12 Essential Oil Gifts for the Essential Oil Lover on Your List

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The holidays are right around the corner which means a lot of shopping for a lot of people. If your friends and family are anything like mine, they can be hard to shop for and essential oil users can be some of the worst! We’re usually pretty stuck on which oils we like, we have certain products we love and most of us? Have a scent or two that we despise and a scent or two that we adore. Buying essential oil gifts can be extremely hard to do! That’s why I wanted to share these essential oil gift ideas with you! You’ll love each and every one and so will the essential oil lovers on your list!

Looking for a few essential oil gift ideas that they'll never forget? These essential oil gifts are the perfect way to make your holiday shopping easy!

These essential oil gift ideas fall into a lot of different categories which means that they’re great for just about anyone who loves to use essential oils. I’ve done my best to keep the prices reasonable for you too! None of us want to buy a Christmas gift that makes us go broke! I’ve also tried to include essential oil gift ideas that would make great stocking stuffers too since those can be hard to find, especially for adults.

Essential Oil Gift Ideas – 12 Essential Oil Gifts for the Essential Oil Lover on Your List

Before you do your shopping, don’t forget to take a look at my favorite ways to save money on Christmas. This is especially important if your family budget is tight for Christmas. It is possible to buy amazing gifts on a budget and I hope that you’ll see that below! Ready? Let’s go!


Plant Therapy Top 32 Essential Oils Set – Plant Therapy essential oils are some of the purest that I have ever had the pleasure of using and I love using them in the things that we stopped buying and make homemade. This essential oil gift set is packed with their most popular essential oils and blends. You’ll find everything from peppermint essential oil to patchouli oil making it the perfect essential oil gift idea for new and seasoned essential oil lovers. On top of the amazing essential oils that are included, your gift set comes packaged with a custom zippered binder complete with shoulder strap. It’s the perfect all in one essential oil gift!



Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Storage Box – Whether your gift recipient is new to essential oils or a seasoned user, they’ll need an awesome place to store all of their essential oil bottles. The Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Storage Box is perfect! With customizable storage slots, it will hold 75 bottles from 5ml to 15ml bottles and 12 rollerball spots. Need to store a spray bottle? No worries! Just move the rollerball spots and you can fit spray bottles!


AromaRain Tree of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet – For the essential oil user who seems to have everything, this essential oil diffuser bracelet makes an amazing gift! It comes with a gift box and several different essential oil pads so that they can change the scent or oil they are wearing each day!


VicTsing 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser – If you’re looking to buy a few essential oil gifts, you can’t go wrong with a diffuser. This essential oil diffuser holds 300ml, 7 adjustable LED light colors and comes very highly rated. The lights can be turned to a steady cycle or changed up to change colors to help provide a calming mood for your gift recipient.


Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club – I absolutely love this essential oil gift idea! If you’re having trouble finding the “right” gift, this one is a great option! Subscribe for your gift recipient then sit back and wait! Depending on how many months you subscribe them to, they’ll receiving the Plant Therapy oil of the month every 30 days! What a great way to remind someone that you love them! A gift from you each and every month throughout the year!


Earth Mama-To-Be Organic Gift Set – Shopping for a mama to be who loves essential oils? She will love this organic gift set with essential oils! It includes a hand to toe wash, a little something for queasy stomachs and more! All filled with natural products that are perfect for an essential oil gift idea! Oh and while you’re at it? Why not pick her up some Preggie Pop Drops to help with upset stomach and slide them into her stocking?


Essential Oil Products from Grove – Would your rather put together your own essential oil gift basket? Head over to Grove Collaborative! With products like Mrs. Meyers candles (infused with essential oils), essential oil based beauty products, organic essential oils, spray bottles and more, you can really rock out a gift basket! Plus, new shoppers automatically get a free $10.00 credit so you’ll save money on your gift too!


Floral Perfume Atomizer Bottles – These are so pretty and they will make amazing stocking stuffers! This set of 6 is the perfect essential oil gift idea for those who love creating their own perfume blends with essential oils! Your gift recipient will receive 6 atomizer bottles giving them more than enough to create several different scents. Plus? The bottles are beautiful which only adds to how great the gift is!


KidSafe Popular Products Package –  Perfect for both parents and kids who love essential oils, the KidSafe Popular Products Package makes a great essential oil gift! It comes with (4) Kid-safe essential oils, (3) Plant Therapy Kid-Safe blends, carrier oil singles, a diffuser necklace and more! You really can’t go wrong with this one and anyone who loves essential oil gifts will love it!


Essential Oil Keychain Carrying Case – For the essential oil fan who is always on the go, this essential oil keychain carrying case would make a great gift! It’s small enough to toss in your purse, glove box or gym bag and comes with the case (which is super pretty!), 5/8oz drams and more! Plus it’s all packed into a super nice gift box to help make gift giving easier!


Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace – Finally, like the essential oil diffuser bracelet above, this diffuser necklace would make an amazing gift! It comes on a 23″ chain, with 7 refill pads, and with interchangeable charms for the back! It comes in a gift box and is sure to please even the hardest to buy for essential oil user. As a side note: I have this actual pendant and I also have sensitive skin. I have had absolutely no irritation from the metal which tells me that it isn’t made of cheap metal. The necklace is sturdy and the chain is adjustable to a certain point. It’s one of my favorite jewelry pieces to wear!



Loving Essential Oils Deluxe Kit – Finally, almost all essential oil users make their own products with them and to do that, they need all sorts of bottles, tubs and rollerballs. The Loving Essential Oils Deluxe Kit makes the perfect gift for the essential oil chemist because it comes with everything they need! They’ll get lotion tubs to make homemade healing lotion or homemade sleep cream. It comes with rollerballs for things like making upset stomach remedies. It comes with spray bottles for things like homemade all purpose spray and so much more! It’s 31 pieces total including the free e-books that come with the purchase!


Looking for a few essential oil gift ideas that they'll never forget? These essential oil gifts are the perfect way to make your holiday shopping easy!

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