All Natural Homemade Shave Cream

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Once upon an evening, I walked into my bathroom, picked up the can of shaving cream and was appalled. Seriously. Have you ever looked at the stuff that is in that can? Some of it, most of it, I wouldn’t even attempt to pronounce and honestly? My way of thinking these days is that if I can’t pronounce it? I don’t need to be putting it in or on my body. Aside from the yucky ingredients, there’s the cost factor. I don’t use coupons too often these days (not because I wouldn’t, but because I simply don’t need to shop very often), but even with coupons, it is hard most of the time to find a really super good deal on any shave cream. Yes, they do happen, but not like they used to. So with that in mind, I headed off to come up with a better option.

Shaving creams can be so expensive and are filled with ton of chemicals that aren't great for your body! This All Natural Homemade Shave Cream is cheap to make, whips up in less than 10 minutes and will leave you feeling silky and moisturized! Great Homemade Gift Idea too!

What I found was this all natural homemade shave cream and I fell in love with it! It is ideal for legs, faces, or underarms and it will leave both women and men smooth and conditioned instead of dry like the alcohol, fragrances, and colors that others leave you. It can be totally customized for scent even with just a few drops of your favorite essential oil! Lavender is healing and adds a great scent to your homemade shaving cream, Blue Spruce is a great clean manly scent or adding mint gives you a refreshing tingle. You can even combined oils like lavender and rosemary for a fantastic infusion of scents and properties!

All Natural Homemade Shave Cream

The other thing about this blend is that not only is is super cheap to make per batch, but it also makes a great gift as well! Just whip it up, add a pretty mason jar and a simple homemade gift tag and you’ve got a gift that they will love for just a few dollars! You could do an entire gift basket to include it in for under $30.00 each!



You Will Need:

In a large mixing bowl or the mixing bowl of your stand mixer, combine the shea butter and coconut oil until well combined. I would highly advise that you use a metal bowl that you have put in the freezer for a few minutes for this. This will help keep the coconut oil and shea butter cold so that it doesn’t melt and liquify on you. Also keep in mind that if your home is very warm, that will play a part in how your final product turns out as well. Try to make it during a time when the house is around 76° F so that the coconut oil stays at least semi-solid. If you don’t have a stand mixer, no worries. You can use a hand mixer with the same results.  Mix until it has fluffed up to nearly triple it’s original amount. This usually takes 3-5 minutes, but your times may vary.



Add the Castile soap and essential oil and whip again for 1-2 minutes or until it is well combined. If you have an issue with your homemade shave cream solidifying, pop it in the fridge for around 20 minutes then whip it back up. The coconut oil has to be kept solid in order for it to be a creamy consistency.

That’s it! Totally done in under 10 minutes! Store your shave cream in a jar with a lid. If you want a thicker consistency, store it in the fridge, clearly labeled. In bathrooms or bedrooms that are really warm, it will liquify a bit. It’s okay if that happens, just whip it back up before using. To use, wet the skin down and apply generously. Shave then rinse well! Just like the canned stuff, but oh so much better for your skin!

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  1. Does it clog up your razor?

  2. Sounds great, but does the coconut oil clog your drain?

    • Noelle, we’ve been using it for almost a full year now with no drain issues. Just be sure that you run hot water down the drain to clear them if you’re concerned about it.

  3. Any other ingredient to replace castile soap?

    • You can make your own liquid Castille soap by picking up a bar of Br. Bronners ($5.00 or so) and grating it. Melt in 2-3 cups of boiling water and let cool. Use it the same way. Will cut the cost down and should work just as well.

  4. Did you melt the coconut oil before adding it? I made this with solid coconut oil and it was kind of lumpy even after it increased in size and didn’t look like the picture, so I tried microwaving it a little to soften it. Even after re-mixing, It never ended up looking like yours. 🙁

    • Kim, the oil shouldn’t be too cold (as in hard), but should be soft enough to work with. I usually test by running my finger through the oil. If I have any resistance to my finger? It’s too cold and solid. Let it sit in a place that is a bit warmer than the rest of the house for a few minutes to soften it up, but be careful that it doesn’t get above 75 degrees F. It will melt.

  5. How is it in hot temperatures. I live in southern Spain. Temperatures in summer reach 40 °C+ ( 104 °F) . Most of the time my coconut butter is in liquid form. Great for making soap but will it hold form?

    • Elsa, this particular recipe would not be very good in areas where there is a lot of warmth or humidity because of melt. What you could do though is mix it up, then store in the fridge. That should help combat melt somewhat making it usable. Let it come to room temperature before using, whip back up and you should be good to go.

