DIY Carrot Tree Easter Centerpiece Idea

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Does your family gather around your table for Easter dinner? Ours does and every year, we get together to make a DIY Easter centerpiece. This DIY Carrot Easter Tree is one of our favorites! Yes, I said an Easter Tree. We all have Christmas trees so why not an Easter tree? This Easter centerpiece idea is super simple to make too making it a great kids Easter craft idea!

Simple DIY Easter Centerpiece Idea - Looking for an easy Easter centerpiece? Make this DIY Easter Tree! It's the perfect kids Easter craft for a spring day!

Sometimes the best home decor is the simplest and that couldn’t be more true than it is for this carrot tree. Your kids will have so much fun helping you create it, but they will love seeing it as your Easter centerpiece even more! It’s certain to add a special touch to your Easter dinner table. If you’re looking for a kids Easter craft to make with your youth group or play group, this is it! It would be simple to let the kids do this Easter craft while the moms work on something such as our DIY Bunny Decor Easter Decoration or our Tissue Paper Spring Floral Wreath!

DIY Carrot Tree Easter Centerpiece Idea

When you make this homemade Easter centerpiece, you can choose to use small chocolate eggs for the “ornaments” that hang on your Easter tree or you can use plastic. We wanted something that fit with the whole Easter candy theme so we used candy for the ornaments and garland.

Please keep in mind that once your Easter tree is completed, the candy will not be edible. 

Supplies needed for 1 Carrot Tree Easter Centerpiece

How to Make an Easter Tree Easter Centerpiece



To start your homemade Easter centerpiece, paint the Styrofoam cone orange. Because of the texture the cone has, it won’t paint smooth. I actually like this effect since it mimics tree bark more so than a smoother surface would. Allow the cone to dry fully then wrap orange yarn around it to add more texture. Secure the yarn near the pointed end of the cone with a dab of hot glue.


While the cone dries, take 16-20 green pipe cleaners and bind them together at the base. You may use whatever you have on hand to group them together. Next, take 2 strands and wind them togehter. Once they’re wound, repeat it with a third and even a fourth strand to create a single branch. Repeat the process with the remaining pipe cleaners.

If you are hanging ornaments on your DIY Easter centerpiece, make certain you use at least 2 pipe cleaners for each branch. As I suggested above, 3 or 4 is best. Once you have the branches made, wrap each one with green scrubby yarn to give it a more textured and a leaf like appearance for your carrot top.


Once the scrubby yarn is attached, glue several toothpicks to the base of your carrot top like shown in the photo above. Allow the glue to dry then attach your branches to the widest part of your cone. Secure the carrot top with a few drops of hot glue and allow to dry fully.


As you’re waiting on your carrot top and base to dry, make the ornament string. For the M&M candies, simply glue candies onto green twine or string. Allow them to fully dry before moving them. For the chocolate Easter egg ornaments, simply wrap the string around each egg and secure with a dab of hot glue. Set the ornaments aside until later.


To make the base of your Carrot Tree Easter Centerpiece idea, take the top of a cardboard box. Bankers box tops work fantastic for this. Paint it green in a way that resembles grass. Once that dries, feel free to paint flowers, Easter eggs or whatever else you may want onto your grassy area. Allow the paint to dry fully before moving onto the attachment step.

Once the paint on your box dries, secure the pointed end of the carrot in the center of the box with hot glue. You may also want to use a single toothpick in the center of the cone to give it more stability. Allow it to dry fully before moving on. If you do not, the entire thing may fall.

Once the glue has dried, attach the ornament strings and eggs to the branches. You can either hot glue them on or simply drape or hang them. Add plastic Easter eggs, Easter grass, spring stuffed animals or other Easter/Spring items to your box to finish filling things out.

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