Homeschool Unit Study – Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study

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I am a huge history buff and one of my favorite periods in history is Ancient Egypt. That’s why when I planned our homeschooling curriculum a few years ago,  I wanted my daughter to get the full experience so that she could fall in love with it too. To do that, I needed to immerse her in the culture while we studied the history that was there. As a homeschool unit study, Ancient Egypt is perfect. It has everything that you need for a homeschool unit study and for most kids, can be made super fun. Putting together an Ancient Egypt homeschool unit study can be hard though since there are so many different resources available. Planning it kind of reminded me of when I planned my United States Geography Homeschool Unit Study since there was so much I could use!

Ancient Egypt Homeschool Study - Studying Ancient Egypt? This Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study has EVERYTHING you need to teach your kids in a fun and informative way!



The thing with history units is that they can be incredibly boring. I know, I just said I’m a history buff and then said history can be boring. As an adult, you can very likely sit and simply read a book. Your kids, however, need more to keep them active and engaged. After all, isn’t that part of the reason you’re taking the time to learn how to plan your own homeschool curriculum instead of going with something that is 100% planned for you? That’s actually what made this Ancient Egypt homeschool unit study so much fun! It gave me the ability to include lots of engaging crafts and activities that my daughter wouldn’t have been able to do in public school.

Homeschool Unit Study – Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study

This unit study is put together from a secular homeschooling curriculum point of view. It isn’t that we don’t teach Bible, but more that I want her to primarily learn the facts so that we can include faith on the side. If your family only teaches Biblical curriculum, it would not be hard to alter this to include that. It’s geared toward kids who are between the ages of 9 and 13. The only reason that I say that is the difficulty of some of the books that we used. Depending on how well your child reads, you could definitely use it for a child who is younger. If you plan your own homeschool curriculum, you’ll be used to altering them.

Story of the World Volume 1 – 

For history, we use the Story of the World books and supplement with other books and activities. While she’s past volume 1 now, it is in Volume 1 that Ancient Egypt is studied. You’ll want to pick up both the Story of the World Volume 1 text as well as the Story of the World Volume 1 Tests and Answer key. There is also a volume 1 activity book, but we skipped it in favor of using other supplements.

Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book – 

This Usborne Book – Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book – was incredibly fun for my daughter to do. Yes, it’s sort of “young” but hey, even I like stickers! It has mummies to dress and a whole lot more which make is a great addition to your Ancient Egypt homeschool unit. While you’re at it, you may want to consider the Usborne Ancient Egypt stickers book as well.

Ancient Egypt Classics by Nat Geo –

This awesome DVD is not only educational and fun, but it’s really affordable too! When you buy the Ancient Egypt Classics dvd, you’ll get 5 different Nat Geo specials all covering different topics on Ancient Egypt. The 5 different episodes are all full-length and are on 5 dvd’s. Topics include Unlocking the Great Pyramid, Nefertiti, King Tut and more. My daughter still watches these to this day because she enjoyed them so much.

Tales of Ancient Egypt (Puffin Books) – 

Ancient societies were often partially built on myths and tales and Ancient Egypt was no different. Tales of Ancient Egypt is full of those stories and myths. They’re written in a way that kids can understand and were a fantastic help in teaching her how ancient Egyptians built their belief systems.

Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World – 

Not only is the Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World fantastic for use in a study on Ancient Egypt, but it is a great addition for studies on any ancient civilization. Plus, the internet resources make it an even greater resource and one that you’ll go back to over and over again.

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – 

You can’t teach Ancient Egypt without teaching their system of government. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt did just that. The book starts with the history of the Pharaohs and demi-gods then goes on to study a handful of them individually. The information in the book is incredibly fascinating and is woven with text and photos to really drive home the lesson.

Gods of Ancient Egypt Coloring Book – 

Sometimes you just need to take a break from reading and have a little bit of fun. With the Gods of Ancient Egypt coloring book, you can do that and still continue to learn. Belief systems of ancient cultures are important for your kids to learn. Once they do, they will have a better understanding of where our own belief systems come from. The coloring book takes your child through the different Egyptian gods. One page is colored for each god and another gives them a brief historical background on them.

Egyptian Life Stickers – 

If you’re planning on doing any projects in your Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study, these Egyptian Life stickers are a great addition! You’ll get stickers of the Pharaohs, mummies, pyramids and more! We used them to create a poster board Nile River project (see below). They worked incredibly well!

