Homemade Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal Recipe

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`I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day and usually it’s because bacon. I absolutely adore bacon which is why my favorite recipe is my bacon, egg and cheese breakfast casserole recipeSometimes though, I don’t necessarily want to spend an hour waiting on breakfast so on those mornings, I opt for easy breakfast recipes instead. Like this homemade strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe. It’s super simple to make, is an extremely budget friendly recipe and is delicious enough the whole family will love it!

Strawberry & Cream Oatmeal - Looking for a new and cheap breakfast recipe? These strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe is just what you need! It's super easy to make, easy on your budget and tastes amazing!

Oatmeal is extremely healthy for you and your family too which makes this an even more attractive recipe. It’s packed full of fiber and since most of us are drastically lacking in how much fiber we get, it’s worth making to see if your family loves it as much as we do! Plus, like I said earlier, it is extremely budget friendly. You can make a big batch that will feed your entire family multiple times for less than $6.00 usually. It works out to something around $0.30 per serving if you do make it in bulk and add the strawberries later. When I started looking at things I could stop buying and make homemade, instant oatmeal was one of the first things on the list.

Homemade Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal Recipe

When you make this strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe, you can use fresh strawberries, frozen strawberries or even freeze dried strawberriesThat is one of the reasons I love this recipe. It’s extremely versatile! You could also use fresh, frozen or freeze dried peaches too although keep in mind that if you make the change to peaches, the amounts may need to be adjusted a bit to fit the change.


You Will Need:


To prep, chop or slice your strawberries into sizes of your choosing. If you’re using frozen strawberries, thaw them completely. For freeze dried strawberries, go ahead and re-hydrate them so they’re ready.

Add all of the ingredients to a medium stockpot and heat it on medium heat. Make sure to stir well with a sturdy spoon to get the ingredients mixed well. I tend to use a wooden spoon to stir so I don’t have to worry about a plastic one not being able to stir the ingredients fully.

Continue to cook over medium heat until the berries start to break down. Stir it often to make sure that the coffee creamer has been mixed in really well and to help mash up the berries a bit more. Breaking up or mashing the berries gives this strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe a much better consistency and helps to make it a bit smoother.

Once the strawberries and oats have broken down a bit, heat it all to your desired temp. Serve warm and garnish with more strawberries, granola or even whipped cream for a super fun twist!


If you would want to, this strawberries and cream oatmeal recipe can be made somewhat ahead of time and kept until later. To do so, mix only the dry ingredients together and store in an air tight food storage container. When you’re ready to make it, measure out 3-4 cups of dry ingredients and add the strawberries and water called for in the original recipe.



  1. Laura Strnad says

    I love this recipe! It is more budget-friendly than the one we usually make. We make one from Eating Well that has walnuts and maple syrup in. Instead of maple syrup, we use agave nectar. It is very good because it has bananas in.

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