Homeschool on a Budget – How to Homeschool Your Kids for Free

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As a homeschooling Mom, I’m well aware of how much it can cost to homeschool you kids. I only have one child so I can’t imagine how much money it costs to homeschool two, three or even four children. Finding ways to homeschool on a budget can be hard though; especially if you’re new to homeschooling. Hard doesn’t mean impossible though and hopefully this post will be of some help to you on your journey of finding free homeschool curriculum and supplements and to homeschooling your kids for free and on a budget. Yes. I said homeschool your kids for free. That is after all, why you’re reading this post isn’t it?

How to Homeschool for Free - Is homeschooling your kids breaking your budget? If so, take a look at this! In this post, I'll teach you how to homeschool your kids for free with ANY Curriculum!

When I say that you can homeschool your kids for free, I mean that you can do it using any curriculum you want to. Sure, there is a ton of free homeschool curriculum available for you to use, but if your kids are like my own is, they will really only “fit” with one curriculum. For us, that is Acellus and at $29.00/mo for just the basics, it could get pretty expensive quickly after I add on electives, field trips and other supplemental items. Instead, I use a couple of the methods in this post to pay for it so I’m not spending any money out of my regular budget. Yes! My child uses a secular online homeschool curriculum and I get it for free!

Homeschool on a Budget – How to Homeschool Your Kids for Free

Because I know that not everyone will want to get their homeschool curriculum the way that I personally do, I will also be listing other ways to homeschool on a budget and ways to homeschool your kids for free as I go through and write this post. I’m not going to list a whole boatload of free homeschool curriculum in this post, but that is mainly because I’ve already done that in our huge list of free homeschool curriculum posts. If you’re looking for that, you can find that HERE.

To start, I’ll give my tips for homeschooling on a budget. That way if that is all you’re here for, you aren’t forced to read the rest of the post. The biggest thing to remember when you’re trying to homeschool on a budget or to homeschool your kids for free is that you don’t necessarily need to buy the entire year’s worth of curriculum all at once and really, unless you find a fantastic sale, I don’t recommend it. The reason that I don’t recommend it is because you may find it cheaper later on as it goes on sale throughout the year. In other words, why spend more to homeschool than you really need to.

The first step to learning how to homeschool your kids for free is to sit down and go over what homeschool materials they will need throughout the year. Even if you’re not certain of something, go ahead and add it to your list. This way if they don end up needing it or you want them to have it, you won’t be surprised by an additional cost in your personal budget. Personally, I keep a spreadsheet that lists everything. I have it color coded so that items that are needed for certain are green and items that I’m not so certain about are yellow. This keeps me from getting confused as to what is necessary and keeps me from buying things that we may not need.

Secondly, you’ll want to sign up for an Ebates account if you aren’t already. So many homeschool Moms do the bulk of their shopping online which makes Ebates a must have. With when you shop online through Ebates, you will earn cash back on the majority of your purchases. I’ve been a member for a while and in that time I’ve earned over $2,000 in cash back. When you’re shopping for school supplies and other things your kids will need for your upcoming homeschool year, it can be a real help in saving money.

If you’re looking to homeschool your kids for free, you’ll have a bit more of a challenge, but it is 100% doable. The best way to start is by finding a homeschool curriculum that you want to use. It could be a modge podge or printables or it could be something more substantial such as All in One Homeschool or Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum. If it the one you want to use isn’t free, you still need to have it already picked out. Why? Because you can’t get it free if you aren’t sure how much it will cost!

Now here’s the catch; if the homeschool curriculum you’re planning on using isn’t actually free? You’ll need to find a way to make it cost you nothing. That is where this post comes in. There are plenty of ways to earn free gift cards online and sometimes even ways to earn cash online. These sites will pay you for completing actions such as filling out a survey, watching a video and even searching as you normally would. When you use these sites, you can cash out for free gift cards or Paypal cash and use it to “buy” your homeschool curriculum! Since the money isn’t coming out of your regular paycheck and since you would not have it if you hadn’t worked the sites, that makes it technically FREE!

When I get to working on paying for Emma’s Acellus, I use three specific sites. They are by far my favorites sine I have worked them for years with no issues. When you’re looking to homeschool your kids for free, they should be your first go-to.

First, is InstaGC. When you sign up for an InstaGC account , you’ll get paid points for completing offers, taking surveys, clicking links, watching videos and much more. Your points are tradable for cash. 1 point is equal to $0.01. Your first cash out may take 2-3 days, but after that, they’re instant! You can cash out for free Amazon gift cards, free Visa gift cards, free Walmart gift cards and even things like free Sephora gift cards or free Ulta gift cards! If you don’t want to cash out for gift cards, you can also trade your points in for Paypal cash or ACH bank deposit.I personally tend to do Paypal to pay for Acellus then Amazon and Walmart gift cards for any supplements that she may need.  Not only do I use it for our homeschool curriculum, but I also use it to “buy” Christmas for free!

Secondly, I head to Swagbucks. If you do any searching online, you need to sign up for a Swagbucks account. Once you have an account created, you’ll be able to search like you normally do to win points! You can also watch videos, play games and complete offers and surveys for points. If you have a smartphone,  you can download the Swagbucks app to watch videos on it as well! Those points can be traded in for Paypal cash or free gift cards! Again, use this one instead of money from your regular budget to help yourself homeschool your kids for free.

Finally, my last site that I love to use for scoring free homeschool curriculum is PrizeRebel. Like InstaGC, when you sign up for a PrizeRebel account, you will complete offers, take surveys and more for points. Trade your points in for cash or – and here is what makes PrizeRebel a bit different – anything you want on the net. If the PrizeRebel team is able to order it, you can cash out for it! I have never used the prize option to get free homeschool curriculum since I typically opt for Paypal cash, but Ebay, Amazon, and other sites are all able to be ordered from. This means that you could cash out for anything you want or need and it will be sent directly to your home! With PrizeRebel, the more you earn, the better it is for you! Each earning level (silver, gold, etc) offers goodies for you such as a discount on prize cash outs and instant rewards (gold level)!

Aside from these sites, you can earn free homeschool curriculum to homeschool your kids for free by doing something you probably already do! Use free homeschool printables to help build homeschool unit studies. Sell your used homeschool curriculum and use the cash to buy “new” homeschool curriculum. Take your homeschool lessons outside and use the outdoors to teach. Once you realize how easy it can be, you’ll be planning your homeschool curriculum and spending less on homeschool curriculum in no time!

How to Homeschool for Free - Is homeschooling your kids breaking your budget? If so, take a look at this! In this post, I'll teach you how to homeschool your kids for free with ANY Curriculum!

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