save money on homeschool curriculum is by going in with other homeschool parents on a curriculum buy. Homeschool Buyers Co-Op does just that. They place large orders and when you order with them, you save considerably. The curriculum they buy varies so you’ll want to pay attention so that you don’t miss a buy you’re interested in. Plus when you sign up for a Homeschool buyers co-op account (it’s free!) you’ll also get access to their nifty rewards program and their free homeschool student and teacher ID cards.


It may be common sense, but Amazon is a fantastic place to pick up homeschool curriculum and homeschool supplements. They really do sell pretty much everything you could want which makes it easy to buy things in one fell swoop. Just be sure that you’re an Amazon Prime member before you shop. There’s no reason to pay for shipping if you don’t have to. If you’ve never been an Amazon Prime member, you can get a free 30-day trial to Amazon Prime to help you out. Don’t forget to download the free Kindle Reading app and that you can score a free 30 day trial to Kindle Unlimited – read all the books you want for free! – too so you can read all of those books you buy without needing to buy a Kindle!

Amazon Instant Video – 

Another great way Amazon is a huge help to homeschoolers is with Amazon Instant Video. You can find documentaries, educational cartoons and more that will all help you buy homeschool curriculum. Plus, with Amazon Channels, you can subscribe to specific channels such as The Great Courses for very little each month. Plus they have a free 7-day trial to Amazon Channels for most of them to help you decide whether they’re right for you to keep or not.

ChristianBook – 

If you use a faith based curriculum, check out ChristianBook.com. Emma currently uses Monarch from AOP but when she used ACE, I always made sure to order from ChristianBook. Not only are the prices on a lot of their items cheaper than going through the publisher, but they’re tiered shipping rates really made it worthwhile. Plus, I can vouch that their customer service is amazing. I once forgot to add something to an order, called in and in less than 90 seconds, it was taken care of.


Educents is one of the best homeschool marketplaces out there and one of my favorite places to buy homeschool curriculum. When you shop at Educents, you’re saving as much as 90% off retail prices for homeschool printables, books, whole curriculum and even educational toys and games! When I need a printable or something to supplement a lesson, Educents is one of the first places I check.

Alpha Omega Publications – 

If you use a faith based curriculum, Alpha Omega Publications – otherwise known as AOP – is a fantastic option when you’re looking to buy homeschool curriculum! You’ll be able to choose from several different curriculum styles such as Switched on Schoolhouse, MonarchLifePac and more. Not only do they have great curriculum options, but often you can shop Alpha Omega Publications during their seasonal sales and throughout the year to save quite a bit of money! My daughter Emma uses the AOP Monarch Curriculum for her own homeschool and we couldn’t be happier!

Etsy –

When you think of places to buy homeschooling resources, you may not think of Etsy right off the bat, but it can be a HUGE help! You can find printable homeschool unit studies, homeschool planners, homeschool planner stickers and more! Usually these printables are very affordable too making them easy on your budget!

Currclick –

Currclick is another homeschool marketplace that is like Educents. You’ll find printables and curriculum options. The difference between the two is that Currclick offers live homeschool classes and online “clubs” too. When you shop through Currclick, you’ll be able to automatically download most of your purchases unless you’ve signed up for a live class.

Usborne Books – 

I absolutely adore Usborne Books and once you check them out, you’ll understand why. They’re fantastic for homeschoolers! Between the fiction options, the nonfiction options and the numerous encyclopedia editions that are available, they’re great for supplementing your homeschool curriculum with! Add in the internet linked volumes and you’ve got a fantastic resource! When you shop at Usborne Books, make sure to check out the clearance section too. I’ve found some of my Emma’s favorite books on clearance!

Scholastic Store – 

Scholastic has long been known for fantastic kids books, learning resources and more which means that shopping the Scholastic Store can be a huge resource for a parent looking to buy homeschool curriculum. In addition to books, you can find homeschool printables and so much more! When you shop at the Scholastic Teacher Store, you can use coupon code NEW10 to save 10% if you’re a new customer.

Time4Learning.com – 

If you’re looking for an online secular homeschool curriculum, Time 4 Learning is an online option that may be right for your family. Keep in mind that it is very close to common core, so if you’re trying to stay away from CC, you’ll want to do your due diligence on research. We used it for Emma for a while, but made the switch to Monarch when Emma felt as if she wasn’t really learning anything.

All in One Homeschool –

For those that are looking for a free homeschool curriculum, All in One Homeschool, also known as Easy Peasy Homeschool, is one you’ll want to checkout. I will confess that I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard great things! It is religious based, but from the little I’ve seen, it is very comprehensive.


If you have an older homeschool child, HippoCampus is a fantastic resource that includes subjects such as Algebra, Biology and more! Better yet? It’s free! We use the math videos a lot to help supplement what Monarch is already teaching Emma. To use it, simply visit the HippoCampus website and select your subject. It’s that easy!

