No Sew “Bunny Food” Porch Decor

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I have to admit. I love Easter and spring time in general! It’s just such an upbeat time of year! The weather is usually nice, the crafts are pretty and soft and the food that people make? Oh my goodness! Easter dinner is one of my favorite family dinners and no, it isn’t because of the candy…lol. I just love getting the family together with fresh, tasty foods that can not only heal the soul but heal a family as well. When I first saw the idea for this Bunny Food Porch Decor DIY for Easter, I just knew that I had to post it for you all! It’s so simple to make and it can really bring a fun and..dare I say, whimsical look to your front porch! Give it a shot making it and I think you’ll agree!

 Make sure the Easter bunny stops by for a treat with this Easy No Sew Bunny Food Porch Decor craft!



You Will Need: 

  •  1 yard of orange fabric for the carrot. (I scored this in a remnants bin for just a couple dollars, so be sure to check your local hobby stores!)
  • 6-7 dozen plastic Easter eggs
  • 1 Tomato Cone (or plant support cage)
  • 2 Garden stakes
  • Green Flower Support Foams
  • Binding tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Long weeds/ river oats etc. used to paint green for the top  (You can just use long grass from your yard if you can’t find anything else)
  • 1 Can green spray paint
  • Paper to stuff in the carrot (Old Newspapers will work fine)
  • Brown Paper Grocery Bags



Collect your river oats or very long weeds. You’ll want them long because these will be the top of your carrot!





Starting with the river oats (or whatever you have in your own yard), bind the stems with a rubber band about 4 inches up from the bottom.





Paint them green with green spray paint on all sides. Obviously it’s best to do this outside…lol. Set them aside and let them dry.

While the river oats are drying, grab your tomato cone and place your garden stake between the three points at the top and using the binding tape, tape it together tightly. No really, go wild with the tape. You won’t see it when the project is finished and you’ll need it to be secured very well so like I said…go wild!


Lay your orange fabric down on the floor, lay the plant support approximately 10 inches from the top of the fabric  and start wrapping the fabric at the top (wide part) of the carrot. Pull it taut and place hot glue to hold it together.  Continue to do this all the way down the carrot and then cut off any excess. Once you are finished gluing, you should have a nicely bound carrot with about 10 inches of extra fabric at the top. Now, take the balled up newspaper and stuff your carrot. Be sure you add enough to really fill the carrot up. Otherwise you could have a flimsy carrot and who really wants a flimsy carrot?! Next, place your green painted river oats down into the paper until they stand up straight. You can add more paper for support if you need but if you really filled it up like I suggested, you shouldn’t need to. 🙂

I have no pic of this step b/c well…I forgot. *insert sheepish grin here* 

Paint a little sign that says “Bunny Food” on a piece of card board or poster board using acrylic paint and puff paint and allow to dry. Tap it onto your garden stake and set aside for a few.




To make the stand, place a couple green flower foams in the bottom of a 3-5 gallon bucket. Then, using about a yard and half of sheer fabric, sit the bucket in the middle of the fabric and add 6-7 dozen (yes, I said dozen) of the plastic easter eggs around the bucket until the bucket itself is well hidden.




It’s time to attach the carrot! Place your carrot stake into the green flower foam and wrap it pretty well with brown grocery bags. This will give your carrot some extra support and again, keep it from being flimsy. We talked about flimsy carrots earlier. 😉 Now, fill the bucket with more balled up paper to give it a tiny bit more weight to it.





Pull the sheer fabric so taut that the eggs “crawl” up the sides and cover the outside of the bucket. Safety pin the fabric in place so it isn’t all slidely and then cover the entire top with Easter grass to cover it and add a few more plastic Easter eggs to give a splash of color there if you’d like.


That’s it! You’re done! Easy peasy and so very, very cute!


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