Mason Jar Crafts – Upcycled Mason Jar Succulent Vase

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When I was younger, I used to daydream about having a nice home that was perfectly decorated with the styles that I love. Like you I’m sure, I wanted the perfect, magazine perfect home. Now at 35, I have the nice home and it’s decorated but I don’t know that I would say it is perfectly decorated. Honestly some days it seems as if it is decorated by a twelve year old. About three years ago, I absolutely fell head over heels in love with farmhouse home decor and as such, my home is decorated pretty well all farmhouse. My kitchen, however, is decorated in mason jars. I love mason jar decor since it is so simple but pretty at the same time. That’s where the mason jar crafts you see posted here on Six Dollar Family come into play and where this upcycled mason jar succulent vase comes from. My kitchen! They’re either mason jar crafts that I already have made or ones that I’m working on getting finished.

If you love doing mason jar crafts, you'll adore this upcycled mason jar succulent vase! This simple, budget friendly craft looks great in any home!

What I love best about this mason jar craft is that it uses faux succulents! The one we’ve used are purchased at Dollar Tree which makes this craft a super cheap one to make! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Dollar Tree crafts since they make it easy to create amazing home decor pieces on a dime! If you would rather use real succulents, go for it! I’ll add instructions for how to do that as we go through the post.

Mason Jar Crafts – Upcycled Mason Jar Succulent Vase

When you make your own mason jar succulent vase, you can use either a green mason jar like we did, a clear mason jar or any other jar that will work! It’s your craft so feel free to personalize it! Feel free to experiment with the succulents that you create on the burlap. I’m going to show you how to do them the way that they’re done in the photo, but they look fantastic when they’re done abstract so give yourself the freedom to play around! Whatever you do will look amazing!

You Will Need:

Begin by cutting a piece of canvas fabric to fit around the mason jar. Cut it to fit and trim off any excess. Add a few dots of hot glue and secure the fabric onto the jar. Make sure you have a tight fit on the jar and that you trim the excess a second time if needed. Allow the glue to dry then wrap and tie a piece of twine around the top rim of the mason jar.

The size of the jar you’re using doesn’t matter too much as long as your canvas will cover it. We’ve used a pint sized mason jar for ours, but if you have canvas that is wide enough, you could use a quart sized jar too.

Once the glue is dry, dip a Q-tip into the green craft paint and dot on your succulents onto the canvas. We used little dots, but you could do ovals to create them as well. Like I said earlier, get creative and keep it simple and it will look amazing! Don’t forget to create the stem by using the Q-tip to paint a thin line below your dots.

Once the paint has dried, arrange your succulents however you want them to look. If you’re using real succulents, you’ll also want to fill the bottom of the jar with an organic potting soil then to plant your succulents.

See how easy that was? Amazing home decor doesn’t have to be complicated and mason jar crafts are some of the most uncomplicated that there is! Your new mason jar succulent vase will look amazing in any room!

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