Easy Shabby Chic Upcycled Photo Frame

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I love thrift store shopping. I’ve never seen a need to pay retail for something that I could get a good deal on by purchasing secondhand. Home decor is one of those things I’ve never seen the need to pay retail for. After all, there isn’t much reason to since the second hand shops are usually filled with goodies that can make your home look amazing, is there? If you’re new to shopping at thrift stores, you may want to take a look at a few thrift store shopping tips to help make sure that you don’t end up with a bad deal. Even if you’re not new to them, you still may be able to find a tip or two. This Easy Upcycled Photo Frame is one of my favorite upcycled home decor projects hands down. It’s super easy to make and after a long day of thrift store shopping, it’s a nice, relaxing craft.

Plus? You can’t beat super cute home decor that only costs a dollar or two.

Love shabby chic home decor? This Shabby Chic Upcycled Photo frame is super easy to make and perfect for anyone who loves thrift store shopping! Turn an old frame into adorable home decor on a budget for just a couple of dollars!

This shabby chic upcycled photo frame is perfect for a couple of different home decor looks. First, obviously it will fit with a shabby chic look. In my home though, we have tied it together with our farmhouse kitchen decor. It fits extremely well and since it hangs in the kitchen, it adds a small personal touch to a room that can often be considered impersonal in a home. I’ve always believed that the kitchen is the heart of the home so adding this to our kitchen only cemented that belief.

Thrift Store Shopping – Easy Upcycled Photo Frame

Any frame will work for this upcycled home decor project. A wood surface is best, but if you don’t have one, that’s okay. Plastic will work but it may be a bit harder to work with and may not turn out the way that you want to. For my own projects, I typically tend to just avoid plastic and opt for wood frames. I recommend that you use a wood frame, but it really is up to your. As long as the wood itself is in good condition without any chips or gashes, your project will turn out amazing.

You Will Need:

To start, lay out a piece of newspaper to protect your work surface if you need. Then, taking the fit grit sandpaper, lightly sand your picture frame to get rid of any uneven or rough spots. Once you’ve got the surface smoothed out, wipe the entire frame down with a paper towel to remove any dust left by the sanding. Don’t skip the wiping down step. If your frame is dusty, your paint won’t stick to it as well.

Paint the top and sides of your picture frame with your white chalk paint and let it dry completely. Don’t worry too much about getting full coverage. You’ll be adding more coats to finish things out. The reason that you’re using a foam paint brush is so that there aren’t any brush strokes left on the frame.

Once the paint is fully dry, add a second coat. Let it dry fully and if you need to, do a third or fourth coat of paint. Just be sure to allow it to fully dry in between all of your coats.

After you’ve got a good covering of paint, grab the sandpaper and rough up the corners a bit. This is what will give your frame the shabby chic look.

Next, rough up the edges and inside a bit. How much you do is up to you. You know the look that you’re going for so stop when you feel as if your frame is done.

After you’re done, wipe the entire frame down with a paper towel to remove any dust again. Clean the glass with a homemade glass cleaner recipe and display your favorite photo in it.


See how easy that was? There seems to be a myth that home decor on a budget has to look tacky or flat out bad. With this easy upcycled home decor project, you get an amazing frame for pennies over buying new!


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