Sometimes They Need You To Care for Them

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Happy Mother’s Day! Have you called your Mom today? If not? Go on. I’ll wait.

Back? Good. Let’s chat. From the moment we’re conceived, we become the only thought our Moms have. From what they’re eating and doing when they’re pregnant and what type of diapers to use, what color bandage to put on our skinned knee at five and whether we really meant what we said when we yelled at them earlier as a teen, being terrified for us when we leave home to hearing their own heart shatter when we walk down the aisle. In other words?

Our Moms never stop loving us and they never stop worrying.

What we as their child never stop doing is seeing them as Mom. For the most part, they don’t age in our eyes. Sure, logically we know they’ve gotten older but hey, Moms are superheroes and superheroes stay young for ever. Until they don’t.

One day, we wake up and everything changes. Suddenly, that young superhero you once knew isn’t quite so young anymore. Her hair may be graying, her skin wrinkled, her hands gnarled and her walk, once full of pep and energy, begins to slow and shuffle.

Your Mom has gotten older. As was the case with my Mom.

Our Moms care for us all of our lives without a complain. They'll never admit it, but sometimes? They need us to care for them.


It was a phone call at 1:28 am in the morning, May 1, 2006 that made me realize just how old my Mom truly had gotten. Two words spoken through tears by a woman who never expected to outlive her spouse. My father, the greatest man I never took the time to know…was gone. Funeral preparations were completed, his belongs packed with love and suddenly, I found myself facing something that I never expected to be facing.

Taking care of my Mom and learning how to be Mom myself.

You see, my Mom has health issues. She has my entire life and by the time that I was 14, she was 100% wheelchair bound. By 18, she had a permanent cathetar. By the time that Dad was gone,  she had been taken care of by someone else for more than 30 years. She had no idea how to do it for herself anymore. She didn’t even have a state ID or bank account in her name.

I did what needed to be done. I got her an ID. I, along with an awesome team at her bank, opened her bank account. She was taken care of. Over the years, we have tackled issues related to her care, but she is as healthy as she can be and happy today.

My Mom and my Emma in July 2009.

My Mom and my Emma in July 2009.

My point? They care for us as we grow and spread our wings, sometimes to the point of neglecting themselves. Sometimes? They need us to take care of them. One of the things that I discovered when we were getting things situated for my Mom and that was pointed out several times over the years was that sometimes, to take care of them, you need to be able to move quickly. Paypal and Xoom can help you do that.

When you’re 1200 miles away from your Mom, things can get hairy if you need to transfer money. With Paypal and Xoom, there’s no worry of an insecure transaction. Paypal and Xoom are a great way to not only manage your money, but to send to anyone that you need to help take care of. Even better, Paypal is offering special Mother’s Day deals from stores like Macy’s and on e-gift cards (heads up for those of you who are late buying a gift!) to help you not only say thank you to your Mom but help take care of any needs she has as well. If you need to send money quick, Paypal is your answer.


For those of you that have Mom’s who might live overseas? Use Xoom to send her help or gift to her in over 40 countries including the UK, India and Mexico. Sending money overseas can make you nervous about security concerns but with Xoom, you get a quick and secure transaction that you can track right from their mobile app. Each payment includes SMS alerts and you’ll even get a text message when the money is sent! It doesn’t get much better than a safe and secure way to send money to someone, especially when that someone is your Mom.

This Mother’s Day (or any day), make sure that your Mom has everything she needs. If not? Let Paypal or Xoom help you take care of her. She’s earned it.


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