How I Use My Phone to Teach My Daughter…for Free!

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As a homeschooling parent, costs can sometimes get out of hand if I let them. Between curriculum, supplements, supplies and more, it can really be expensive. To help keep those costs down, I have to find what I can for free or super cheap. Enter Amazon Underground.


The Amazon Underground App store is available on Android phones and Kindle Fire tablets. It includes exclusive content and enhanced features that aren’t available on the Amazon shopping app from Google Play. Not only that? It includes Amazon Video and tons of 100% free apps and games! For me, as a homeschool Mom, those free apps are priceless!

How I Use My Phone to Teach My Daughter…for Free!

The best part about the apps we get for her from Amazon Underground? They truly are free! There’s no in-app purchases, no trials and no money ever needed! Can I get an Amen for that from the other moms out there? I don’t know about you but I get really tired of having to tell my daughter no for buying in-app items.


Plus you can keep your kids (or yourself) amused with Amazon Video while you’re traveling, at home or anytime! All free for Android phone users or Kindle Fire owners! It doesn’t get much better than that!


Now that you know what it is, I bet you’re wondering how I use it to teach my daughter. Easy! We use the Amazon Underground apps and video to supplement the different topics our curriculum uses! If we’re studying oceans? We find an ocean game and a show on Amazon video. If she’s studying Ancient Egypt, we head to Amazon video. Amazon Underground makes it super easy to supplement and super cheap too!


Easy Peasy to Download!


When we first tried Amazon Underground, she wanted to try “just” a game. We looked through the entire list of apps (which took forever I might add) so that she could pick one that she loved. She downloaded Fire and Ice and went to play. A hour of tablet time later and she was hooked! She (and I) was absolutely thrilled that it wasn’t a trial game that would only allow her to play only a few levels before making her pay. It’s been weeks and it is still her favorite game!


So what say you? Head over HERE and check out Amazon Underground (Reading this on a computer? You can check out Amazon Underground HERE) then let me know. Will you use the Amazon Underground apps and videos? Have you already been? If not, why not? I’d love to hear your opinion!

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