Homeschool books for Less –

Another great place to buy homeschool curriculum is Homeschool Books for Less. The majority of their items for sale are faith based, but you can find curriculum and reading supplements for a great price. You can also consign your older items too if you have any that you need to get rid of. They pay 50% of the sale price back to you as long as you agree to leave your books on consignment for a least a year to ensure that they will sell.

Facebook –

Facebook is great for more than just scrolling your newsfeed aimlessly. The sheer number of buy/sell/trade groups that Facebook offers makes it a fantastic place to buy homeschool curriculum. with just a quick search, you can find groups for books, groups for curriculum, groups for printables and so much more. Make sure when you’re using these groups that you only pay by local pickup – and be extra safe if you’re doing local – or that you pay by Paypal so that you’re protected if an item doesn’t get shipped.

Craigslist –

Craigslist is also one of my favorite places to buy homeschool curriculum and supplements. You’ll want to make sure you know how to get a good deal on Craigslist before you shop and that you take all safety precautions that you can. Finally, make sure that you meet in a safe place with lots of lighting so that you lessen the likelihood that something bad will happen.

Teachers Pay Teachers –

If you want homeschool units that are created by teachers, you’ll want to check out Teachers Pay Teachers. You will find everything from printable unit studies to single page puzzles and more. The best part is that they’re all usually really affordable.

Homeschool Conventions – 

If you’ve never attended a homeschool convention, you should! Not only do you get to meet other awesome homeschoolers, but you’ll also get a chance to put your hands on many different curriculum styles. Being able to look at them hands on can help you narrow down the decision if you’re having trouble choosing between curriculum options. Plus, when you attend a homeschool convention, you’re often given exclusive discounts available to convention goers only.

Garage Sales – 

I adore garage sale shopping for things we need around our home, but especially for homeschool curriculum, supplements and other awesome things to help my daughter learn. They’re a fantastic place to buy homeschool curriculum without spending money which is always a win for me. Before you shop, make sure that you’ve taken the time to learn a few garage sale shopping tips and that you keep an eye out for any other garage sale items to watch for. You never know what you’ll find!

Thrift Stores –

Thrift stores, like garage sale, are a fantastic place to buy homeschool curriculum or supplements. I’ve been able to find entire workbooks that were never written in, textbooks, educational games and more. You’ll want to know a few thrift store shopping tips before you go and to have a general idea of what you’re looking for so that you don’t go broke. Don’t forget to look for reading books and educational movies while you’re there too since thrift stores are full of them.

Discovery Toys – 

If you’re looking for a few educational toys, you can’t go wrong when you shop at Discovery Toys. Not only will you find educational toys, but they have craft kits, science kits and more!

ABC Home Preschool – 

If you’re homeschooling preschool, you’ll want to check out ABC Preschool. They have curriculum options for ages 2-6 including workbooks, software, CD options  and more. When you shop through ABC Home Preschool, make sure to check out their sale items. They often have things priced really well.

NEST Learning – 

When I was a kid, I loved watching the Bible Story videos from NEST Entertainment. In fact, I can still sing a few of the songs from those videos. Now, when I’m looking for a religious based item for our homeschool curriculum, I head over to shop at NEST Learning. Watch for their sales and you’ll likely be able to pick up a killer deal.

Discount School Supply – 

School supplies can be expensive if you didn’t get stocked up during the back to school sales. When you shop at Discount School Supply, you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money on them if you have to buy throughout the year. I love to use them for things like homeschool classroom organization supplies and STEM manipulatives to supplement Emma’s lessons. Keep an eye out too because they often put out very high value coupons to help you save even more.

HP Instant Ink – 

One of the single most expensive cost for someone who is trying to homeschool on a budget can be a printer and printer ink. For me, the best way to save money on printer ink is to sign up for an HP Instant Ink account. You will need an Instant Ink compatible printer, but in my experience it is well worth the cost since the printers are pretty affordable. I have an HP Envy 7640 and absolutely adore it. The HP Instant Ink program can save you as much as 50% on ink. They have packages that start at $2.99/mo and go up to $9.99/mo. When you ink is low, they automatically mail it at no extra cost to you! Plus, when you sign up for an HP Instant Ink account using my link, you’ll score 1 month totally free (and so will I!)

Groupon – 

Groupon might not seem like it’s for homeschooling, but it is! Shop at Groupon to get fantastic discounts on homeschool field trips, lessons such as music lessons and other classes. We use Groupon a lot. That’s how my Emma is taking voice lessons and fencing lessons!

Lesson Planet – 

Another great resources for printable homeschool worksheets is Lesson Planet. The price is extremely affordable – just $36.00 per year! The worksheets are all created by teachers and are fantastic! I’ve used them before to help supplement Emma in math when she has had issues. Plus when you sign up for Lesson Planet, you’ll score a FREE 30 day trial!

Kahn Academy –

Kahn Academy is a totally free resource that includes videos on science, math and more. These videos help explain areas that your child might have an issue with in very simple terms. Even though they’re free, they’re totally worth taking a look at.

