DIY Upcycled Pallet End Table or Night Stand

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It’s only a small secret around here that I love upcycled projects. From upcycled denim projectsways to upcycle milk jugs, ways to upcycle sheets and even ways to upcycle towels, I love finding a new use for something to give it life where it may not have any of its “conventional” life left. I even adore upcycled garden projects! I’m an especially big fan of pallet projects. These wooden slats are a masterpiece waiting to happen. If you can think it? You can make it into an amazing pallet project! That’s where this upcycled pallet table comes into play! It’s perfect as an end table, a patio side table or even a pallet nightstand!

Pallet Table Project - Do you love a good pallet project like I do? If so you will LOVE this Pallet Table! It's quick and easy to make and works in so many different areas of your home!

We really love this pallet project! Seriously! We’ve made 4 different pallet table recently and this is by far my favorite! Not only does it use reclaimed wood or upcycled wood, but since you’re making it yourself, it will save you money on furnishing your home! What could be better than easy to make, great looking, no-waste and money saving? Nothing I tell you! Nothing! Okay maybe a few things, but this really does come in a close second or third.

Pallet Project – Upcycled Pallet Table

Below I’m going to give you the steps for how to make yours, but I want you to understand something real quick before you get started. Not all pallets are the same size. This means that while I can give you approximate sizes, your pallet may differ. If that happens, just take my measurements and add or subtract yours to adjust. In other words, if I tell you to cut something 23 inches, but your biggest piece is only 21, you’ll subtract 2 inches from the rest of your measurements to make up for it. Ready to see how we built this pallet table? Let’s go!

Supplies needed to build an upcycled pallet table:


Begin by pulling 8 boards off of your pallet. The ones that are longer lengthwise are are the best for making this particular pallet table. We used a pry bar to get them off, but you can use whatever you have handy.


Next, we took the boards that we had just pulled off and cut 4 of them into pieces that were 16 inches in length. These boards make up the top of upcycled pallet table.  If you’re making one and you  don’t have a miter saw, you can use a protractor and hand saw too. That would be pretty labor intensive though.



Next we took the 2 x4 and cut it into pieces that are 11 inches in length. These cut pieces eventually become the underside of our tabletop.


If you’re making one too, you’ll want to lay the 4 boards that you cut earlier side by side and line them up. Make sure they’re even. If not, mark them to where they will and make the needed adjustments so that they are even.


Next up is sanding! Once you’re sure that your boards are even, sand them down so that they are smooth. Sand the 2 x 4 pieces as well if they need it. You don’t have to sand them, but pallets are notoriously rough so it is probably best that you do.


After the sanding, we laid the 2 x 4 pieces onto the 4 boards that we cut earlier. If you’re doing your own pallet project, make sure that your 2 x 4 pieces each favor a different side by about ½ an inch.

pallet-project-upcycled-pallet-table-7Next, we drilled through the table top straight into the 2 x 4’s to attach the bottom pieces to the top. We did 1 1 ½ inch wood screw on each side of each board for 8 screws on the tabletop total. After this is done, we sanded a few rough spots we had found again.


Next, we went back to the 4 remaining boards that we pulled off in the beginning and made 4 more cuts so that the pieces were 23 inches each. We cut each piece at a 30-degree angle and made sure that the ends were parallel to each other. If you’re unsure, this means, that it will look like the ends are going the same direction. These will be your legs so make sure that when/if you make yours, you don’t mess this step up too much.

Once we cut the legs, we turned the tabletop upside down and using the 1 1/2 inch wood screws, drilled the screws into the end of the table on each end. Then we repeated with the other leg (on the same side) making sure that they are in a crossed or “x” position. Then we did the same to the other side of the table to finish the legs.


Finally, we needed to make sure that the legs were stable. To do so, we screwed a 1 inch wood screw into each side of the table where the legs came together to form the “x.” If you’re making one and it isn’t level, use your hands to squeeze and hold the legs in place before screwing in order to make it level.


So pretty, right?! Easy too! Even if it seems complicated, I promise that it really isn’t and if you give it a shot, you’ll love your pallet table as much as I love mine! Once you get it made, you can leave it raw wood like the one in the pic with nothing but a clear coat, stain it with wood stain if you prefer or paint it what ever color you would like! The possibilities are endless!



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