What is Zaycon Foods and How Can They Help Me Save Money on Groceries?

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I’m sure that you love to save money as much as I do. After all, you’re reading a frugal blog which leads me to believe that you not only love to save money but that you’re actively looking for ways to save money. After 6 years of running a frugal blog, it seems to me that one of the biggest problem areas for most families is finding ways to save money on groceries. For those that don’t use coupons, are trying to eat organic on a budget or simply have trouble coming up with a few inexpensive family recipes, the grocery budget can be a huge source of trouble in your family budget. It also seems to be that the bulk of ways to save money on groceries that available are usually the same information being spit out over and over again. I like finding different ways. I will test them and if they do well, they become one of my favorites. One of my all-time favorites is Zaycon Foods and if you’ve never used them you’re missing out.

Need new tricks in your ways to save money on groceries? Cut your grocery bill in HALF with Zaycon Foods! Let me show you how!


If you’ve hung around Six Dollar Family for any length of time, you will have most likely seen me mention Zaycon Foods and how much I absolutely adore them. If you’ve never placed an order from Zaycon Foods, you might be confused as to what they are and how they will become one of your favorite ways to save money on meat. I wanted to do a post explaining why I love Zaycon Foods and how they can save you money on groceries.

What is Zaycon Foods

Zaycon Foods is sort of like a food co-op or CSA. If you’re not familiar, in a traditional co-op or CSA, you buy in and/or volunteer to pay for your portion of the shared food. On the day of your pickup, you drive to the CSA or co-op, pick up your food and go. They’re quick, easy and both are a fantastic way to save money on groceries. You get fresh, high quality and nutritious food than what you can get in the store. Zaycon Foods is a lot like them and if you’re looking to cut your grocery bill, you’re going to want to pay attention because this is the new way you will be buying meat!

When you order from Zaycon Foods, you’re ordering in bulk. Usually packages are 40lbs or so which makes it perfect for freezer cooking and prep. It also keeps you from having to pay higher prices later on when there is no meat on sale at the stores. If 40 lbs of meat seems like a lot, it is. One thing that I’ve seen people do is go half and half with a friend or family member. Doing a half split with someone not only lowers your out of pocket cost, but helps someone else at the same time. It’s a win/win in my mind!

Zaycon Foods not only has amazing prices, but they only sell farm fresh meat. Have you ever stopped to think about how old the meat sitting on your supermarket shelf is? By the time it gets to your store meat department, it is already around a month old. Then, it can sit on the shelf or in a freezer for even longer. In other words, sometimes – not always but sometimes – that “fresh” meat you’re buying isn’t exactly the freshest. When you buy bulk meat from Zaycon Foods though, you cut out the middleman; also known as the store. Zaycon meat is farm fresh which in simple terms means  that your meat goes from the farm directly to you. The only exception to the farm fresh meat is their Alaskan Salmon. It would be rather hard to get that from Alaska to Texas without freezing it.


It doesn’t hurt that Zaycon has amazing prices too! I have gotten farm fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast fro as little as $1.36 /lb, bacon for as low as $2.25/lb, whole chickens for as low as $0.79/lb and more. In my area, it is hard to find chicken breast for lower than $1.99/lb on a good day which only makes me love Zaycon Foods even more! Zaycon prices are great to start with but they also often have coupon codes that are available too making the savings even better!


How to Order from Zaycon Foods


Ordering from Zaycon Foods starts by creating your account and setting your location. Zaycon products are sold at events and each event is based around a specific product. This means that your area could have three or four Zaycon events in a month; one for ground beef, one for whole chickens, one for hot dogs, one for bacon and so on. This is why it is so important to set your location. You can shop any location but Zaycon will remind you about sales that are closest to you.

Next, you’ll choose the products that you want to buy. Zaycon offers different products at different times of the month which means that it could change each time you log in. As I said in the beginning of this post, you’re buying in bulk so keep that in mind. Most products are around 40 lbs. For the whole chickens, that translates to 6-8 whole chickens depending on their size. Add the products you would like to purchase to your cart making sure that you’ve got the correct pickup location. When you’re done shopping, head to checkout.

Once you’re in checkout, use Zaycon coupon code  ZFNOW30 to save 30% off your FIRST order of $125 or more. Pay for your order and wait for your pickup date!  Yes, I said pickup date. Since Zaycon Foods eliminates the middleman, this means that you will need to pick up your order on the date and time that you chose. On the day of your event, Zaycon will bring their meat truck to the location right before the event starts. This is where you will pick up your meat, but keep in mind that there is some pickup etiquette that you’ll need to know before you go.

Zaycon Foods Pickup Etiquette

Zaycon events usually last around 30 minutes. You will need to be on time because the meat truck around for you if you’re late. When you get to your pickup location, you’ll see a sign that tells y ou where to go. Pull into wherever the sign directs you to and pop your trunk. With Zaycon, you don’t even have to get out of your car! The Zaycon workers form a sort of assembly line. Cars line up with their trunk open, the worker puts your order in the trunk and off you go! It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s efficient!

Each of your Zaycon products will come in a box like the ones shown in the photo. Keep this and the size of your trunk in mind when you order. Once you get home, take your meat and break it down into smaller packages, freezer cook or do whatever you need to do! I personally like to shred then 10lbs of my chicken, freeze 10lbs then can the rest! It’s super easy since to do since the meat comes out of my Instant Pot so tender!



Sounds amazing, right? So what are you waiting on! Head over to Zaycon and check out what the current sales are!

Here’s how to order:

  • Head over to the Zaycon Foods website and create an account.
  • Choose your pickup location.
  • Choose your product and head to checkout.
  • Use coupon code FIRST25 ($25 off $99 order) OR PT20 (20% off your entire order) based on which will save you more.
  • Pay for your order and pick it up on your pickup date and time!

Need new tricks in your ways to save money on groceries? Cut your grocery bill in HALF with Zaycon Foods! Let me show you how!


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