5 Landscaping Tips for Beginners

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I don’t know about you, but I adore my back yard. I have a nice sized covered patio that I love to enjoy in the early mornings or late evenings when it’s cool. I’d enjoy it during the day, but I live in Texas. It’s hot ya’ll. When I moved into this house, the yard was part of the reason. Okay, I’m lying. My bathtub was the reason, but the yard was a very close second. There’s just something about being able to head out there with a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the privacy and quiet that I find back there. Having a backyard that you can enjoy takes work though and part of that work is making sure that things are properly landscaped. I’m so far from a landscaper that when I first moved in, I really needed to go find a few good landscaping tips that I could rely on to help keep my yard looking the way that I wanted it to. If you’re in the same place and are trying to learn how to landscape your yard, keep reading. You’ll love these ideas!

Have you ever wanted a perfectly manicured yard? Learn how to landscape your yard with these landscaping tips for beginners!

What most people don’t realize is that the way their yard and landscaping looks can increase or decrease the value of not only your home, but your neighborhood as well. Because of this, I actually feel that landscaping your yard actually goes beyond a want for a nice looking home. It can very quickly become a need when you’re looking to buy or sell at home. If the yards in your neighborhood are not landscaped, your home will sell for less meaning that you’ll make less. This is fantastic if you’re looking to buy a home. On the other hand, if the yards are well manicured near your home, it will sell for a much higher price. Great for a seller, but not so great for a buyer.

How to Landscape Your Yard – 5 Landscaping Tips for Beginners

Learning how to landscape your yard can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s one of those things that if you make the wrong cut in a bush or water something the wrong way, you could destroy the look that you’re going for. Obviously you’re going to need a good lawn mower, but you may also need a weed eater, a pruning saw, and other lawn maintenance tools before you get started. Having them on hand will save you a considerable amount of time and headache later on. Once you’ve got those items ready to go, take a look at these landscaping tips to get yourself started.

Mow then water your grass – 

Mowing your grass is a necessity, but not watering it is sure to leave your yard looking yellow, dead, and sad. As soon as you get done mowing your yard, give it a little water to help moisten it from the heat, and make it look greener. Be careful when doing this however, watering your grass during the hottest part of the day can actually burn it.  The water drops magnify the sun and leave little burn spots all over your yard so it’s best to water in the evening after the sun has started to set for the day or first thing in the morning before it reaches it’s high point. Also, be sure that you check to make sure there aren’t any water restrictions in your area that could cause you to get into trouble for watering.  If you really want to keep your lawn watered, but don’t have the time to do so daily, picking up an automatic sprinkler system may be the answer for you.

Prune and shape bushes – 

Trimming and shaping bushes is one chore that never goes away and frankly can be a huge pain in the you know what when you’re first learning how to landscape your yard. With that said though, well cared for shrubs do give your home a well-kept look when you maintain them.  If you’re feeling daring and want to shape your bushes so they are square or round it will give the yard a geometrical appeal. Otherwise, make sure to cut them down so they are only as tall as you want them to be. Shrubs and bushes tend to grow very quickly so you’ll want to make sure that you can easily maintain the design that you give it so that they don’t die out quickly. If you do have dying bushes and shrubs, replacing them with a hardier type can both help and add a pop of color.  Lilac bushes will give your yard a beautiful purple flair. Smoke bushes give off a deep red feel and swamp azaleas are a beautiful flower that have a great color as well as a sweet scent.

Plant beautiful flowers and greenery – 

Bushes, greenery, and plants are nice to add a little color to the mix. Pick out a few that you love and use the greenery that you currently have to spread them out as individual pops of color. You can create patterns or designs using them, add DIY terra cotta pots for even more color and depth or start an herb garden to finish things off. Having herbs on hand is a fantastic way to save money since it gives you the ability to stop buying and start making so many different items for your family. The possibilities really are endless and only limited by your own imagination.

Decorate beautifully – 

While you don’t want your yard to look like a Jeff Foxworthy joke, you will want to add a few yard decor items to your landscaping. Keep in mind that you want your landscape to have an appeal to it, and with too many decorations, you may scare away the neighbors. Need ideas on how to landscape your yard with decorations? Check these out:

  • A birdhouse and bath – In my yard, birds are always welcome. They add a beauty to what is around them, help keep insects like mosquitos down and more. A good way to spice up your landscaping is to attract birds to it. Place a bird bath and birdhouse so that they have a reason to visit you. Azaleas can be used to draw in hummingbirds to so be sure to make up some homemade hummingbird nectar and get a hummingbird feeder too.
  • A Fairy Garden– If you have kids (or are like me and are a big kid yourself), planting a fairy garden or two around your landscaping can be a fun and pretty way to add some depth to your yard. They’re super easy to make and are an easy kids craft that they will love to do. Plus, they’ll love that they got to help make your home beautiful too!
  • Solar Lights – Using solar energy lights around your pathways aids in safety after dark and adds a touch of ambiance to your home, but they also help to create an area that is soft, romantic and enjoyable. Plus? They won’t add to your electric bill since they charge during the day!
  • Pave stones – Don’t have a clear walkway through your yard? A quick and easy landscaping tip is to add a few pave stones to create one. If you have a lot of color in your yard, go with a lighter colored pave stone so that it doesn’t take away from the plants and greenery around them.
  • Garden markers or other stone pieces – Placing garden stones with pretty sayings, stone angels or even the cliche` garden gnomes hiding around your yard is a fantastic way to create the environment that you’re looking for. Gnomes and other garden figures add a touch of whimsy while angels and memorial stones create a spot of remembrance and serenity.
  • Add a garden bench – I absolutely love the look of a stark white garden bench against the backdrop of colorful flowers and green bushes. couple of them around your home to give yourself (and your visitors) a place to enjoy the beauty.


Create a grilling/bbq area – 

If you love to grill, you might be looking for a great place to set up your grill permanently. If that sounds familiar, why not create a grilling and bbq area when you’re looking at how to landscape your yard? Mark out an area big enough for your grill and patio table and use pave stones or stepping stones to create the look and functionality that you need. Make sure that you leave yourself enough room to move around without knocking your grill over and that you account for your entire family moving around in the area as well.


These 5 tips are by far the only landscaping tips that you’ll need. They’re really only going to work for you if you are just beginning to learn how to landscape your yard. With that said though, they are fantastic for getting a beautiful, well-manicured and long lasting landscape for your yard. Once the initial work is done? You only need to maintain it and that? Is the really, super easy part.

Do you have any other landscaping tips for people who are learning how to landscape? We would love to hear them!

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  1. Shelly Hart says:

    A few suggestions would be to plant perennials rather than all annuals, and some evergreens to maintain color all year. Remember to check for sun or shade when choosing your plants/bushes, and add height in the backdrop of gardens and/or fence lines.

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