How Combining Your Finances Can Improve Your Marriage

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My Tom and I have one bank account. One account to rule them all so to speak. I suppose since we both work that we could have separate accounts, but that never occurred to us. I know though that a lot of couple do keep separate accounts and I think it’s time for them to be combined. Why you ask? Because combining your finances can not only improve your finances, but can also improve your marriage.

Do you and your spouse have separate bank accounts? You should combine them! Why? Because combining your bank accounts can improve your marriage and I'll show you how!


Did you know that financial issues are one of the leading causes of divorce? Sure are. When a married couple has separate bank accounts, it allows a couple of different things to happen. First, there’s nothing to let the each other know what one is spending. This means that if your spouse goes out and spends $500 on a new outfit, you’re not going to know unless they tell you. This is an especially important thing to consider when one person in the relationship is recovering from an addiction, like gambling. I hate to be brutally honest, but if your partner has an addiction and you have two separate bank accounts? You’re a fool. People with addictions, especially those that are new to beating their addiction, slip up. Most of the time it’s not on purpose, but it does happen. If your spouse has an addiction to anything that costs you money? Gambling, alcohol, sex, etc? You need to combine your accounts NOW so that you can watch for those slip ups and help them move past it if it does happen. The last thing ANY of us need is one partner making a financial mistake and killing a family’s finances. It has happened one too many times in the past for you not to learn from other people’s mistakes on it.

I know that is REALLY harsh, but it will make sense in about ten seconds.

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I know that some will say that my thought process on this is old-fashioned or out of date, but so be it. Think on all of the successful marriages you know of. I don’t mean the ones that made it 5 years, I mean the ones that made it 20, 30 or even 50 years. Chances are, those couples shared not only a bank account, but their financial situation with each other. They worked together when there was a money issue and they celebrated together when there was a money gain. We should all make a very big effort to have that happen in our own marriages!

Having a joint bank account builds trust in your marriage. Because both people can see what is being spent and where it is being spent. Not only that? You have to learn to trust your spouse with “your” money. That trust, builds over time and once it’s there? It can only improve your marriage. Trust is a must have in ANY relationship, but especially in a marriage. Without it, you only have suspicion and probable accusations. Having a joint bank account helps to build that much needed trust in a way that nothing else can in your marriage. I mean who doesn’t pay attention to their money? When you both are paying attention to the same thing, it puts you on the same page and that my friends, is never a bad thing in a marriage.

So do you have a joint back account with your spouse? If not, will you combine your finances soon? I’d love to hear why or why not!

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  1. It would be nice to do, but if the other spouse won’t and continues to spend money unwisely, what’s a woman to do?

    • Cindy,

      My advice would be to sit down with him and tell him your need his help. Even if you don’t…lol. Some men just need to feel like the knight in shining armor. 🙂

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