Homemade Blackberry GoGurt

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Do your kids love GoGurt? Mine does, but I hate the fact that they are so stinking expensive. Around here they’re priced around $2.75 per box, which considering what they are? Is just insane to me. Add to that and they are filled with very unhealthy chemicals and preservatives that I don’t personally want my child ingesting. The solution? This homemade GoGurt recipe! They’re super simple to make and are super budget friendly too! Plus? They taste amazing!

Tired of spending so much for those yummy Go Gurt snacks that your kids love?This Homemade GoGurt recipe is perfect for hungry kids! Your snack recipes will never be the same again once you make this homemade GoGurt Recipe! Blackberry, Strawberry or whatever flavor you want!

In 2015 when we stopped buying and started making homemade as much as possible, I initially wrote out a list of things that we could replace. We have replaced those items slowly over the course of the last 18 months or so. These were one of the items on that initial list and I’m so very glad that we did start making them! As I said, my Emma loves them and honestly? So do I! I’m not a huge yogurt fan when it comes in little cups. There just never seems to enough real fruit in them and that always makes me feel like I missed out. With these though, there’s always just the right amount of fruit to yogurt and trust me, they’re amazing!

Snack Recipes – Homemade Blackberry GoGurt

For this post, I’ll be giving you the homemade blackberry GoGurt recipe that we use, but you can make these in any flavor you want. You’ll just need to figure out the correct ratio for the ingredients to get the flavor that you want. These are amazing simply refrigerated or for a cool summer treat that your kids will love, pop them into the freezer for a bit! Emma loves them frozen on a hot summer day! Cost-wise, these will only run you a few cents each versus well over $0.25 each for the commercially made ones.  When you make these, you’ll want to pick up the resusable yogurt packets. Having the reusable packets will ensure that you keep your costs low. Just wash them out and dry completely before using again. I like to pick up a package or two for each flavor that we make then keep them specifically for those flavors. It’s silly but it helps me to stay more organized and it lets me know which flavors Emma is preferring. If I know that she is eating blackberry like it’s going out of style, but she isn’t touching the strawberry, I can avoid wasting money by making more strawberry.


You Will Need:


First, make sure that you rinse your blackberries very well if they are fresh. We like using a fruit and vegetable wash with ours to be sure that we’ve gotten everything, but that is a personal choice. After your berries are washed, add the greek yogurt and the blackberries to your blender.


Blend the fruit and yogurt on puree for a few seconds (I usually do a minute or so) until everything is mixed together well. Don’t add any water or anything to it. You want it thin enough to pour but not watery.


Next, open a Zipsicle pack and put your funnel down into the opening. Pour your yogurt mix into the package until you get the the fill line. Zip your package closed and rinse off the outside if needed. Pop in the freezer or fridge and enjoy!

See? I told you that making homemade GoGurt is amazingly easy! Give them a try! Once you do? You’ll never go back!

Tired of spending so much for those yummy Go Gurt snacks that your kids love? This Homemade GoGurt recipe is just what you need! Your snack recipes will never be the same again!


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