Things You Should Never Be Cheap About

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Saving money is an important priority for most people. Even if you’re not struggling for cash, why pay more than you should for something? If you are following a strict budget, you may be trying to cut corners wherever you can. Keep in mind that while being cheap isn’t a bad trait, there are some areas where this can backfire. If you’re not sure where you should avoid being overly frugal, here are a few things that it’s worth paying a little more for.

Sofas and Seating

If you’ve ever sat on a poorly made couch, then you probably know that there is a big difference between cheaply made and well-made. A sofa is surprisingly one of the more expensive pieces of furniture that’s used in homes. There is a wide range of prices that you’ll notice when shopping for one.


You can probably spend as much as you’d like on a sofa, but the majority is around two thousand dollars. This seems like a high price, but a well-made sofa can actually last you around 25 years, whereas a poorly made one will probably last about 5. Given the difference in cost over the lifetime, you’re much better off paying for the expensive one. In general, seating is well worth the extra cost. It undergoes more wear-and-tear than other furniture pieces so you’ll want to invest more in them.

2. Mattresses

Similar to couches, a good mattress is going to be a good investment. Not only will a cheaply-made mattress wear out or break down quickly, but your quality of sleep is going to suffer greatly when you settle for less. Keep in mind that while you can get away with a cheap one for the guest room, you’ll want to pay a little more for your nightly use mattress.

But then again, high-quality mattresses don’t come cheap. If you don’t have the finances but need a mattress, you can always use a loan to help you with the cost. Even for people with poor credit, guaranteed loan approval is possible and can make it easier for you to purchase a good quality mattress. Once you have the mattress, you can extend its life by caring for it properly. This will help you see this purchase as a long-term investment that’s well worth the additional cost.

The three major types of mattresses include memory foam, innerspring, and adjustable air. They come in different sizes and configurations and you can choose one depending on your sleeping style and preferences. Spend a little more time trying out mattresses and determining what you really need in a mattress. You’ll find one that’s much better for your long-term use.




A bike used to be something that you’d ride around your neighborhood growing up, but now it can be a method of transportation or leisure. If you have a good infrastructure in your area, you may be biking to and from work each day. Even if not, you may still be taking a bike on the trails over the weekends or even just about town for exercise.

Regardless of your usage levels, a bike isn’t a purchase that you want to skimp on. Keep in mind that if your bike is used to get to and from work, you’re going to pay a lot less for it than a vehicle. If you compare the costs of a bike versus a car or even public transportation, you’ll be amazed at the difference. This is why you can justify paying a little more for a bike.

Good commuter bikes are not an incredibly expensive purchase, although you can expect to spend several hundred dollars on them. If you decide to purchase a cheap one, you can expect to either have breakdowns or deal with constant repair needs. Even a bike that’s used for leisure is worth spending a little more. Get a bike that’s designed for your overall use. You’ll also want to find one with a frame that suits your height. You can use a bike for years, so the cost per year is usually very low.

Although these three items are not the only ones that you should avoid expenses with, they give a general idea where it’s important to spend the money. If you’re making purchases and not sure if it’s worth paying the higher price, consider how long you want to use that item and if you don’t mind poor performance or life span. In many areas, cheap can be perfectly fine, but long-term purchases are often worth the higher price point. These are just a few areas where you’ll want to actually make a larger investment. It’ll pay off in the short and long run.


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