Upcycled Bottle Vase Fall Home Decor Idea

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Fall home decor can be hit or miss if you’re not careful. Usually you either end up paying loads of money for something that looks cheap or you end up paying a ton of money for something you could have made yourself for considerably less. That’s why I favor upcycled home decor projects over buying something new. Take these DIY Upcycled fall vases for instance. They’re incredibly easy to make and only cost less than $2.00 each to make. They’re a fantastic budget friendly craft idea but they look amazing (instead of cheap)! Plus, they have the farmhouse look and farmhouse decor ideas as my absolute favorites!

Easy Upcycled Fall Vases - Skip the expensive fall home decor and make this upcycled home decor project instead! These upcycled fall vases are super easy, budget friendly and look amazing!

I love finding creative new ways to use old bottles and this upcycled home decor project is the perfect use for one! You can make this super easy fall home decor project with any bottle, but for the purposes of this post, we used empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottles that we had collected. As long as the bottle has a high neck, you’ll be okay. I’d be willing to bet that these would look amazing as a wine bottle craft too and would be perfect to give as a gift along with our DIY wine cork keychains! They would get a beautiful and functional gift!

Upcycled Home Decor – Upcycled Bottle Vase Fall Home Decor Idea

If you’re looking for a great Thanksgiving craft idea, these would look amazing as a rustic table centerpiece. Make a set of three then fill with bright fall leaves and greens. Add a burlap table runner and you’ve got gold! You could even add orange, red and yellow cloth napkins as a pop of color and voila! Instant table love!  Actually, I love that idea and think I’ll use it this year for my own tablescape!

You will need:

To start, remove any labels from your bottles then wash thoroughly and dry upside down until they’re fully dry.

Once your bottles are dry, grab the chalk paints and your foam paint brushes and paint one yellow (mustard), one brown and one red. You don’t need to worry about getting a full cover since these are rustic styled anyhow. Set them aside and allow the paint to dry fully.


After the first coat dries fully, go ahead and give them a second coat. Again, don’t worry too much about the paint coats covering every inch. Again, set aside and allow them to fully dry.


After they’re dry, grab the sandpaper and sand the paint down in a few spots. Be careful that you don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with a clear bottle again.


Grab your twine and hot glue gun and flip the bottle to the side that you want to be the back. Add a dab of hot glue then begin to wind the twine around the bottle. Depending on how wide you want the twine stip to be, you’ll likely wrap 9-15 times. Make sure that you’re wrapping tightly or it will slide off too easily. I like to do each bottle with different size wraps so that it has a more rustic look.


After you’ve wound the twine as much as you want, cut it so that the end of the piece ends on the back side where you started. Add a dab of hot glue to the end then set your bottles aside to allow the glue to dry. If your twine is loose in any spot, either re-wrap the bottle or add a dab of hot glue to the back of the bottle to hold it into place.


Once your bottles are fully dry, fill half way with water and add your flowers! See how easy that was? You couldn’t ask for an easier fall home decor project!

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