How To Help Your Teenage Daughter Feel More Confident About Her Period

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As the mom of two teen girls, I can tell you that the topic of periods is something that comes up often but is usually frowned upon being discussed. Both of my girls know that they can and do need to come to me if something is off or unusual, but to be frank; they’re teens. They are embarrassed by the idea of having a period every month. I’ve managed to break through that embarrassment though.  Just as it was my job with my girls, it is your job to help your teenage daughter feel more confident about her period.


As I have gotten older, the fact that I have a period has just become a part of my life. It’s a bodily function; just as going to the restroom is so unless I am having a major accident, it doesn’t embarrass me much. Teenage girls don’t take the same view though and it can be harder to help them feel more confident. This can be especially true if they have friends who are embarrassed by theirs as well. Peer pressure is real folks and yes, it can extend to being embarrassed about something as simple as having a period.


How To Help Your Teenage Daughter Feel More Confident About Her Period


To start, be certain that you’re not embarrassed by your own period if you have one. If you are embarrassed, your daughter will be as well. I can assure you that even if you think she isn’t aware of your embarrassment, she is. Be open with her and show her how comfortable you are with yours. Just seeing how confident you are will give her a small boost of confidence with her own.


Help your Teen Daughter Understand Her Period


If your teenage daughter is showing some embarrassment in relation to her period, it may be because she doesn’t fully understand it or feels ashamed.  Helping her to understand that having a period is one-hundred percent normal for a girl can relieve some of those feelings.

If you have a younger teen or tween, explain why she is having a period each month. If she has only recently started, make certain you go over what will happen as well. It can be quite scary for them to wake up one day having your period and not understand why. Don’t forget to cover potential pregnancy at this point as well. It would probably surprise you how large the number of girls who do not realize they can get pregnant once they have a period.

I know you think you don’t need to have that part of the conversation.

You have teens. Trust me. You need to have that conversation.


What Supplies Does a Teen Girl Need for Her Period?


Another way to help your teenage daughter feel confident about her period is to make sure she has the proper supplies on hand. Give her a monthly kit that contains everything she will need to make it through each month with confidence. Be sure to include things such as:

  • Tylenol or Midol for pain
  • Feminine pads or tampons for day use
  • Period Underwear
  • a hot water bottle or heating pad
  • a small piece of chocolate or some other treat to help her feel better
  • a small calendar to help her keep track of her start and end dates


Periods During the Day


For teen girls, it is helpful to have separate supplies for day use and for night use. For day use, give them pads or tampons to use then double check they are confident in using them. It can also be helpful to buy her a purse if she does not currently have one so she can easily carry extras with her. If, she has made the choice to use cloth pads as my girls have, set her up with a cloth pad starter kit for daytime use.


Periods at Night


Managing her periods at night will be an entirely different beast so you should set your teenage daughter up with an overnight kit. Again, give her something to help manage any pain she may be having. Instead of pads though, provide period underwear such as what Knixteen offers. Not having to manage a pad overnight will only increase her confidence when she does not have to worry about leaks.


Period Underwear for Sleeping


Period underwear like these sleepover shorts from Knixteen are a fairly new concept, but for periods at night, there isn’t a much better option. They’re fantastic in helping to keep your teenage daughters sheets clean and to give her the confidence to go to sleep without having to worry much about leaking. They make things much easier for your teenage daughter to manage her period overnight without having to worry about leaks. Plus they’re cute which is always a bonus when it comes to teen girls.


Helping your teenage daughter be more confident in her period is a process. It won’t happen overnight, but instead is something she will grow into as she ages. Using the tips above though, you can help guide her into becoming the strong, independent and confident woman she is meant to be.



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