  6. My husband is not a fan of coconut, have you tried any other kind of oils that would be just as beneficial and easy to work with ?

    • Lindsey, you could likely use any oil that is considered a carrier oil, but we haven’t tried it so I can’t verify that it will work for sure. Please let me know if you try though! I’m curious now!

  7. Heather says:

    About how much does this recipe yield? I’m trying to gauge how big of a canister I’ll need to store it in.

    • Heather, I usually get about 6 oz out of it, but that could differ for you depending on the humidity and temperature of your home.

  8. This is a great idea. I love to make things like this, not just to save money, but to use my own fragrances (or not), and feel a little more “green.”
    I have another frugal, money-saving tip for shaving: I use hair conditioner to shave my legs and underarms (and I think my ex-husband still does, too). And my brother uses shampoo to shave, with great results. Conditioner leaves your skin really smooth — and if you’ve already used it on your head with no ill effects, it shouldn’t irritate your skin. It’s also a great way to use up conditioner you bought and don’t like, instead of just throwing it out.
    Just a tiny suggestion — but I am definitely trying this recipe! It sounds fantastic!

  9. Can you substitute cocoa butter for the Shea?

  10. Stacy what canI use to replace Shea butter if i don’t have coco butter?

    • Cocoa or Shea should work. I’m not sure which one you have on hand, but either will be okay. Any harder “butter” product like that will work.

  11. Lise Fouquet says:

    I made your shaving cream but it did not at all the way you show. It never increased in volume. I tried first with my hand mixer and after with my stand mixer, with the same result. I tried again with another batch, but turned out the same way. So I ended up with the exact same quantity as I started with. I added the Castile soap and the essential oil afterwards and refrigerate. Today, I checked it and it is so hard that I can’t do anything with it. I left it on the counter for the time being and l’ll check it again tomorrow, but even if it smooths, it still doesn’t have the consistency of cold butter instead of a cream. I wonder what went wrong and how I can recuperate my 2 containers? It’s not a cheap product so I really want to work it out.

    I used coco oil and shea butter.

  12. Hi, I love the idea of cutting cost and knowing what is in my products, and I’m super excited to check out all the stuff on your site. I hope you don’t mind, but I do have a couple questions regarding the shaving cream. The first is what brand of coconut oil do you use? The picture above shows Spectrum (so i figured you used that) but when I clicked the link it took me to Carrington Farms. If you use Carrington Farms does it work just as well? Cause I noticed I can get a larger amount which is great because buying in bulk usually saves me a ton of money in the long run.

    My second question is, how long does the shaving cream usually last? I wanted to get all the stuff and maybe make a big batch at one time and then have it stocked up. My fear is that it will lose its consistency. What do you think?

    Also thank you for your help and the Cutting Household Expenses guide. I look forward to reading it. 😀

    • Stacy Barr says:

      Hi Lynn, I generally use Carrington Farms, but coconut oil is the same as long as it isn’t cut with anything and is pure. The day I took the photos for this post, I had Spectrum on hand so that’s what I used 🙂 As far as consistency, coconut oil will melt around 75 degrees, but if it gets too cool it will harden. On the shelf it can last a while but it may lose the fluff. If that happens, you should be able to stick it back in the mixer and rebeat it to get it fluffy again.

  13. I am disappointed. It did not turn out anything like your picture and I followed the ingredients exactly. I have the same issue as Lisa had above. I see you ask about a metal or plastic bowl but never answered, I used plastic not sure why that would matter????

    • Stacy Barr says:

      Michele, the same thing will happen when making a meringue or whipped cream. A cold, metal bowl will help it set up better. I’m not certain of the reason behind it, but it works. I suspect that is the case here since the cool surface from the bowl will help to keep the coconut oil and shea butter from turning into a liquid. The heat and level of humidity in your home can also cause it to fail. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I’m going to edit the post to include the info so others don’t have a fail too.

  14. Omg love this recipe. I increased the recipe to 1 cup of shea butter (Karitex) and 1 cup of coconut oil (Wal-Mart Great Value brand). 3 tbsp of castile soap and approximately 50-60 drops of essential oil (vanilla and pink grapefruit). Used a large glass measuring cup (1 guart) and my hand mixer. Whipped up easily and was finished with everything including clean up in about 20 minutes. Had enough for myself and my mom to try. Such a smooth, close shave with absolutely none of the razor burn my sensitive skin is prone to. Legs felt soft and moisturized even the next day! I will never go back to the other stuff!

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