Safe payment methods you can use at online casinos

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Other than offering a good variety of games to the players, offering equally secure and varied options of online payments can work as an effective means for online casinos to improve their overall quality.

Nowadays, online casinos provide players with several different options to easily fund their accounts. As a rule, in fact, a good way to tell how trustworthy an online casino is by the payment options it offers. It’s especially useful if they offer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or digital payment options like PayPal. What’s more, at some of these casinos you can play without deposit too! Free play is great, regardless, but there is something extra to be said for those casinos that offer the option to try them out with none of your money put down on the table at all. Ironically, it’s normally those casinos that will have you putting down far more of your hard earned cash.

The biggest factor in such deposits is the safety with which funds can be transferred to the online casino account, in the quickest manner possible. While some of the options may be available only for deposits, others may be applicable to both deposits and withdrawals.

As there are many different options offered by casinos these days, we’ve put together a short list of the most popular ones, along with their brief descriptions, to help you select the best one. However, before we move on to these payment options, please be aware that identity theft is a grim reality today. Using your debit/credit card at an unreliable platform can put your financial future at great risk. Hence, you must gamble only at the reliable and well-known platforms.



On the whole, Visa serves as the simplest, most extensively used and most trusted means of depositing play money to an online casino account. Although rarely, on some occasions Visa cards may have some inherent disadvantages too, particularly when used at online gambling portals. However, their pros far outweigh their few cons. Some of the major advantages of using Visa at online casino platforms include wider acceptability, worldwide availability and ease of usage.


Majority of the deposits made at online casinos these days are through credit cards. And MasterCard is by far the most commonly and extensively used credit card in the world. They’re a worldwide organisation, whose credit cards are used frequently for funding of online gambling accounts.


Not only does MasterCard have an extensive history of providing extraordinary services to their clients, their online casino banking operations are believed to be trustworthy and reliable. The sheer number of people that use MasterCard world over is a testimony to their dependability!


The benefits of using MasterCard include its ease of usage and simplicity of operations. With credit card signatures about to become extinct, MasterCard will seem even more attractive to potential customers.


Despite the fact that there is a cost involved in MasterCard transactions, people prefer using it as their first choice for any off-line and online purchases. However, please know that it can be extremely risky if anyone gets to know about your credit card details. If such information gets into wrong hands it can potentially lead to huge losses. Regardless, here are some major advantages offered by MasterCard and Visa that you should know about.

             Maestro Card

This card enables online casino players to be in charge of their own finances, as it provides them various options to closely monitor their spending. Considering the fact that it’s owned by MasterCard, Maestro has evolved as one of the best means of making online casino payments, over a period of time.


Anyone who is looking for a payment option that delivers both speed as well as convenience, should opt for Maestro as his/her first choice. The only payment option that’s probably faster and safer than Maestro is e-wallet.

Other than these, people also regularly use Skrill (former Moneybookers), Neteller, Paysafecard, EcoPayz and wire transfer for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

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