DIY Chalkboard Flower Planter

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I love when an idea is so simple that the idea of bringing that idea to life makes me smile. Over the last year or so, my life has become all about the simple and that has never been more evident than when we started making things homemade versus buying them. Living simply doesn’t mean that we go without, it just means that we use what we have or what we can make. Making our home decor is one of those things that we usually just don’t buy. Instead we make them and usually? It’s an upcycled project and this DIY chalkboard planter is one of my favorites.

It should be obvious by now that I absolutely love upcycling planters and taking a plain terra cotta planter and turning it into something beautiful. We did it with our DIY Stars & Stripes patriotic flower planter and I showed you again with my DIY ombre planter. Sometimes though you just want something that will work for all occasions. That’s where this DIY Chalkboard Planter comes into the picture! Since it’s chalkboard, you can reuse it over and over again for whatever you need!


DIY Chalkboard Herb Planter -Need a simple and easy craft for this weekend? This DIY Chalkboard Planter is super easy and oh so cute! It's perfect for indoor herb gardens or succulents!

We love these for indoor herb gardens but you could use them to plant a succulent or flower too. Really they work amazing for just about anything that needs to be in a pot. They look amazing no matter where you sit them! I have a habit of changing out what cooking herbs I’m growing which makes these my absolute favorite to have in my kitchen garden. If you’re looking for a super cute gift idea, you can make these with mini terra cotta pots and plant a seedling in them. What could be better as a gift than to give someone the gift of beauty or food for their table?

DIY Chalkboard Planter

These are so incredibly easy to make too! You can make them in just a few hours and they’re ready to go! I will never understand why someone would pay for these because they’re so much cheaper and so easy to make at home! Yes, you will pay more out of pocket for the supplies (if you don’t already have them), but over time, the savings will stack up since you can make them in the future instead of buying them. Plus? Who doesn’t love to have chalkboard paint on hand?


You will need:


Start by wiping off your terra cotta pot and allowing it to air dry. This will remove any dust that may be on the outside and help the paint adhere better. Once it’s dry, give your terra cotta pot a good coat of the chalkboard paint. You can use any brand paint that you want, but I prefer Valspar Chalkboard paint. It just seems to coat so much better than some of the other brands I have tried.

Set your planter upright and let it fully dry. It’s fully dry when the paint is no longer tacky.


Once your first coat is dry, repeat with a second coat. Let it dry then add a third coating if needed. The one shown above is three coats. I generally paint a tiny bit inside of the post so that I can test whether the paint is fully dry without ruining the outside of the planter. No one likes finger prints stuck in the paint. If you’re unsure, let it dry 4-6 hours between coats and you should be fine.


Once your final coats are dry, use a piece of white chalk to label your planter and your chalkboard planter is good to go! Plant your favorite flower, succulent or cooking herb and you’re done! See? I told you how incredibly easy they were to do! Why would you pay more for them?



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