Post surgery update – 4 Teeth and Two Plastic Drains

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Surgery is done so after taking the day to rest and recover a bit, I just wanted to pop on and let you all know that I’m okay. So many have reached out through the Six Dollar Family Facebook group, messages, and emails that I felt I needed to do an update.


What started out as having a wisdom tooth removed, actually resulted in 4 teeth needing to come out due to fact that impacted wisdom tooth had infected the others and that infection had caused them to abcess as well. My oral surgeon was concerned that since the wisdom tooth had already done the damage, that it would continue with the other teeth and we would be right back here again eventually if she left them in.


e second part of the surgery was to remove the pus that the infection/wisdom tooth had created followed by the third part which was to get the lymph nodes in my neck to drain along with clearing the Ludwig Angina  ( – I am mobile and my blog is throwing a fit trying to link that for you) that had formed under my tongue because of the infection . By the time I was in pre-op, the steroids and antibiotics had gotten one lymph node and the Angina to clear on its own, bit the middle node – which was the worst – still needed done along with the right.

The answer was these two plastic drains inserted. Sorry I can’t get a better pic, I wasn’t supposed to even move the gauze that much. THESE are what hurt, but since they are open, they allow the nodes to drain off the fluid they are holding in.

Hopefully, the drains will be removed by Sunday. I’ve been told that I will likely be moved off the cardiac floor into a regular room tomorrow (Saturday) so I am hopeful for a Monday or Tuesday discharge.


In any case, not what I wanted to be doing this weekend, but I’m glad it happened now and not during the holidays. This will be our first holiday season as a small family and I would have been devestated to be admitted for Surgery during the holidays.

One last thing; I am not only mobile, but I am on Morphine for pain. Please excuse any typos.


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  1. Moeez Bin Hamid says

    Get well soon Stacy! Wish you a speedy recovery

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