Homemade Toothpaste – All Natural Toothpaste Recipe

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Toothpaste is one of those items that you just can’t live without, but for my family, the last thing I want them sticking in their mouth is a chemical cocktail with who knows what as an ingredient. Fortunately it is a fairly easy issue to solve since making my own homemade toothpaste is simple and easy to do. It takes about five minutes to make and since I know everything that is in that tube, I don’t have to worry about harming myself or my family. Once I started making my own all natural toothpaste, I ran into another issue. I am apparently very particular about the toothpaste I use so it took me a while to nail down the recipe that I liked the best. Once I did find that one “perfect” recipe, I never looked back! It instantly went on my list of things to stop buying and make and has been there ever since!  I’m positive you won’t either!

All Natural Toothpaste - Tired of buying tube after tube of toothpaste? Make your own! This homemade toothpaste is all natural and can be flavored any way you want! It's super easy and budget friendly too!

When you make this all natural toothpaste, you can flavor it with any essential oil that is safe to ingest such as lemon or orange. I personally flavor with peppermint so this homemade toothpaste recipe below uses peppermint essential oil, but if you want to change the flavor, just substitute the peppermint for the oil you’re using. Depending on the oil, you may have to play with the number of drops that you’re using so be sure that you don’t use too much. You can use any brand of essential oils that you would like to. I personally prefer to use Plant Therapy essential oils most of the time, but I will use whatever I have on hand. There is no grading system to grade essential oil purity so the words “therapeutic grade” mean nothing. With Plant Therapy, I know that the oils are pure and they’re considerably cheaper than other brands.

Homemade Toothpaste – All Natural Toothpaste Recipe

When you make your own all natural toothpaste, you can either store it in a dark glass jar with a lid or pick up an empty toothpaste tube. Either way is fine but if you use the jar, you won’t be able to spread it like you would store bought toothpaste. Like my homemade coconut milk shampoo, this all homemade toothpaste recipe contains coconut oil so if your bathroom gets below 75 degrees, the coconut oil will liquify so you may want to store it someplace cooler if that is the case. We honestly keep ours in the fridge.

In addition to the coconut oil becoming liquid, heat is the enemy of essential oils. While it will retain the taste, it will lose the healing properties that it has if it gets too hot. Light is also bad for essential oils which is the reason that using a regular mason jar isn’t recommended for this recipe.  This recipe makes right around 3 oz so it is perfect for a travel sized toothpaste tubes that are darker colors.

Once you’ve made this homemade toothpaste, you may want to add a homemade mouthwash recipe too. I fell in love with the one that we make here at home because it cleans my entire mouth and tastes amazing! You can check it out HERE if you’d like.

Ready to see how easy this is?

You Will Need:


In a small saucepan, heat the coconut oil just until it is melted. Be careful not to allow it to get too hot. Once it’s melted, remove from the heat and stir in the baking soda, xylitol, sea salt and water and mix well. The water should cool it a bit but if not, allow it to cool for 2-3 minutes, but not long enough that it hardens back up.

Once it’s cooled a bit, stir in the peppermint essential oil and mix well. Store it in a dark, glass container or a toothpaste tube in a cool place.


See? I told you this homemade toothpaste recipe was super easy! Five minutes and you’re done! You can’t beat that for an all natural toothpaste! If by some chance you would rather buy yours, I highly recommend Now Foods Xyli-White toothpaste. It is the only store bought toothpaste that I will bring into the house because it is 100% all natural, tastes amazing and really does whiten! Plus the taste is mild enough that the kids can use it!

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