Easy Patriotic Paper Wand Kids Craft

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I absolutely adore Independance Day celebrations. I feel that there is no better time to teach my Emma how our forefathers fought for freedom and the sacrifices that have been made to keep that freedom since then. Aside from all of that though, it’s a great “excuse” to just kick back and relax with the family, have a bbq and let the kids do a few awesome crafts. These easy patriotic paper wand kids crafts are perfect for just that! Plus they work great for Memorial Day or Veterans Day too!


Let your kids celebrate the 4th of July in style with these Easy Patriotic Paper Wands! They're super simple to make, TONS safer than sparklers and great for kids of all ages! Perfect for Memorial Day or Veterans Day too!


The best thing about these is that they’re so much safer than a sparkler and they’re just as much fun to wave! Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of great memories involving sparklers, but they’re so scary sometimes for parents who have little ones. These paper wands are so much more tiny one friendly and your bigger kids will enjoy them as well! I’ve included directions below for a bigger kid version and a second version for the really little ones.


You will need:


Before you start, be sure that you’ve printed out the paper wand template. You’ll need it to make your wands.


If you have older kids, they will really enjoy making the triple star wand or the triple square wand. They’re a bit more complicated than the double sided star wand that I have below for little ones.







Cut out three large stars and three small stars for each triple star wand that you want to make and three small stars with three 3×3″ squares for each Triple Square wand that you want to make.




Glue the smaller stars onto the large stars for the Triple Star Wand or onto the squares for the Triple Square Wand.



Let dry completely before moving on.



Once they’re dry, decorate with glitter glue pens however you want.





Apply glue to outer edges only to two of your your large stars and squares making sure to leave the top and bottom edges unglued and open.



Hold one of your outer edges together for a few minutes so that the glue sets a bit.



Add a small dollop of glue to the 3rd star or square and attach the straw or dowel rod. Glue your remaining outer pieces to each other to create a “tent” around the straw. Let dry completely. We left ours to dry overnight. Once dry, decorate with ribbons and enjoy!


To make the Double Star wand for younger kids:



Cut two 5″ circles, 2 large stars, One 3″ circle and One 4.5″ circle. Add glitter glue if desired and let dry completely.

To assemble: attach double stick tape to the back of one circle and affix a straw. Add two more pieces of tape across the straw. Add glue to the back of the circle. Press the other circle onto this one. Let dry.

Add three 6″ pieces of ribbon to the straw and tie.

Let your kids celebrate the 4th of July in style with this Easy Patriotic Paper Wand Kids Craft! They're super simple to make, TONS safer than sparklers and great for kids of all ages! Perfect for Memorial Day or Veterans Day too!



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