Little Loving Hands –

If you have little ones who love receiving mail, then you’ll want to head over and sign up for Little Loving Hands. Each month they’ll receive a craft kit in the mail that you can then sit down and do with them! These kits are fantastic for teaching colors, shapes and for helping with fine motor skills.

Udemy –

One of my favorite places to take courses for myself and to find quirky ones for Emma is Udemy. These course are taught by people just like you and me who have a skill in whatever particular area they’re teaching. One of my favorite reasons to buy educational courses at Udemy is because they run sales all the time! In fact, I just bought a business course a few days ago for only $10!

Half Priced Books –

Did you know that Half Priced Books has an entire homeschool section? If not, you have seriously been missing out! Not only can you find homeschool curriculum, but you’ll also find supplements, manipulatives, DVD’s, CD’s and more! Plus, Half Priced Books also allows homeschool parents to sign up for their teacher discount card which means you’ll save even more money!

Crayola.com –

We’re all familiar with Crayola, but did you know that you can buy direct from the Crayola website? When you shop on the Crayola website, you can buy every thing y our homeschooler will need for art class in one shot. Not only that, but they also offer free printable color pages and more!

DiscountMags – 

If you use magazines in your homeschool, make sure to check out DiscountMags. You can score deals on magazines like Nat Geo Kids or the American Girl magazine. Why pay full price for something when you can save money?

World Books Store –

The same World Book that put out those books you remember from our childhood now allow you to shop online at The World Book Store. You can buy encyclopedia sets, digital products and more. They even have a few free homeschooling resources for you to use too!

ZooBooks –

I know I mentioned magazines earlier, but I wanted to point out ZooBooks specifically so that you don’t overlooking them when you go to buy homeschool curriculum. When you subscribe to Zoobooks for your kids, they will learn from the very first issue. These are fantastic to use as a supplement for a unit study on the animals that are featured in them. Plus, they sometimes come with pull-out posters that are great for decorating your homeschool room with!

LetGo App – 

One of my favorite buy/sell apps for local buying is the LetGo App. People post what they are getting rid of and others buy it! Not only do I buy homeschool curriculum from LetGo, but I’ve also sold quite a bit of things on there too! In fact, it’s my go to for selling anything locally. You can download the app from the Apple store or Google Play.

Study Island –

If your kids love tablet time, you’ll want to sign up for Study Island. They can play games, earn coins, earn badges and more while they’re playing educational games and learning! They cover math, science, social studies and language arts for grades K-12. Plus it’s very affordable at only $15.00/mo for 1 student to study all subjects. When you sign up for Study Island, you’ll be given a free 10 day trial to test things out.

Learning Resources

Another educational toy store, shopping at Learning Resources is great for teaching kids through play. These toys aren’t like the normal ones. Instead, you’ll find things like pretend cash registers, pretend checkbooks and more! They have toys for kids of all ages, toys for special needs children and even teacher resources which makes it a great homeschooling resource for any parent!

PBS Store

We all know how educational PBS is so it only makes sense that shopping at the PBS store is one of my favorite places to buy homeschool curriculum. You can buy educational DVD’s and much more to use as supplements in your homeschool.

Netflix and Hulu- 

Netflix and Hulu are both awesome for homeschooling simply because of the sheer amount of educational material they have! Don’t forget it when you’re looking for resources. If you want to save on the cost of it, you can check out how I get Netflix and Hulu free every month.

Hooked on Phonics –

Yes, this “old” program is still around and teaching kids today! If your kids need help learning to read, Hooked on Phonics is a great way to help them. Plus when you sign up for Hooked on Phonics, you’ll score a free 30 day trial so that you can make sure it will work well for your kids!

The Great Courses –

If you have high school students that you homeschool, be sure to check out The Great Courses. Each course is a video lecture series that is very indepth. There are a ton of different topics which makes it fantastic for high school juniors or seniors. If you don’t want to buy access directly, Amazon will give you a free 7-Day trial to The Great Courses however you will not receive access to all of the courses that are available. It’s great for testing though to see if they’ll work for you and your family!

Zulily –

Finally, Zulily is another that might not seem like it would be great for homeschool material, but it can be! Toys, books and more are often put on sale at a discount so stocking up is easy! When you sign up for  Zulily account and do your shopping, you’ll save as much as 70% off retail prices! As a “cheap” homeschool mom, I love being able to save that much money!



While this isn’t a homeschool curriculum, I also wanted to mention the National Home School Association. They put out a homeschool newsletter, have opportunities for students and moe. It was one of the first organizations we joined when we began homeschooling and I highly recommend it! When you sign up for the National Home School Association, you’ll get access to the resources and freebies that they offer their members.

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  1. Heather McEnnerney says

    This is an excellent list! Might I add Paperbackswap.com. It’s a website where you can post any books that you no longer need and get credits whenever someone requests one of your books and you ship it. You only pay to ship the books. I’ve found tons of homeschool curriculum on here: Singapore Math, Life of Fred, Explode the Code, and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons just to name a few.

  2. I didn’t see eBay mentioned. You can find really great deals buying from other homeschool parents through eBay.

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