Ancient Egypt TOOB Figurines – 

Having a sticker or image to show you something is one thing, but a 3-D model of something is another. The Ancient Egypt TOOB Figurines are 3-D models of things that are commonly found in Ancient Egypt. Included in the set are Nefertiti, Bastet, King Tutankhamen, Isis, Amulet, Mummy Case, Scarab, Pyramids of Giza and more! Once done with them, store them in the reusable toob that they come with and call it a day!

Usborne Encyclopedia of World History – 

Another one that is fantastic for not only this unit, but others as well is the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. It covers everything that your child will need to know and includes things like an amazing 12,000 year timeline! My daughter spent a full 2 days just studying the timeline! I was floored!

Tutankhamun Poster – 

King Tut is probably one of my favorite historical figures from Ancient Egypt so I wanted to make sure that my Emma learned everything she could. That started with a good representation of what he looked like. This Tutankhamun poster did just that. I looked for a poster that was visually clear with bright colors but also provided the necessary details needed to learn his different features. This one fit that bill much better than any others that I looked at and did so at a very affordable price. Not only did she learn how to recognize Tut, but because it shows his sarcophagus, we were able to discuss how the Egyptians preserved their dead.

National Geographic Kids – Everything about Ancient Egypt – 

Nat Geo delivers again and the Nat Geo Everything about Ancient Egypt book is a great addition to your homeschool unit study. The book is done in photo collage style so that it helps to hold your kids attention. This is one of those books that your kids will continue to read and look at even after you’ve stopped studying Ancient Egypt. It’s a great addition!

Wood Senet Game –

Homeschooling isn’t all about books and learning. Sometimes you need to let go and have fun! Luckily, there are loads of ways to do that while still teaching your kids! This wood senet game was played in Ancient Egypt and is super fun! Yes, it comes with instructions and for those that are traveling or downsizing, it stores within itself.

Usborne Illustrated Fables from Around the World – 

Can you tell that I adore homeschooling resources that I can use multiple times? It helps me homeschool on a budget much easier! The Usborne Illustrated Fables from Around the World is just one of those resources! For Egypt, they’ll learn the “The Tale of the Missing Goddess,” as well as many others from different nations!

Imhotep Board Game – 

Another great board game about Ancient Egypt, the Imhotep Board Game was super fun! We still play it on family game night! The instructions were easy to follow and since play is quick, we don’t have any issues with wandering attention spans.

Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself – 

I love this book! Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself was perfect for adding crafts and activities to our homeschool unit study! The projects included can be a bit difficult so chances are good that your kids are going to need your help. We used this to make homemade papyrus and so much more. On top of the crafts, the book is full of historical information on Ancient Egypt and what each craft was specifically used for.

Egyptian Mummy Excavation Kit – 

I’ve bought these types of things before and have always been disappointed, but this Egyptian Mummy Excavation Kit didn’t disappoint. Your kids will dig out an actual sarcophagus and then have to dig out the mummy inside. The best part is that this isn’t a quick kit. It took my daughter 3 days to finish hers since she did it in her spare time. Oh and as I was writing this? She walked past and said to tell you that she gives it “two thumbs up!”

Hieroglyphics – 

One of the reasons that I was so excited to teach Emma about Ancient Egypt was because it gave me the chance to learn hieroglyphics myself. This book didn’t disappoint for that. Hieroglyphics teaches the history of the written language and what each hieroglyphic stands for. It even comes with stencils that your child can use to write their own! We combined the stencils included with the papyrus from the projects book above and had a blast!

Nile River Mapping Project –

Remember that poster board project I mentioned? This is it! We used poster board to map the Nile River and more! Adding the stickers at the end only made it more fun! This Nile River project walks the student through mapping the Nile and teaches them in a hands-on way that makes it easy for  them to understand. This is rated 6th grade.


Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study Exchanges – If you have a younger child, these resources would be great to swap out if the ones above are too advanced.

You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Pyramid Builder

You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy 

You Wouldn’t Want to Be Cleopatra

You are there! Ancient Egypt 1335 BC (Time for Kids Books)

You Wouldn’t Want to be Cursed by King Tut 

I am Cleopatra 

Tut’s Mummy: Lost and Found 

You Wouldn’t Want to be Tutankhamun 

Where Are the Great Pyramids?

Magic Treehouse Mummies in the Morning 

Magic Treehouse Mummies and Pyramids – This goes hand in hand with Mummies in the Morning so be sure to grab both.

Pockets of Time for Mummies in the Morning 

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses – Young Reader Level 4

History Pockets – Ancient Civilizations (Grades 1-3)

Pyramids! 50 Hands on Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt

Who was King Tut?

The Mystery at the Ancient Pyramid 

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